What happens when a terrorist dies?

TOPICS: Depends on the person’s overall state of consciousness – a lifestream has a certain time in the material universe – even committing an atrocity does not automatically mean the second death – some know they are near the end of their opportunity and thus do something extreme – Hitler is an example – many terrorists trapped in black-and-white thinking – evil actions often not committed by evil beings – terrorists often meet their victims – reconciliation in spiritual realm between perpetrators and victims of 9/11 – people in embodiment also need to forgive and move on – can only stop the dualistic struggle through forgiveness –

Question: What happens when a terrorist dies? Does he go to the second death? 

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

What happens to a person who has committed an atrocity will depend on the person’s state of consciousness. And with that I don’t mean the state of consciousness that the person had at the moment when he committed that atrocity but the long term state of consciousness, the state of his lifestream, his spiritual growth.

I desire you to realize that the concept of the second death is not tied to performance as such. The second death comes about when a lifestream has had sufficient time in the material universe. This is a quantity that is not absolute in that it is not the same for every lifestream. It does have to do with the lifestream’s attainment before it fell. That will determine how long a time is allotted before that lifestream must come back to the upward path. So when a lifestream has been given a certain time, that lifestream has the free will to do anything it wants on earth. And even though a lifestream committed a certain atrocity, it does not mean that the lifestream will immediately go the second death or final judgment after that lifetime.

If the lifestream has time left, it will be confronted with the spiritual reality of its actions, so that it has the opportunity to see those actions without seeing them through the filter that the lifestream had while in embodiment. So in other words, the lifestream can look at its actions without the spiritual blindness that caused it to perform those actions. And thereby, the lifestream can then receive an opportunity to rise above that consciousness, hopefully even to turn around and start the upward path away from violence.

Yet, there are, of course, some terrorists who commit atrocities precisely because they are close to being at the end of their time and they sense this subconsciously. And therefore, they have calcified their consciousness and hardened their hearts to an almost unfathomable extent. Adolph Hitler was an example of such a lifestream – who had become so hardened and who knew that his time would shortly be up – that he was completely oblivious to the results of his actions, and completely determined to do whatever he “damn well pleased,” as the saying goes, while he was in embodiment.

This does apply to some terrorists, but not to the vast majority of them. In fact, many of them are indeed spiritual lifestreams who have been misled into the black-and-white thinking that is the cause of all terrorism, violence and other forms of atrocities. When you look at an action, you might say, “This is an evil act” but I must tell you that in most cases – in the vast majority of cases – evil acts are not committed by evil beings. They are committed by beings who are simply misled by the duality consciousness, by the black-and-white consciousness, or even in some cases by the gray consciousness, the gray thinking. And so they do not fully see the reality of their actions or their consequences.

What often happens to terrorists is that they are given the opportunity to meet their victims. For example, the terrorists who directed the planes into the World Trade Center towers were indeed given an opportunity to meet with most of the departed lifestreams, most of the lifestreams that were killed in that incident. And they were given an opportunity to work on their mutual understanding, so that they had an opportunity to understand each other and thereby rise above their outer differences and forgive each other.

Now, in many cases, some lifestreams are not able to truly acknowledge the full extent of what they have done. They are so shocked when they realize that they actually killed so many people, that they are not even able to look at it but must run and hide from the reality of what they have done—or they would be destroyed emotionally, or at least so they feel.

And so not all can respond to such an opportunity. But I must tell you that in the spiritual realm there has been a very great reconciliation between the victims and the perpetrators of the 9/11 event. And it would indeed be extremely helpful to the forward progression of this planet if those people who had family members or friends that died in these incidents would also work on forgiveness and understanding, so that they could erase the records that are still there. For I can assure you that most of the people who were actually killed have risen to forgiveness, have seen that it is better for the earth, that it is better for the cause of defeating terrorism, that they forgive. For by holding on to the hurts and the wounds, they only add to the dualistic struggle that is the real cause of terrorism.

For, as I explained in my discourses on the Iraq war and in my comments on 9/11, it is the dualistic struggle that precipitated this event. And so the people caught in it on both sides were simply caught. They were all victims, so to say, of the duality consciousness. And those who are still fighting the battle today are victims. And the only way to really break that cycle is that the people in the West – who live in countries that are further along than the countries in the Middle East – rise above the hurts and decide to forgive so they take away power from the dualistic forces and the dualistic struggle.


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