Why all must make peace with Jesus

TOPICS: Letting go of the false image of Jesus – duality creates two opposites – people trapped in duality become more and more extreme – people who followed Christianity in past lives now reject Jesus – find Jesus as a true spiritual teacher – the individualization of Christ – master-disciple relationship – must receive portion of Christ consciousness through a teacher – you do need a teacher – beware of the culture of rebellion – Jesus holds the spiritual office of Savior – you can ascend only by making peace with Jesus –

Question: Dear master Jesus/Kim, I am drawn to read your posts every day, it sustains me, but there is one thing I don’t quite comprehend. The way to salvation is to become the Christ. But why do you say JESUS Christ is the savior? To me, Jesus was a man who achieved christ consciousness, surely, but he is not to be confused with The Christ, a universal living being, is he? 

NOTE: In particular, I refer to the following passage on this page:

“I am Jesus Christ. I am the being who is assigned by God to hold the office as Lord and Savior for every human being on earth”

Although this is moderated by:

“So many people think that by making a simple declaration of words they have accepted me as their Lord and Savior. This is not so.”

My point only is that it is not an historical human being who saves, surely, or even a very great lifestream, but the Christ Body alone. Jesus, Yeshua, Joshua ben Miriam… whatever appellation you prefer , … belongs to an historical archipelago – important, yes, but why can’t we leave behind this historical figure who is now confused with millennia of idolatry propagated by the Church? Can’t we leave behind the sandal wearing, ginger-bearded, long-haired cliché of sunday school and focus on the Christ? I mean, the real stupendous source and gateway to salvation? I was drawn to your site so I could get away from the idolatry surrounding this man who lived 2000 years ago, but that statement of yours seems to reinforce it.
Am I utterly confused. 

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

An excellent question because its highlights the state of consciousness, the dilemma, in which many sincere spiritual seekers find themselves. It also highlights one of the main purposes behind the creation of my website.

I am well aware that so many sincere spiritual seekers have been brought up with a false image of me, an image that has been reinforced by orthodox churches over the past 2,000 years. I am also aware that in order for humankind to ascend to the next level of consciousness, a critical mass of people will have to leave behind this false image of Jesus Christ, and the entire consciousness of an outer Savior who is going to descend from the sky and whisk away all of their problems with one stroke of magic.

Yet it is precisely because of this awareness that I have decided to sponsor my website. It is my hope that I can inspire many sincere spiritual seekers to let go of the false image of Jesus without going into the opposite extreme of rejecting me and everything I stand for.

When people are trapped in the dualistic state of consciousness, they often tend to gravitate toward one of the polar opposites, one of the extremes. In other words, people’s viewpoints and behavior gradually become more and more extreme until they break under the strain and can no longer stand it. This has caused a number of lifestreams on this planet to take the orthodox Christian doctrines to the extreme in an honest attempt to follow me (for many this happened in prior lifetimes). These lifestreams finally got to a point where they realized that the mechanical or outer way of following Christian doctrines simply could not lead them to a higher state of consciousness.

In itself, this recognition is beneficial to the lifestream, because the lifestream now has the opportunity to get off the “way that seems right unto a man, but the ends thereof are the ways of death.” Unfortunately, as long as people are trapped in duality, they often tend to swing from one extreme to the opposite polarity. The result is that once people realize the fallacy of the orthodox Christian culture, they swing to the opposite extreme of rejecting everything related to Christianity and everything related to me. Thereby, they reject me as the true spiritual teacher that I am.

It is my sincere hope with my website that I can reach millions of spiritual seekers and help them see that there is an alternative to going from one extreme to the other. That alternative is to reach for the middle way of the Christ consciousness. The Christ consciousness is not a compromise between the to relative extremes. When you attain Christ consciousness, you transcend the relative extremes and the very consciousness that created them.

When you apply this to what we are talking about here, you will see that by taking the middle way, a spiritual seeker can indeed let go of the false image of Jesus promoted by orthodox Christianity without completely rejecting everything I stand for. You can therefore replace the false image of Christ with the reality of Christ. You can find part of that reality described on my website, but you can only gain the full reality through a direct inner experience whereby your Christ self and I will reveal that reality to you.

It is perfectly true that you can leave behind the “sandal wearing, ginger-bearded, long-haired cliché of sunday school” and focus on the universal Christ consciousness. As I explain throughout my website, it truly is the Christ consciousness that is the key to salvation. The problem is that the universal Christ consciousness cannot be expressed on planet earth. In order to be expressed on the earth, the universal Christ consciousness must become individualized. I was a spiritual teacher who came to demonstrate the individualization of the Christ consciousness. As I explain throughout my website, I was not the only person ever to have attained Christhood, and therefore there are certainly other spiritual teachers who can serve as examples for the path to Christhood.

Nevertheless, the important point here is that the spiritual path that has been offered by the ascended masters for many millennia is the path of the Master-disciple relationship, in the East called the Guru-chela relationship. It is a simple fact that as a spiritual seeker, you will make faster progress by finding a spiritual teacher who can serve as your example. This can be a person in embodiment or an ascended being.

The teacher becomes the open door whereby you can receive a portion of the universal Christ consciousness. And until you reach a critical mass of individual Christhood, you simply cannot receive the Christ consciousness in any other way. In other words, you cannot directly contact the universal Christ consciousness; you can receive the Christ light only in individualized form. In the beginning stages of your path, this can happen only through an external teacher, and when you reach a certain level of Christhood, it can happen through the internal teacher of your Christ self.

My purpose for my website is to offer people a more direct contact with me as an ascended being, so that they can quickly rise above the historical image of Jesus and tune in to the true spiritual being that I am today. Thereby, I can transfer a portion of my individualized Christ consciousness to them, as I did to my outer disciples 2,000 years ago. Those who will take advantage of this opportunity and use the tools I give to establish a personal contact with their Christ self and with me, can indeed experience a great acceleration of their spiritual growth. They can then become my inner disciples in this age.

If people are not able to free themselves from the false image of Jesus Christ, I have no problem with them finding another spiritual teacher—as long as it is a true teacher and not one of the many false gurus that peddle their wares in the marketplace. Many lifestreams on earth have a strong lifestream connection to another ascended master, and they should focus their attention on that master.

However, I do caution against the widespread belief among some New Age seekers that you do not need a teacher. The Master-disciple relationship goes all the way back to the Garden of Eden, and even beyond. It has been tested for so many thousands of years, and it has stood the test of time because it works. It is simply the most effective means to attain true spiritual progress. I talk more about this elsewhere.

It is important for all spiritual seekers to understand that the dark forces, the forces of anti Christ, have built a very elaborate culture on this planet that encourages people to rebel against their spiritual teachers and the entire concept of a spiritual authority. I caution all sincere spiritual seekers to avoid falling prey to these subtle lies that all spring from pride and that are specifically designed to appeal to the pride of the students, making them think that they can make it on their own without a spiritual teacher.

Finally, let me also say that you are correct that I am not the kind of outer savior that has been portrayed by orthodox Christianity. Yet it is true, as stated above, that I have been appointed the spiritual office of Savior for planet earth. Take note of the subtle difference between the statement “Jesus Christ is the Savior” and “Jesus Christ holds the spiritual office of Savior.” One implies that I will save you, whereas the other means that I hold an office as the main spiritual teacher assigned to teach you how to save yourself by internalizing the Christ consciousness.

It is God’s decree that I hold the office as Savior and that no one can enter the spiritual realm without going through my Sacred Heart, as I explain elsewhere. The consequence is that in order to enter the spiritual realm, a lifestream must make peace with me as a spiritual teacher. For the lifestreams who have been affected by the false image of Jesus Christ, this means that they must transcend that image.

Many lifestreams do this after the death of their physical bodies, yet for those who have found my website, why not take advantage of the opportunity to transcend this false image while you are still in embodiment? By doing so, you can make much faster progress over the rest of this lifetime. You will also feel that abandoning the false image of Christ and accepting the reality of Christ will be an incredible acceleration of your spiritual growth and your sense of peace of mind.


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