Jesus comments on the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks

TOPICS: Terrorists are neither in heaven nor in hell – hatred towards them not justified – belief that other people’s violation of God’s law justifies your violation of the law is what caused the attacks – Jesus wants to save all people  – God did not let this happen – human beings built the vortices of hatred that precipitated the attacks – Americans themselves fed the downward spiral of hatred – the ascended masters sponsor America – therefore, they want Americans to awaken from their illusions – Americans take their sponsorship for granted – what made America vulnerable – glorification of violence – capitalist exploitation of other nations – corporations run America, not the people – many Muslims are consumed by internal anger – America could have turned the other cheek – violence only fuels more hatred and invites more attacks – no need for a modern version of the crusades – violence have been going on for thousands of years without bringing peace – the lie that you must stop turning the other cheek and resolve situations through violence – Jesus wages spiritual warfare – the most powerful weapon he gave us – fine line between defense and aggression – America blew a unique opportunity – a free nation cannot forcefully defeat terrorism – remove the anger that fuels it – opportunity to learn something about yourself –

Question from Kim: Jesus, since it is the 2-year anniversary of the terrorists acts on September 11, 2001, I would like to ask you to comment on this. I would like to start by asking you whether these attacks were justified in any way and whether the terrorists were rewarded in heaven, as they believed they would be.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

The attacks were not justified or justifiable in any way. I have already talked about this in my comments on the man who killed an abortion doctor. What I said there applies equally to the terrorists. I have also talked about this in my comments on the war in Iraq.

Let me state clearly that the terrorists have not been rewarded in heaven. Let me also state that they have not gone to the fiery hell that many Christians envision. Contrary to popular belief, God has no desire to punish any lifestream. God desires to see every lifestream grow in its understanding of life so that it can eventually, by its own free-will choosing, return to his kingdom. This applies to both the terrorists and the victims of the attacks. Obviously, the lifestreams of the terrorists have more difficult hurdles to overcome on the road to heaven than most of their victims.

My point here is that even though these people committed atrocious acts, God has not forever condemned them to hell. This is a fallacy perpetrated by orthodox Christianity, and unfortunately it is a fallacy that causes many Christians to think that they are justified in harboring feelings of anger or even hatred towards the terrorists.

Did I not say, “Judge not, lest ye be judged?” Did I not say to forgive seventy times seven? Did I not say to love your enemies? Oh yes, I am aware that most people feel that certain acts are so evil that they somehow neutralize my commands. Yet I must tell you that the very idea that because another human being has violated the laws of God, it is now justified that you too violate the laws of God, this very idea is the reason why the terrorist attacks occurred in the first place.

I must tell you that the people behind the attacks were not evil people. They were very confused and unbalanced people who had allowed certain evil people to manipulate them into a state of fanaticism and extremism. Unfortunately, many Americans, including many Christians, have also allowed themselves to be manipulated into a state of extremism in terms of how this nation should respond to the terrorist acts.

They are driven by fear, anger or even a desire for revenge. This is not in accordance with the laws of God or with my commands. If you harbor anger or hatred towards your fellow man, you are not only hurting yourself, you are also feeding your energy to the dark forces who are the originators of all wars on this planet.

Kim: I have to say that I am a bit shocked. I think many Americans will feel that your remarks are insensitive to the many people who lost loved ones in the terrorist attacks.

Jesus: I understand that they will. Nevertheless, I must speak the truth. I hope these people will recognize that I feel nothing but compassion for the victims and their families. I have no other desire but to see them comforted and to see them move into a positive spiral that leads to increased spiritual growth.

Yet I have been appointed by God as the savior of humankind. It is my mission to save every lifestream on planet earth. Although many people will fail to understand or accept this, it is my great love and desire to save every lifestream, including the many lifestreams who do not belong to a Christian religion and who are not likely to ever join a Christian religion.

As I state throughout this website, there is more than one true religion. So the popular Christian belief that only those who are Christians will be saved is simply an illusion. And this illusion has led some Christians to develop a certain insensitivity towards those of other religions. And after the terrorist attacks, some Christians have developed an insensitivity towards their brothers and sisters who belong to the true religion of Islam.

I must tell these people that although I feel their pain, I am right now also feeling the pain of thousands of people in Iraq who have lost loved ones in the recent war. I also feel the pain of the many people who were killed in this war, and I have personally been assisting many of these lifestreams in trying to heal themselves from the pain of seeing their lives cut short. I have been trying to help them move on with their spiritual path. I have assisted many lifestreams of Iraqis who have been Muslims all of their lives. Contrary to human beings on earth, I do not make human judgments and my love is not conditional.

Kim: After the attacks, many people were asking themselves, “How could God let this happen?” What would you say to them?

Jesus: One of the main messages on this website is that people need to wake up and realize that God has not created most of the conditions currently found on this planet. God has not created the anger and hatred between different groups of people that has turned the earth into a powder keg in which the slightest spark will set off an explosion.

People have created these conditions by allowing themselves to engage in anger and hatred and thereby letting their emotional energies create vortexes of energy that suck them into an endless spiral of anger leading to hatred and hatred leading to violence and violence leading to more hatred and so on and so forth for what in human terms seems like an eternity.

God did not let the terrorist attacks happen. Human beings created the conditions that brought about these attacks. I understand that many Americans were shocked by the attacks. Yet I must tell you that it was not only the anger and hatred in the Arab world that led to the attacks. Americans themselves are partly responsible for feeding the downward spiral of anger, hatred and violence.

Therefore, although this will be an unpopular message, I must tell you that Americans were partly responsible for bringing this calamity upon themselves. I must also tell you, as I stated in my talk about the separation of church and state, that unless a critical mass of Americans change course and begin to embody the true inner path to Christhood, there will be other calamities coming upon this nation.

There is a popular belief in America that this nation could not possibly do anything wrong and that God would not allow anything really bad to happen to this nation. The terrorist attacks in 2001 should have been the wake-up call that caused Americans to grow out of this illusion. It is not that God wants to punish America. We of the ascended masters have a great love for America. In fact many of us have given our Light and guidance to sponsor America as a bastion for freedom for the entire planet.

Yet we have also seen that Americans have taken our sponsorship for granted and have used our Light to create a society based on greed, a quest for wealth, power and control that in itself has created a downward spiral that threatens to suck this nation into a collapse. This collapse will not be God’s punishment but a result of the fact that Americans are systematically violating the laws of God and therefore punishing themselves.

Let me state clearly that there are two conditions which have made America vulnerable to these attacks. As I said elsewhere, America has created a rent in the spiritual protection of this nation and that is what allowed the terrorist attacks to occur. This rent in the garment, the spiritual garment of this nation, was created by two factors:

• One factor is the undeniable fact that the United States has a fascination with violence that goes back for generations. Few nations have, in recent history, seen as much violence as the United States. No nation has glorified violence through its entertainment industry as America has. This has led to a deplorable condition in which many young Americans have been programmed to respond with anger and violence to many situations that do not warrant such extreme measures. In fact, many Americans have, through the entertainment industry, been programmed to believe that in certain circumstances the only option or the only efficient option is to respond with violence. This is what has been driving this nation since the terrorist attacks occurred.

• The other factor is something that most Americans simply do not understand because they have been deliberately misinformed by their own media. As I said, we of the ascended masters have given spiritual sponsorship to America. Our desire was that America should export the principles of freedom and democracy to the world. Instead, America has to a large degree turned itself into an exporter of capitalist exploitation of other nations and peoples. America has exported its goods and has often used its military might to allow its big corporations to exploit other nations. At the same time America has, through the entertainment industry, exported a capitalist culture which is in direct opposition to the spiritual principles of freedom and democracy that are the very foundation for the growth and continued survival of this nation. This has been done by huge corporations that have no respect for spiritual principles, for the American nation or for the American people. Yet the American people and the American government have allowed themselves to become pawns in a game for global domination and control.

Most Americans will deny this, yet they simply do not understand what is happening. However, many people in other nations clearly see what is happening and that is why you see such of widespread anger against America. Most Americans do not understand this anger, yet if they were willing to take an unbiased look in the mirror, they would understand why the anger started.

I am not thereby saying that this anger is in any way justified. The fact that America has wronged other nations does not justify the anger and hatred because there are better ways to deal with the situation. Likewise, I must make it very clear that no matter what America has done to other nations, it does not justify that people take their anger into a state of fanaticism in which they believe that the end can justify the means.

I must also add here that many people, and many of them live in the Islamic world, are not really angry at America. These people are simply consumed by anger and hatred, and America has become the scapegoat. Nevertheless, if America had not been exporting its particular version of capitalism, it would not have been such a convenient scapegoat. I will also say that there are some people who hate the light in America and want to either steal or destroy that light. Nevertheless, if America had been using the spiritual Light as intended by the ascended masters, such people would have found very little support even in the most extremist Islamic groups.

Kim: It sounds like you are saying that America should not have responded to the attacks with violence. If that is what you are saying, then how should America have responded?

Jesus: I am indeed saying that America should not have responded to the attacks with violence.

How should America have responded? America claims to be a Christian nation. If you love me, keep my commandments. What was my foremost commandment? It was to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It was to turn the other cheek.

Kim: Wait, wait I realize the truth in what you are saying, but most Americans seem to feel that responding with non-violence would simply have encouraged the terrorists and invited more attacks?

Jesus: So are these people thinking that what America has done for the past two years has not encouraged terrorism and has not invited more attacks?

I think most Americans can see that the attacks were fueled by fanaticism and that the fanaticism springs from anger against America. I realize that many Americans do not understand this anger and think it is not justified. Yet in this context it does not matter whether the anger is justified. What matters is that the anger exists and that it is the anger which leads to fanaticism which then leads to terrorist attacks.

So is it not obvious that anything you do to fuel the anger will fail to diminish the risk for future attacks? Is it not obvious that responding with violence, especially violence against Muslim nations, will not help make America safer? What America has done over the past two years is to create an explosive situation that could very well end up in an uncontrollable confrontation between Christian and Muslim nations. If this were indeed to happen, you could see a third world-wide war before anyone had time to stop it.

I for one did not support the Christian crusades against the Muslims during the Middle Ages. And I for one have no desire to see a modern version of this deplorable scenario caused by religious fanaticism and extremism on both sides.

It is a simple fact that violence will never diminish violence. Two wrongs will never make a right. The ends will never justify the means. Simply take a look at what is happening today between Israel and the Palestinians. An act of violence from one side leads to cries for revenge from the other side and these cries release a retaliatory strike. The retaliatory strike leads to more hatred from the other side which leads to another retaliatory strike. And this has now been going on for thousands of years between various groups in the Middle East, but especially between Jews and Arabs.

It is amazing to me that people can think that doing the same thing for thousands of years will somehow produce a solution tomorrow. If people have responded with violence for thousands of years, and we still do not have peace, how can they believe that peace will somehow come from continued violence? Or is it simply that these people are so overwhelmed by the spirals of hatred, which they have created, that they are no longer able to think?

One of the more popular scenarios in American movies is the hero who is by nature a peaceful person and just wants to live his life without bothering anyone. Now the bad guys move into the scene and keep attacking the hero – or innocent people – until he finally reaches the breaking point, whips out his gun and shoots all the bad guys. The underlying message in such movies is that you can only turn the other cheek for so long and then you must resolve the crisis through violence. This is a fallacy.

Yet this is the message that the American government, including the president himself, has embraced after the terrorist attacks. After the attacks occurred, your president decided that he was going to use all of the resources available to him to “get the people responsible.” There are two problems with this line of reasoning. The first one is that America, as I explained earlier, is not simply the peaceful giant who leaves everyone else alone. America is somewhat of a bully in the world-wide neighborhood.

However, what is truly wrong with this line of reasoning is that it is completely against the true teachings of Jesus Christ. Did I not say to forgive seventy times seven? Did I not say to turn the other cheek? Did I specify conditions under which it was acceptable to stop turning the other cheek and instead kill the person who slaps you in the face? I am not aware that I outlined such conditions, but perhaps the American government, and some among the American clergy, can explain to me how these conditions somehow crept into the culture of a nation which calls itself a Christian nation.

I am Jesus Christ, and I am not the touchy-feely Savior that so many modern Christians have made me out to be. I am come for the judgment of the forces of darkness that for thousands of years have attempted to destroy God’s plan for this planet. I am here to wage a spiritual warfare against these forces so that they will be removed from this planet and we can finally bring God’s kingdom to earth.

Yet I must tell you that this spiritual warfare will not be fought by killing other human beings, no matter what these people have done to you. The spiritual warfare that I am talking about is a warfare to remove the fear, anger and hatred that fuels the forces of darkness and enables them to control human beings. This warfare takes place primarily in the psyche of individual human beings and in the collective consciousness of humankind. It also takes place at planes of existence that are beyond the sight of most human beings.

Anger and hatred cannot be removed by adding more anger and hatred. Anger and hatred can be removed only by bringing the perfect love that casts out all fear, the fear that is the true cause of anger and hatred.

I am come to deliver God’s people on this earth. I am come to deliver them from the forces of darkness, but I cannot deliver people against their free will. Before I can deliver people, they must be willing to make the free-will decision to give up the fear, the anger and the hatred that makes them easy prey for the forces of darkness. If you harbor fear, anger and hatred, then the Prince of this world has something in you, and he will use it to control you.

Now, given that I am here to wage spiritual warfare and that I need my followers to wage this warfare with me, is it not logical that I would have given them the weapons to win this war? And what is the most powerful weapon that I gave to humankind, a weapon that is sure to defeat the forces of darkness? That weapon is to turn the other cheek!

Kim: I assume you are not saying that America shouldn’t take measures to defend itself against future attacks?

Jesus: No, obviously America has a right to defend itself. However, there is a fine line between defending yourself and becoming an aggressor, and currently the American government is on the wrong side of that line.

After the attacks, the American government had a unique opportunity. America was widely seen as a victim. If Americans had been willing to do some soul-searching and to take an honest look at why there is such anger against America, then the American government could have started an entirely new era in international cooperation and good will amongst free and democratic nations.

This was a once-in-a-millennia opportunity for creating a positive spiral that could have done more to further the cause of freedom and democracy than any other single factor. I am sad to say that the American government systematically squandered this opportunity by acting as the hero in a bad action movie.

We now have a situation where America is no longer seen as a victim but as a bully. And this view is not unjustified. Instead of encouraging international cooperation, America has encouraged international hostility. This has in fact done more to help the terrorists than virtually anything else could have done. For each of the terrorists that have supposedly been captured and killed in Afghanistan and Iraq, there are 20 more ready to join their ranks. The vortexes of anger and hatred over the Middle East have been reinforced many times over, and people find it increasingly difficult to avoid being sucked into them. This is a lesson that has also been clearly demonstrated in the ongoing hostility between Jews and Arabs.

Terrorism is a guerrilla movement. I understand that there are nations that harbor terrorists. Yet going after these nations instead of going after the terrorists themselves will only aggravate the situation.

The simple equation is that a nation state cannot effectively fight guerrilla warfare by using conventional forces. If you attempt to use such forces to fight guerrilla warfare, your only chance of being effective is to turn yourself into a totalitarian nation which has no respect for freedom and human rights and which is prepared to violate these rights without restraint. This will destroy America as a bastion for freedom and cause this nation to lose its spiritual sponsorship.

Therefore, the only effective way to fight terrorism is to remove the support of the terrorists. To fight terrorism, remove the anger that fuels it.

If America had been willing to change its culture and foreign policy so that it was no longer dominated by greed but was brought into alignment with the principles of Christ, the principle of treating your brother as you would have him treat you, then America could have created a positive spiral. The terrorist attacks could have become the catalyst for a worldwide movement towards greater freedom and cooperation. Instead, the American nation has created a downward spiral whereby violence leads to hatred and hatred leads to more violence. Given the propensity of human beings to respond with violence, even I cannot tell how far this will go before people finally wake up and decide to abandon violence and seek a peaceful solution, a spiritual solution.

I realize this is a shocking message. Yet after two years of mourning, America should be ready to look beyond its own sorrow and anger and listen to the advice of the Prince of Peace.

Kim: So you are saying that America has not been willing to do the soul-searching necessary to learn from the 9/11 attacks?

Jesus: Everything that happens to you, as an individual and as a nation, is an opportunity to learn something about yourself. If you make wise use of the opportunity, you will grow. If you ignore the opportunity, or fail to understand the real message, you are likely to stagnate.

Planet earth is a schoolroom. Everything that happens carries a message. If you correctly interpret the message, any event can be used as an opportunity for growth. So far America as a nation has not been willing to look for the true message behind the terrorist attacks. America has not been willing to look in the mirror.

I am not thereby condoning the attacks. I am simply saying that they do represent an opportunity for soul-searching and growth. This process started to happen immediately following the attacks, but it was never carried through. It is, however, never too late to stand in front of the mirror and ask, “God, what do you want me to learn from this. Jesus, what do you want me to learn from this?” Ask and you shall receive an answer.


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