Is Jesus Obsolete?

TOPICS: Jesus understands why many people reject him – Jesus has much to offer today’s spiritual seekers – spiritual cycles – you cannot move into Aquarian consciousness without learning the lessons of Pisces – Aquarius is an age of freedom, but it must be build on Christ discernment – two ways for the false teachers to pervert freedom – Jesus’ true teachings are about the path to Christhood that we all walk – the need for spiritual seekers to help the earth by attaining Christhood – millions of people need to embrace Jesus’ inner teachings – personal Christhood, not the person of Jesus, is the key to entering the spiritual realm – Jesus holds a spiritual office of planetary Christ – we must all go through that office in order to ascend – many spiritual people could grow by transcending their limited image of Jesus – the need to make peace with Jesus – 

Question from Kim: Jesus, I have met many people who are open to the spiritual path, yet they think Jesus Christ is obsolete. Some of them have seen through the shortcomings of orthodox Christianity and think you have no real spiritual message. Others are open to the progression of spiritual ages and see you as the main spiritual teacher for the previous Age of Pisces. Yet because we have now moved into the Age of Aquarius, they think you are no longer needed. What would you say to such people?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

I fully understand why so many people reject me. I fully understand why so many people have given up on all religion because of their disappointment with orthodox Christianity. I fully understand why so many spiritual seekers and New Age people have given up on Christianity and reject anything related to Christianity. However, these people are throwing their own Christ children out with the dirty bath water of human power struggles. Regardless of how I have been portrayed by orthodox Christianity, the fact is that I am a universal spiritual teacher, and I have much to offer to the spiritual seekers of today.

It is important for all spiritual seekers to realize that there are certain cycles in the religious life, the spiritual evolution, of this planet. Each cycle, or age, lasts approximately 2,000 years, and during that time humankind is meant to grow to a new level of spiritual awareness. As an individual, you can gain a great advantage from understanding the current cycle and the opportunities for spiritual growth that it offers. This is especially true at this time because we are moving into a new cycle, the Age of Aquarius, that has unique opportunities for growth.

As you point out, many spiritually-minded people accept the progression of spiritual cycles and realize that I was the spiritual hierarch for the Age of Pisces. They also realize that I am not the spiritual hierarch for the next 2,000-year cycle of Aquarius. However, let me assure you that I am not done with planet earth, as expressed in the following quote, “I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world” (Matthew 28:20). I still have much to offer to this planet, and people will clearly see this when they understand the progression of spiritual cycles.

Many spiritual seekers seem to have overlooked the fact that one spiritual cycle builds upon the previous cycle. The Age of Pisces was meant to set a solid foundation for the Age of Aquarius. Therefore, if you are a sincere spiritual seeker, it should be obvious that the key to moving into the consciousness of Aquarius is to fully understand and internalize the consciousness of Pisces. If you attempt to skip the consciousness of the previous age, it is like building a house without a foundation.

Many people realize that the Age of Aquarius is an age of freedom, yet what is the key to freedom? The true freedom that people are meant to attain in the new age is spiritual freedom and independence. People are meant to become spiritually self-sufficient so they no longer need an outer, dogmatic religion but can fulfill the following prophecy, “But they shall sit every man under his vine and under his fig tree; and none shall make them afraid: for the mouth of the LORD of hosts hath spoken it” (Michah 4:4).

What is the key to spiritual freedom? I would hope I have made it clear that it is to rise above the separation of the dualistic mind and attain Christ consciousness. Only by becoming free from the dualistic extremes can you win true spiritual freedom. Therefore, you must go beyond the relative opposites that spring from the dualistic mind. One such extreme is the belief held by many Christians that you can be saved only be being a member of a Christian church. The opposite extreme is the belief held by many New Age people that you need to reject all organized religion and be a free agent, doing whatever feels good. Both of these extremes are based on a limited understanding of freedom.

The serpents of this world have found two main ways to pervert the concept of freedom. One is to seek to take freedom away through excessive control, and this is what you see outpictured in dogmatic religions and political tyrannies. The other way is to remove all restrictions and say that people can do whatever they want, as you see in some parts of the New Age movement and in some political philosophies. The problem with both approaches is that they deny the need for Christ discernment. One extreme says that people shouldn’t think on their own because the church or the state will think for them. The other extreme says that people shouldn’t think on their own because anything goes.

The key to freedom is to realize that because the universe will mirror back whatever you send out, you can be free only by being in harmony with the laws of God. Anything else will only hurt yourself and restrict your creative freedom. The true spiritual freedom that humanity is meant to attain in the Age of Aquarius can be obtained only through the Christ consciousness. And the way to manifest Christ consciousness is to discover and internalize my true teachings about the inner path to Christhood.

I realize that this inner path has been completely perverted and obscured by orthodox Christianity. Yet that is why I am now bringing forth new teachings to tell today’s spiritual seekers about the true path. The reason is that until you follow that path and attain some degree of personal Christhood, you simply cannot move into the consciousness of the Aquarian age.

So many spiritual seekers are sincere about bringing a new age of spirituality. If these people truly want to help bring in this golden age, they need to realize that the new age will not come until they themselves have learned the lessons they were meant to learn during the Age of Pisces. So many people are open to new spiritual teachings yet reject me as being outdated. Why not look for new teachings about my true message so that you can fully learn the lessons of the Age of Pisces and build a solid foundation for entering the consciousness of Aquarius?

The progression from one age to the next is not something that happens automatically when you reach a certain date. It is more than anything else a transformation in consciousness. Therefore, the earth will not move fully into the Age of Aquarius until a critical mass of people have manifested the Christ consciousness that they were meant to attain in the Age of Pisces. The problem right now is that this goal has not been met, and therefore the planet is currently in a precarious position. The earth is wobbling between two states of consciousness, and this could potentially lead to upheaval in nature and society, as we explain in Healing Mother Earth. Who will be willing to help us break this impasse?

Those who are willing must take a serious look at my true teachings. Because I was the main spiritual teacher sent to teach people about the path to Christhood, I am by no means obsolete in this age. In fact, most of the more mature spiritual seekers could make an immense contribution to the growth of humankind by internalizing the teachings I have given on my website. LINK If you look at the planet today, it should not be difficult to see that mainstream Christians are not likely to accept the teachings I give on my website. So my best hope for quickly raising the planet into the Aquarian consciousness is the many people who have already discovered the spiritual path in one form or another. I need these people to realize that the need of the hour is personal Christhood and that nothing else will do.

The golden age will not come until a critical mass of people manifest individual Christhood. As I mentioned elsewhere, there are currently 10,000 people on planet earth who have manifested a high degree of personal Christhood at inner levels. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these people do not consciously recognize their inner attainment, and therefore they do not dare to acknowledge and express it. There are also millions of people who have manifested a high degree of Christhood. These people could quickly make tremendous progress if they would consciously acknowledge their potential and be willing to engage in the path of expanding their Christhood.

Such people can be found in every walk of life. Many of them are found in traditional Christianity. Many of them are found in other religions. Many of them belong to no particular religion or subscribe to scientific materialism. And a substantial portion of them are found in the New Age movement. I need these people to quickly come to a conscious realization of who they are and why they are here. I am constantly trying to reach out to all of these people. However, I do believe that the most receptive people should be those who have already discovered the spiritual path.

Kim: Many Christians use this quote to argue that you are the only road to heaven, “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me” (John 14:6). What is your response to that?

Jesus: My response is that the orthodox interpretation of this statement is incorrect. Membership of a Christian church will not automatically get you to heaven. Therefore, a more correct interpretation is to say that because I had attained oneness with the universal Christ mind, I was speaking on behalf of that mind. In other words, no one comes to the Father without putting on the mind of Christ. Nevertheless, the quote also has a deeper meaning.

When a spiritual age comes to a close, the spiritual hierarch for that age doesn’t simply vanish. Instead, he or she is promoted to a higher position, and I have indeed been given a spiritual office as the Savior or Planetary Christ for all human beings. The consequence is that in order to permanently ascend to the spiritual realm, a lifestream must pass through my spiritual office and my Sacred Heart. This has certain consequences.

Because of my office, I cannot allow lifestreams to enter the spiritual realm until they have attained Christ consciousness. Doing so would compromise my assignment from God. Again, this does not mean that a lifestream has to be a member of a Christian religion. But it does mean that the lifestream must choose to approach me and my office.

Therefore, a lifestream simply cannot enter heaven until it approaches me, and it cannot do so until it makes peace with me and everything I represent. That is another reason the teachings in the books and on my website are so crucial. There are currently millions of mature lifestreams who are being held back in their growth because they have come to accept a false image of me. These lifestreams could greatly speed up their progress by letting go of this image so they can accept me as a universal spiritual teacher, as their older brother, who is here to help them walk the path and attain Christ consciousness. I sincerely hope I can reach these lifestreams with my inner teachings. I am willing to make peace with every lifestream on earth. I hope every spiritual seeker is willing to make peace with me.


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