When spiritual teachings disagree about factual information

TOPICS: Primary goal of masters is not factual information – it is a shift in consciousness – give people Aha experiences – left brain and right brain – masters don’t have a book of facts – need to challenge what people take as facts – how do people interpret facts – people in modern world focused on linear “facts” – mythical, rational and intuitive thinking – the calculated risk of this website – you do not need to approach a spiritual teaching with the linear mind – ego uses contradictions against you – focus on facts obscures the underlying message – how disagreements on fact is used to create a centralized religion – middle way – how the messenger can influence the message – the challenge of not being attached to the teaching you bring forth – discrepancies help you develop Christ discernment –

Question: Okay, I have read what you have said about why channelings can be different and even seem contradictory, but I am still confused about how they can disagree on actual facts. I mean, the facts are the facts, aren’t they? I mean, either Jesus was an avatar before he came to earth or he was an ordinary man. Either he died on the cross or he didn’t die on the cross. You can find all kinds of channeled teachings that disagree on such facts, and it simply makes many people in today’s rational world either reject all channeled information or at least become very cautious about what they look at and accept as genuine. So I guess my question is how we should deal with teachings that disagree on facts and how to decide which teachings to study and which to ignore?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Let me first present you with one thought: Is it the primary purpose of the ascended masters to give people factual, linear information? Or is it our primary purpose to facilitate a shift in consciousness?

Our primary purpose is and has always been to facilitate a shift in consciousness, and how does this shift happen? It ALWAYS happens as the result of an inner experience, where you suddenly experience something that is outside your present belief system or mental box. This is what we call an Aha experience or mystical experience.

How is this experience to come about? Well, in some cases it can be triggered by the analytical mind. A careful analysis can help you see contradictions in your knowledge and beliefs, and by acknowledging the contradictions, you might have the Aha experience.

However, the experience is not directly produced by the analytical mind and the facts. It does not matter how many facts you accumulate in your analytical mind, because facts in themselves will not produce the Aha experience. On the contrary, many people in today’s world are so focused on accumulating and analyzing “facts,” that they are always in the analytical mind and basically shut off the intuitive mind—or rationalize away their intuitive experiences.

So you see the point. Facts are dealt with by the analytical mind, what is often called the left brain. Aha experiences are a product of the right brain, the intuitive mind, or what we often call the heart. Aha experiences come about when your mind is confused and thus for at least a moment is propelled out of its normal way of thinking. This gives you a moment of stillness – what Zen calls beginner’s mind and what I called the mind of a little child – and in this interval of stillness, an intuitive breakthrough can occur.

Of course, it is possible to cultivate a state of mind, where you are almost constantly open to intuitive insights, and being in this frame of mind is the optimal way to read or study a spiritual teaching. You will never get maximum growth from reading a spiritual teaching with the analytical mind. You will get it only by being open to Aha experiences.

Again, what is our purpose for giving a teaching? It is to shift your consciousness—not to give you facts. Thus, it would be beneficial for spiritual seekers to shift out of the mode that makes you think, that up here in the spiritual realm, we have a giant book which contains all the facts of life—and we are supposedly seeking to reveal all this knowledge, but so far most teachings have only fragments of it.

This is not the way it is. We are not looking to bring forth some absolute truth on earth to replace all others. We are looking at different groups of people, we are assessing their state of consciousness, and then we ask ourselves: Given their present belief system and world view, what do we need to do to get them to come up higher? And one element we need to do is to question or challenge the “facts” that people take as facts, meaning they are not willing to question them. My point being that we do not have a book of facts that we are seeking to pass on. We look at people’s “facts” and then we assess the need to challenge them.

When people believe that something is an absolute fact, this unwillingness to question their beliefs can become a major hindrance to their growth. The reason is that a fact never stands on its own. It is always given a certain meaning or interpretation in people’s belief system.

For example, say a group has been conditioned by the traditional Christian belief that I was the only son of God. Yet they have now become open to new teachings, and they hear that I was an avatar, meaning I was more spiritually advanced than most people before I came to earth. So these people use this “fact” to reinforce their subtle sense that I was above them, and thus their egos have an excuse for them not making an effort to manifest Christhood. In other words, their interpretation of what it means that I am an avatar becomes a hindrance for their growth.

What are we to do with such people? Well, we might indeed attempt to challenge their unquestionable fact by giving a teaching that emphasizes that I was a man who had to follow the spiritual path in order to attain Christhood. This teaching may deny the concept of avatars or it may simply ignore it and focus on a different aspect of my mission.

Now if you look at the actual facts, I was indeed an avatar, but when I first took embodiment on earth, I forgot this, and thus I had to reclaim my spiritual attainment by following the same path that all other people follow. It was just as difficult for me to free myself from the consciousness of duality as it is for everyone else. However, there was a difference in the sense that once I had attained Christhood, I had more spiritual attainment than most lifestreams who started embodying on earth and have not has as much time to grow as I have.

While we would always prefer to give people a full understanding, we are often limited by their present belief system—or rather by their willingness to question and look beyond their present beliefs. In other words, for us it is not a matter of presenting an objective truth; it is a matter of presenting a subjective truth, meaning a truth that is designed to shift the consciousness of a particular group of people with a particular mental box.

In some cases it can be necessary to challenge people’s facts, but what we are truly challenging is their closed minds. If people are trapped in a mental box, it is necessary to break down that mental box before they can grow. Or at least we must knock a hole in the wall, through which fresh information can enter.

With this in mind, consider the state of consciousness of most people in the modern, developed world. They have for several generations grown up in a culture dominated by left-brain, analytical, linear, fact-focused thinking. And that means our primary task is to help people shift out of this mindset long enough to have intuitive experiences. I can tell you, this can be quite a task, which is why many modern people have to go through what I have called “magnificent confusion” LINK before they actually shift their consciousness.

A typical outcome of this linear thinking is Christian fundamentalism, which hold as a “fact” that the Bible is the infallible word of God. Therefore, it should be possible to take all of the “facts” in the Bible and make them make sense in a linear way, even correspond to the “facts” discovered by science. In reality, as I have attempted to explain, LINK the Bible was given for people in a mythical state of consciousness, who never dreamt of taking it literally.

Thus, Christian fundamentalism is a product of linear, analytical thinking. Which means fundamentalism is a product of the scientific thinking that fundamentalists think is their greatest adversary. Meaning that fundamentalism actually causes people to become even more stuck in linear thinking, instead of doing what is needed for them to enter the Aquarian age consciousness, namely shifting from mythical to intuitive thinking.

So what can a spiritual seeker do? What I desire to see for all mature spiritual seekers is that they go within and learn to recognize two voices:

  • There is the voice of the ego, which wants you to study teachings that seemingly confirm what the ego wants you to believe (and thus often give you a justification for not transcending your current behavior or level of consciousness).
  • There is the voice of your higher self, which directs you to what you need to hear, but also gives you an inner sense of resonance between your inner being and an outer teaching. If there is no resonance, it does not necessarily mean the outer teaching is false but that you do not need to study it at this time.

My point is that I want you to learn to disregard what the ego tells you and instead study teachings that resonate with your inner being. If a certain teaching does not resonate, simply ignore it. In other words,  be careful to not allow the linear mind to cause you to focus on facts or let them dominate your approach to spiritual teachings.

As I explain elsewhere, you have four lower bodies, the highest of which is the identity body. It contains your sense of who you are, and this is what truly needs to shift in order for you to manifest Christhood. People in a mythical state of consciousness have their approach to spirituality dominated by feelings—which is why you see such people being willing to kill in the name of God. They feel they have to fear God.

Many modern people have shifted out of this, but instead their approach to spirituality is dominated by the mental mind. Thus, their focus on linear facts. They think they have to understand God.

What you need to do in order to reach Christhood is to shift out of the mental and into the identity mind, where your intuition – truly your connection to your I AM Presence – is the dominating force in your approach to spirituality. Thus, you realize that what you really need to “do” is to experience God.

I can tell you that this can be difficult for many modern people, and in a sense we run a calculated risk on this website. We are seeking to give teachings that appeal to people’s rational mindset and explains spiritual concepts in a way that is easy to “understand.” Yet at the same time we insert many pointers that can only be grasped intuitively. Thus we are hoping that people will be attracted by the rational teachings and gradually shift to the intuitive approach. The risk is that some people will only see the rational teachings and will use them to reinforce their mental box. Yet this is simply the “risk of doing business” given the current mindset.

This shift to the identity level is what I referred to in my discourse to Nicodemus (John, Chapter 3), where I said that in order to enter the kingdom of God, a man must be born of water and of the Spirit. One interpretation is that being born of water is that you use an outer teaching to transcend your old beliefs, whereas being born of the Spirit means that your sense of identity is reborn and you no longer identify yourself in earthly terms but identify yourself as a son or daughter of God—or rather as a co-creator with God.

There is a connection between the two, in the sense that being willing to question your outer beliefs is the precursor for the shift in identity. Yet only when you DO shift your identity – by letting the old identity die – will you fully overcome your identification with outer beliefs and any earthly classification (such as sex, religion, race etc.). And ONLY when you no longer identify yourself based on earthly classifications, can you be in the kingdom of God, for there are no Christians or Jews or Muslims here, but only co-creators and angels.

The significance of this in the present context is that when you no longer identify yourself based on beliefs, you can then transcend the need to apply the linear mind to all spiritual teachings. And thus, you can transcend the major source of conflict between religious people, namely disagreements about certain linear “facts.” As you will see from my ego discourses, the ego has a deep need for security, and one way it seeks this is to accept certain “facts” as absolute, meaning that anything contradicting it is false.

The higher reality – which you can only see and accept when you have been reborn of the Spirit – is that in the material realm there is NO ABSOLUTE TRUTH! Words are simply not capable of expressing an absolute truth—absolute truth is a vibration that can only be experienced. That is why I said that God is a Spirit and that you must worship – know – him in Spirit and in truth (John 4:24).

ANY teaching expressed in words can be used by the ego to create a mental box that keeps people trapped. Thus, in order to set people free, we of the ascended masters will sometimes give a teaching that deliberately contradicts a previous teaching—or rather the mental box people have created based on the previous teaching.

As an example, take the fact that the Koran in its original form was dictated to Mohammed by Archangel Gabriel, who is a member of the ascended masters. The Koran states that I was a regular man and that I did not die on the cross. Yet this was given in order to challenge the mental box created by the Catholic Church. You see, for my early followers, it was essential that I died on the cross, because this set me apart from the many other “God-men” that were found at the time and earlier, most of which were seen as mythological figures.

It was essential that I was seen as a real human being who died and was resurrected, as an example of what all people can attain. Yet the Catholic Church used this – in the Nicene Creed – to set me apart from all other people by declaring me to be God from the very beginning and thus fundamentally different from all people—who are sinners from the beginning. Thus, my original teachings were meant to challenge a certain mental box, but then the ego turned those teachings into another mental box, which then had to be challenged . . . and so on to the present day.

My website  is meant to challenge certain mental boxes, whereas other teachings are meant to challenge other mental boxes. So there can be many valid spiritual teachings given in this new age of the Holy Spirit. What you – as a mature spiritual seeker – need to be aware of is the ego’s tendency to use the linear mind to look for contradictions. This can be used in two main ways:

• One is to get you to believe that a specific teaching represents an absolute truth, and thus any other teachings must be false, meaning you should seek to get all people to accept it as superior.

• The other is to throw you into doubt, so you do not know what to believe, and even react as many modern people by reasoning that the discrepancies between religious beliefs must mean that all religion is false and only materialism can be trusted. Or even that nothing can be trusted.

As a mature seeker, you must become aware of this trick by the ego and the false teachers. The false teachers have deliberately inspired many channelings that do contradict each other, and it is done precisely to increase confusion. You must transcend this by looking beyond the seeming discrepancies for the deeper understanding. For example, The Koran is correct that I was a man like all other men. Yet as I state on this website, “If my body had been brought to a modern hospital, the doctors would have pronounced it dead.”

Nevertheless, does it really matter whether my physical body died on the cross? Is it not far more important to reach for the underlying spiritual lesson, namely that by giving up the ghost of my earthly identity, I was spiritually reborn and this is the potential that all people have? Those who focus so much on the outer “facts” that they never even reach for the inner message, have truly misunderstood my purpose for coming to earth. They are like the scribes and Pharisees, concerned with the outer word and a linear interpretation of it, rather than the inner message that is hidden from the profane because it is not linear and thus cannot be labeled by the dualistic mind. Such people will not find the Pearl of Great Price, that is not cast before the “swine” of the ego-based consciousness.

This then touches upon a very real problem for the ascended masters and our attempts to challenge people’s mental boxes. As I explain in the answer mentioned above, the early Christian movement was extremely diversified, with many people catching the Spirit and bringing forth various teachings and gospels. As you will see from studying some of the so-called Gnostic gospels, there were clear incompatibilities between some of these teachings (as there are incompatibilities between the four official gospels).

This caused quite a controversy between various groups of my early followers, and how was this resolved? By the emergence of an “official” church that eventually became the Catholic Church. This marked the establishment of a unified “official” doctrine and the suppression of all conflicting branches of the early movement, labeling all others as gnostic or heretical, seeking to suppress them by force. Can you now see that this was the triumph of linear thinking over intuitive thinking, of left brain over right brain?

This shows one extreme of how the ego deals with contradictions based on black-and-white thinking. The other extreme is gray thinking, as seen in many New Age people today who accept any channeling as genuine.

What I desire to see is a middle way, where mature seekers can transcend the linear contradictions and seek a higher approach. This must involve a realistic assessment that when an ascended master speaks through an embodied messenger, there is a blending of the master’s and the messenger’s consciousness. This is the case for ALL messengers, even though some messengers prefer to see themselves as “pure” messengers who do not influence the message. The message flows through the prism of the messenger’s consciousness, where it is inevitably colored by your cultural background and even by certain beliefs that you hold as absolute.

Some messengers will not even entertain the thought that they influence the message, needing instead to feel that they are more pure than any other messenger, thus giving their egos a sense of superiority or importance. Yet any time one speaks in comparative terms of being more pure or receiving higher messages, one demonstrates that one is still in duality. This does not mean that one cannot function as a messenger, but it does mean that there is still a coloring of an earthly sense of identity.

Let me make this more concrete. In order to receive a message from the ascended masters, a messenger must be primarily in the intuitive mind. Yet if we desire to give factual, linear information in a message, it is very easy for the messenger to shift into the left brian as this information is streaming into the messenger’s mind. And this means the messenger’s left brain will now compare the stream of consciousness from our level with the “unquestionable facts” stored in the messenger’s database.

If the messenger is very concerned about always being right or never contradicting what was said earlier, the messenger might – even subconsciously – allow the left brain to override the impulse coming from us. In other words, as a dictation is being given, the messenger’s analytical mind may override what is coming from us, so that it will not contradict what the messenger holds to be an unquestionable “fact.” The messenger may even insert words that confirm such a fact. Which means you can now see the potential that two genuine messengers can receive dictations that will contradict each other about certain linear “facts.”

My point being that the coloring by the messenger’s consciousness can account for not only “factual” discrepancies but also some difference in vibration. Thus the need to follow one’s inner sense of resonance, as opposed to the ego’s desire for confirmation.

In order to become a messenger, one must go through a long process of dedication and focus, which then can cause people to become overly focused on their own particular perspective on the master, failing to see that an ascended masters cannot be put in ANY mental box. Thus, people can become quite zealous in defending their own message, as you indeed saw with Paul and repeated in many people in spiritual and religious movements.

In fact, becoming attached to one’s message – its purity and importance – is one of the most dangerous pitfalls for anyone seeking to be an open door for the flow of the Holy Spirit. Non-attachment and perpetual, unconditional surrender is the key to avoiding this most subtle snare of the ego and the prince of this world—who is very clever in using the teachings that you yourself have brought forth in order to “have something in you” by getting you to use the teachings to create a mental box for yourself as a messenger.

Part of non-attachment is to realize that a master cannot say anything he or she wants through a given person. Only for trance channelers can the entity speaking say whatever it wants. Yet because this is a violation of the law of free will, we of the ascended masters do not use trance channelers. Thus, we abide by the law expressed in my parable about the talents (Matthew, Chapter 25), namely that we multiply what the messenger has in his or her consciousness.

However, there must be something there for us to have anything to multiply. Consequently, a person who has not seen through the consciousness of duality and the subtleties of the ego can only be used to give a more basic teaching about the ego—or any other topic (which can still be valid for people at that level of consciousness).

This is why we need messengers from many different backgrounds, including cultural backgrounds, in order to bring forth the fullness of the message we have for humankind in this age. And that is why we need to have our messengers avoid fighting over “facts” that are not as important as the underlying message—that is truly beyond words and can only be expressed partially in words.

Do you see my overall point? My early followers were divided because of discrepancies in their revelations. Thus, the people who wanted to stop the flow of the Spirit and replace it with a unified doctrine won, cutting off the flow of the Spirit for the entire Christian movement, instead of maintaining the flow that could have made Christianity a living spiritual movement. The same can happen if today’s spiritual people do not find a higher unity.

I am not thereby saying that people need to accept everything that is channeled by anyone. Yet I am holding the vision that many people will unite through their individual oneness with their higher beings and their spiritual teachers and come to see unity as more important than outer differences. The linear mind “getting the facts straight” is not nearly as important as maintaining the flow of the Holy Spirit, which bloweth where it listeth, often deliberately seeking to challenge the linear mind and its mental boxes.

Certainly, I am aware that it is a difficult proposition to discern between what is genuinely from a higher source and what is from the mental or emotional realm. Yet it is precisely in wrestling with this challenge that you gradually develop Christ discernment. I cannot give you this discernment, for it must come through experience, where you gradually begin to see beyond both the black-and-white and gray thinking of the ego. And thus even studying teachings that disagree on “facts” can help you build discernment.

If you are focused on facts, all you will get is facts, but the fact is that the facts cannot capture the Spirit. So if you want the Spirit, look beyond the facts—and now you know the facts.


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