Did Jesus survive the crucifixion?

TOPICS: Jesus’ body died on the cross – the soul survives the death of the body – a soul can reincarnate in other bodies – when a lifestream is ready to ascend, it takes on a light body – mind over matter is real – what Jesus did after dying on the cross – Jesus appeared in both a light body and a physical body – The purpose of the resurrection – everything must be sustained by God’s light or it will die – lost civilizations that self-destructed – through resurrection we gain mastery over material laws –

Question: I am currently in a discussion with members of Beliefnet concerning the question: Did Jesus physically survive the crucifixion? 

I ask this question because of what I read in the Bible accounts about after the crucifixion: He was not recognized because he was heavily disguised as a gardener, he asked his followers for something to eat (a piece of fish), and he showed them his wounds and said that he had not ascended (died). Now, taking off the blinders that the Church has persuaded us to acquire while reading the accounts, you can see that he was NOT AN APPARITION (as the Church would have us believe) but a real, live person.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

The entire situation around my crucifixion is a very complex and profound topic, and at some point I will release further details. However, for now let me focus on your question.

Did I physically survive the crucifixion? The short answer to that question is a no. My physical body did indeed die on the cross. If my body had been brought to a modern hospital, the doctors would have pronounced it dead.

This leaves the question of how I could appear after my crucifixion in a body that people perceived to be a normal physical body. To answer that question, I need to give you a bit of background information.

If you are a scientific materialist, you must reason that human thoughts, feelings, individuality and personality are all the products of chemical processes in the physical brain. Therefore, there is no possibility that any of it can survive the death of the physical body. Obviously, such a person must reject the idea of my resurrection and my appearance after the crucifixion.

Strangely, many orthodox or literal Christians also seem to have a restricted view of the soul and its survival after death. Although many Christians believe in the existence of a soul, orthodox Christianity finds it difficult to explain what the soul is and what happens to the soul after death.

I am aware that many Christians are somewhat attached to the orthodox view of the soul. Yet, I must tell you that there is much to know about the soul, which is not currently part of orthodox Christianity. If you have a somewhat open mind, I would advise you to study some of the many near-death experiences that have been published over the last decades. So many people have had such experiences and these experiences have so many similarities that any person living in a rational age, be they Christians or scientific materialists, should be able to see that near-death experiences reveal something important about life after death.

Having said this, let me state clearly that the soul is a non-physical being that only resides in the physical body for a season. What happens to the soul after death depends very much on the individual person. The deciding factor is the person’s state of consciousness and the person’s attainment (or lack of it) on the spiritual path that leads back to God.

As I explained in the answer to another question, when a lifestream violates the laws of God, it incurs a debt to life. This debt must be paid back before a lifestream can permanently ascend into the spiritual realm. If a person dies before paying back its debt, the soul/lifestream must return to earth. The lifestream is given an opportunity, even many opportunities if required, to pay back its debt to life by taking on another physical body.

What happens to a lifestream after death, if that lifestream is not ready to permanently ascend to heaven? The lifestream leaves the body behind, never to return to that particular body. The body is simply dissolved into its basic matter components, and it will never be used again by that or any other lifestream. The lifestream moves into a different level of God’s creation, where it resides for a time until it can receive another opportunity to descend into a physical body. The destination of the disembodied lifestream is determined by the lifestream’s state of consciousness before death. This is accurately described by many near-death experiences.

When a lifestream is ready to permanently ascend into the spiritual realm, the situation is different. In many cases, an ascending lifestream does indeed leave the physical body behind, and that body is dissolved. The lifestream ascends in a spiritual or light body, and it uses this body in the spiritual realm. In some cases, a lifestream can go through a physical ascension through which the body is raised in vibration until it reaches the vibration of the spiritual realm and therefore, literally, disappears from the material universe.

You need to understand that he entire material universe is made from spiritual energy that has been lowered in vibration. Spiritual energy is literally a manifestation of the consciousness of God. Therefore, as modern scientists will discover and prove within the next few decades, everything in the material universe is literally created from subtle energies which are a form of consciousness.

Because everything in the material universe is created from consciousness, the mind of a conscious being has the capacity to influence matter. The old idea of mind over matter is true, and one day science will prove this beyond any reasonable doubt. In fact, science has already proven this for people with an open mind.

As you grow on the spiritual path and begin to put on your personal Christhood, that Christhood will allow your conscious mind to recognize and accept that everything in the material universe is created from God’s consciousness. As you begin to unite with the Christ consciousness, you also begin to realize that your mind has the capacity to control matter.

A materialistic scientist will automatically reject the miracles that I performed, such as turning the water into wine, healing the sick, raising the dead or walking on water. Even many Christians reject these events as literal or actual events. However, as you begin to put on your personal Christhood, you will gradually realize that these events were not actually miracles. I simply used certain divine laws, namely the spiritual laws that are above the material laws used to create this universe. When you attain an awareness of the spiritual laws, you can use them to override the material laws that seem so absolute to people in a lower state of consciousness.

What I am trying to explain here is that as you put on your personal Christhood, you naturally attain some mastery over matter. This empowers you to produce some of the miracles that I produced. That is why I said that people who believe on me shall do the works that I did.

When a lifestream has attained personal Christhood, that lifestream is fully aware that it will not die with the physical body. The lifestream realizes that the physical body is simply a manifestation of consciousness. Such a lifestream does not have to go through the death of the physical body. In my case, I chose to go through the crucifixion and the death of the physical body for several reasons. One of these reasons was to demonstrate that the mind, the Christ mind, has mastery over matter.

After the death of my physical body, my lifestream, at first, left the body behind. However, I then raised the vibrations of the physical body until it disappeared from the material universe, and that is why the tomb was found empty. I then descended to Hell in an attempt to awaken the lifestreams that were stuck at that level of consciousness. After that, I started appearing to my disciples. For 40 days I appeared daily to a small group of disciples, and I helped them develop a vision for the emergence of Christianity. However, I appeared infrequently to people for over 50 years after my crucifixion.

It is not incorrect to call my appearances for apparitions. Some of them were indeed apparitions in the sense that I did not appear in a physical body that human beings could touch. The exact nature of a given appearance was determined by the purpose for that appearance, which was dependent upon the consciousness of the people to whom I appeared. Some of my disciples had attained a level of consciousness in which they could see me in my light body. Therefore, I could contact these disciples without manifesting a physical body.

As the scriptures record, other disciples had not attained that level of consciousness. Therefore, I did indeed appear in a physical body to some disciples. Although this body seemed identical to my discarded physical body, even with the signs of the crucifixion, it was a body that was manifested for that particular appearance. However, it was a physical body that could eat food and be touched by human beings. I am not the only ascended master in history who has manifested such a physical body. I might indeed do so again, although, as explained elsewhere, it will not be the second coming envisioned by many Christians.

If you want to go into technicalities, you could say that the body in which I appeared was not a human body, because it had not been born of a woman and grown to adult age. Furthermore, the body would not age or go through physical death. It would simply be raised to a higher vibration, when it was no longer needed. The body was manifested from spiritual energies that were temporarily lowered in vibration.

If a person would use this fact to argue that I did not appear in a normal physical body, then so be it. However, I would remind such a person that the entire material universe is made from spiritual energy that has only temporarily been lowered in vibration. Therefore, what human beings think of as a “normal” physical body is much more than meets the eye.

This leaves the question of what was the purpose for demonstrating the process of the resurrection of the body. To explain this, let me refer to a discovery made by modern science, namely the second law of thermodynamics. This law states that in a closed system, entropy, meaning disorder, will increase. On might say that if a system becomes closed to outside influences, it will inevitably self-destruct.

This law can be applied to the entire material universe. I have said that this universe is simply one part of a larger whole, and that there are spiritual realms beyond this world. If the entire material universe was cut off from any connection to the spiritual realm, then it would inevitably self-destruct.

Throughout this website I have stated that the basic law of this universe is the Law of Free Will. An individual human being can use this law to shut off his or her connection to the spiritual world and the person’s spiritual self. However, if you do shut off this connection, you will inevitably descend into a lower state of consciousness than the Christ consciousness. When you sink into this lower state of consciousness, you will become subject to the material laws that govern this universe. One of these laws is the second law of thermodynamics.

What the second law really says is that everything in the material universe will inevitably return to its most basic components, unless it is sustained by an impulse that comes from outside the material universe. That impulse is the spiritual energy of God, and that energy can only enter this universe through the consciousness of a spiritual being, including, but not limited to, a human being in physical embodiment.

What I am saying here is that if a person shuts off the connection to the spiritual self, that person becomes subject to the material laws. Therefore, the person’s physical body will inevitably age, and it will eventually die and be dissolved. The lifestream will not die with the body, but in order to once again appear in the material universe, the lifestream must go through the entire process of being born in a new physical body and then grow to adult age.

What happens if a large number of people in a particular civilization sink into a lower state of consciousness and lose the connection to the spiritual realm? In that case, the entire civilization becomes subject to the material laws, including the second law of thermodynamics. If this condition is allowed to continue, the civilization will begin to decay, and it might eventually self-destruct.

This has indeed happened to many civilizations in the past. The Bible records some of these civilizations, and so does modern science. However, I can tell you that there are many lost civilizations that human beings currently do not know about. I can also prophesy that within the next few decades, some of these lost civilizations will indeed be discovered by modern science. This will necessitate a complete rethinking of the history of humankind.

Let me return to my original question about the purpose of the resurrection. I went through the crucifixion and the resurrection in order to demonstrate that every human being has the potential to rise above the material laws of this universe. Every human being has the potential to rise above the decay and death of the physical body. When a person attains Christ consciousness, that person can indeed raise the vibration of the physical body so that the body is no longer subject to the material laws that cause the body to age and die.

This was indeed one of the major purposes of my incarnation as Jesus Christ. I came to demonstrate a path that all human beings have the potential to follow. That original purpose is not generally known or accepted by Christians today. It is precisely to change this fact that I have sponsored my website. Let those who have ears, hear my words.


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