Why does the lifestream descend into the material world?

TOPICS: Why the I AM Presence created you – your purpose for coming into embodiment – the risk of taking embodiment – losing contact with spiritual teachers – the Conscious You cannot be lost – you have the potential to ascend – you can never lose the opportunity to change –

Question 1: Dear Jesus, You said, “When the lifestream descends into the material world, it has the potential to fall into a lower state of consciousness. When this happens, the lifestream can forget its spiritual origin and even its spiritual identity and individuality.” This seems like a really dumb thing for a lifestream to do. After all, it has it “made” in the spirit realm, and can choose a number of ways to grow and learn without endangering itself. Why would a lifestream choose earth?

Question 2: Dear Jesus, I have a question concerning Free Will. When we came to earth, higher knowledge was taken from us. We don’t have enough information to make wise choices. But our Christ self does, as does our I AM Presence. Does that part of us also have free will, and does it override the free will of our lower consciousness?
I know in my heart of hearts, that I would never have agreed to come to earth without some kind of contract….some guarantee that no matter what happened to me here, that I would be rescued and brought back home. Even an earthly soldier going into battle has a hope that if he is shot down, his buddies will not abandon him to the enemy.
God can show everyone their soul and their I AM Presence so they can remember who they truly are. God can remove the veils between heaven and earth. I can’t imagine that a loving God would abandon His soldiers and allow us to self-destruct.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Although I honor all questions and the people who ask them, I love questions showing that people have thought deeply about spiritual matters. Your questions touch upon very important topics.

Many spiritual seekers know that they are more than the physical body, and they also sense that there is a part of them that resides in the spiritual realm. Many people use the term “soul” to refer to the totality of their beings. As I explain elsewhere,  it is more correct to use the term “soul” to refer to the 4-fold vehicle that the Conscious You creates in order to express itself through a physical body. Your spiritual identity is that part of you which permanently resides in the spiritual realm, namely the I AM Presence or the spiritual self. The Conscious You is an extension of the I AM Presence, which has the ability to project itself into the four levels of the material realm.

The I AM Presence is a spiritual being. It was created by your spiritual parents for a dual purpose. One is to help co-create the world of form from inside this world, meaning this latest, unascended sphere. The other is to give the hierarchy of beings above itself a vehicle for experiencing the world of form from inside this world. Your I AM Presence has a unique individuality, and it has resolved the seeming enigma that it has individual identity yet is still part of the total being of God.

Your I AM Presence was born out of God’s love, which drives God to continually self-transcend. This is explained in more detail in the discourse by the Presence of Unconditional Love, the discourse by the Presence of Infinite Light and in Mother Mary’s discourse. Your I AM Presence resides in the spiritual realm, and it cannot descend into the denser energies of the material universe. As an expression of the love of your I AM Presence, the drive to become more than it is, your Presence decided to create an extension of itself that could descend into the material universe. The purpose was to give your Presence a vehicle through which it could experience and co-create the material universe and help make this universe as self-aware universe that is a permanent part of God’s creation.

Returning to your question, it is your I AM Presence who “has it all made” in the spiritual realm. Technically speaking, the Conscious You does not make the choice to descend into the spiritual realm, because the Conscious You does not exist as an individual being before its descent. The Conscious You was created to descend into the material universe, and immediately upon being created, it was sent here by your I AM Presence.

Originally, the Conscious You was meant to live in this universe until it had reached its full awareness as a spiritual being. This is a subtle distinction, and I understand it can be confusing to many people. Yet by reading the other discourses I mentioned and pondering this enigma, you will gradually gain a deeper understanding. When the Conscious You was created, it was created as an extension of your I AM Presence. Yet because the Conscious You has self-awareness and free will, it has the potential to attain a complete and self-sufficient sense of identity as an immortal spiritual being. In other words, the Conscious You has the potential to resolve the enigma that has already been resolved by your I AM Presence, namely that it is a self-aware being who is part of a larger whole.

When the Conscious You first descends into the material universe, it starts with a point-like sense of self-awareness. It looks at the universe from one point and sees everything from that point. As the Conscious You  grows in self-awareness, it attains a wider and more spherical awareness of the world, and it begins to see itself as an extension of the I AM Presence. It cannot yet see itself as a self-contained spiritual being. Yet as the Conscious You continues to build upon its sense of identity, it can attain the Christ consciousness which enables it to say, “I and my Father – meaning the I AM Presence – are one.” At that moment, the Conscious You wins an immortal sense of identity as a self-contained spiritual being. I explain this in more detail in the new book, Save Yourself.

To return to your question once again, the Conscious You really did not make the choice to descend into the material universe. It was born out of the choice of your I AM Presence, and that choice sprang from love. So really, it was not a dumb thing to do but a very loving thing to do.

Furthermore, many of the lifestreams who are still embodying on earth descended for the first time before the Fall of Man, and at that time there was little risk associated with descending to earth. It was only after the Fall that this planet became a more treacherous environment, in which it became easier for people to forget their spiritual origin. Yet even after the Fall, many spiritual beings voluntarily chose to descend to earth on a rescue mission to save their brothers and sisters who were stuck in the lower state of consciousness.

The only way to truly save another lifestream is to teach it by example. In other words, the only way to truly serve as a spiritual teacher is to descend to planet earth and then win your Christhood, thereby demonstrating that any human being has the potential to put on the mind of Christ and win its immortality through the ascension to a higher state of consciousness.

To go into your second question, it is not technically correct to say that higher knowledge was taken from the lifestream when it descended to earth. When the Conscious You first descended, meaning before the Fall, it did have an intuitive connection to the I AM Presence, and it did have outer contact with a spiritual teacher, illustrated as the God in the garden of Eden. So the Conscious You was not left without guidance. It was only by descending into the consciousness of duality that lifestreams gradually lost their intuitive connection as well as their outer contact with their spiritual teachers. So for the lifestreams who have reincarnated, it is correct that many came into this lifetime without higher knowledge. However, this is a result of their own past choices and not God’s punishment.

After a lifestream descended into the consciousness of duality, that lifestream’s I AM Presence could no longer contact the Conscious You directly. Therefore, the Christ self was created out of the universal Christ consciousness. This state of consciousness is embedded in everything in the world of form, yet it can never become trapped in any particular form. The universal Christ consciousness always knows that it is an extension of God’s being. Therefore, your Christ self enables you to tell the difference between the illusions created by the consciousness of duality and the reality of God, namely that you are a spiritual being. So yes, your I AM Presence does have free will, as does your Christ self. However, the choices of your I AM Presence and your Christ self can never override the free will of the Conscious You. At the level of the Conscious You, your free will is the ultimate law, and no spiritual being has authority to override it. It is only dark forces who will violate your free will.

You talk about knowing that you would not have descended without having a contract. One might say that when your I AM Presence created the Conscious You, it knew the reality that the consciousness embedded in the Conscious You could never be lost. That consciousness is an expression of God’s immortal being that can never be lost. So one might say that there is a sort of contract which guarantees that the consciousness of God that makes up your Conscious You can never be lost. It will either ascend and become an immortal being or it will be reabsorbed into the I AM Presence through the second death.

Because the Conscious You has free will, it does have the potential to take on a sense of identity as being a mortal, human being restricted by all kinds of limitations. This sense of identity is out of touch with the reality of God’s being and God’s energy. Therefore, it follows logically that this limited sense of identity can never become permanent. And because it cannot become permanent, it must logically be temporary. And anything that is temporary can come to an end. That is why your sense of identity as a limited, mortal being will eventually come to an end.

Thereby, this limited sense of identity is lost, but your original divine individuality, out of which the Conscious You was created, is not lost. Your I AM Presence can always recreate another Conscious You based on the experiences it has gained. The energies that make up the soul or 4-fold vehicle will simply be returned to their original purity and can therefore be used to co-create more perfect forms. So one might say that there is a contract which guarantees that the consciousness and energies of your soul will ultimately be brought back home. However, it is the hope of your I AM Presence that the Conscious You will not simply be brought home but will return home triumphantly by becoming a self-aware, self-contained, immortal spiritual being.

You say that God can show everyone the spiritual reality, but this is not true because no spiritual being will violate the free will of embodied lifestreams. God can offer you knowledge – through the ascended masters – of your spiritual identity, God can lead you to the waters of living truth, but God cannot force you to drink those waters. Yet God has not left you alone on the battlefield of life. God has sent you a Christ self as a spiritual teacher, and God has sent you numerous outer teachers. Throughout the ages, many beings – including myself – have taken embodiment on earth and attained the Christ consciousness, thereby demonstrating the path that all lifestreams have the potential to follow.

You talk about soldiers on the battlefield, and it is a good illustration because currently planet earth truly is a battlefield. Yet when a soldier goes to war, there is no guarantee that he or she can be rescued. The soldier will know that all possible attempts will be made to rescue him, but there is no guarantee that those attempts will be successful. Likewise, a lifestream can know that all possible attempts will be made to rescue that lifestream on the battlefield of earth. Yet there is no guarantee that those attempts will be successful, not so much because the enemy will interfere with them but because the lifestream might not see the rescue attempt or might not accept the hand that is being stretched out from above.

In order to fulfill its mission on earth and become a self-sufficient spiritual being, a lifestream must have free will. Yet it is an inevitable potential of free will that the lifestream can choose to abandon its original mission and build a sense of identity as being a mortal human being that is forever separated from its God and can never put on the Christ consciousness and win its immortality. As long as the lifestream maintains this sense of identity, no being in heaven can rescue that lifestream. Yet the Conscious You can, at any moment, choose to abandon the limited sense of identity and decide to engage in the spiritual path that will lead it to the Christ consciousness. Nevertheless, no being in heaven can make that choice for any being on earth.


Copyright © 2004 by Kim Michaels