What happens to pets after they die?

TOPICS: Animals have group souls – do not go to the same place after death as humans – elemental beings – your attention can increase growth of animals – elemental can imitate your personality – communicating with dead pets – the ability to let go is crucial to spiritual growth –

Question: Dear Jesus, Do all animals, including pets, have souls? If so, are animal’s souls the same as our souls? What happens to an animal, such as a pet, when it passes on to the other side? Is an animals transition different then that of a human soul’s transition? Do animal souls go to the same place as our souls? Lastly, will we have the opportunity to see our beloved pets on the other side? 

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

An animal does not have an individual soul. The consciousness that gives life to the physical body of an animal is a manifestation of a group soul. As explained elsewhere,  a human lifestream is an extension of the I AM Presence, but it uses a soul vehicle to integrate with the physical body. The group soul of an animal species is made from the energies of the material realm. Yet this group soul can still evolve, and that is why an animal species can adapt to a changing environment or why dogs can learn a trick today that they could not do generations ago.

When the body of an animal dies, the consciousness that animated the body merges back into the group soul. Therefore, the consciousness – it would be incorrect to say soul – of a pet does not go to the same place as the soul vehicle of the owner of that pet.

I know many pet owners will object to this teaching, because they feel that their pets have a distinct individuality and personality. However, while this observation is correct, it does not mean that pets have individual souls.

The world of form is created out of spiritual energy that is lowered in vibration, fashioned into a particular form and then held in that form. As I explain throughout this website, everything is made from God’s substance, which is consciousness. As Mother Mary explains, God’s substance, the Ma-ter light, can take on form only when acted upon by a conscious mind. Therefore, the process of creating the world of form involves conscious beings on many levels. Some of these beings are what several esoteric teachings call the “elemental builders of form,” or simply “elementals.” They are what people throughout the ages have seen as nature spirits, such as gnomes, fairies and sylphs.

These elemental beings do not have individual souls as human beings do. However, by serving man, they can gradually climb to the point, where they can inhabit a human body, evolve from there and eventually ascend to the spiritual realm. Many of the people who have a very close connection to nature are embodied elementals. In order to get to the point where they can inhabit a human body, the elemental beings must serve man.

Everything in the world of form is sustained by a stream of spiritual energy that flows into this world. Some of it flows through the consciousness of human beings, and it is directed by your attention. So whatever you put your attention upon, you will magnify with spiritual energy. When you put your attention on a pet, the spiritual energy flowing into that animal will increase the consciousness of the animal. This can make it possible that an elemental being can inhabit the body of the animal.

Because the elemental being has a higher form of consciousness than the animal itself, the pet that is inhabited by an elemental can take on a distinct individuality and personality. However, it is important to recognize that elementals at lower levels of consciousness are simply imitators. So what you see reflected back from a pet is actually your own individuality and personality mirrored by the elemental, and it does not mean that the pet has an individual soul. That is why you often see a striking resemblance between a dog and its owner.

A person is attracted to a particular kind of dog because that breed mirrors the characteristics of his or her personality (the breed actually originated as an expression of a certain personality type). The owner then projects his or her personality upon the dog, which increases the resemblance.

Because animals do not have lifestreams, they do not go to the same place as human lifestreams. It is possible that you can meet a pet after death. However, that pet will be a manifestation created by your spiritual teachers to ease your transition out of the body and your last lifetime.

I know that some psychics, especially in later years, claim that they can communicate with dead pets. In some cases it is possible to communicate with the elemental being that inhabited a particular pet. Such an elemental can actually follow a human lifestream and inhabit several pets owned by the person, in some cases in several of the lifestream’s embodiments. Yet in most cases such communication is actually created by lower spirits in the psychic realm that seek to steal people’s energy by causing people to give them their attention. They will therefore create the illusion that people are communicating with their pets in order to get people’s attention and energy.

As I explain throughout this website, the key to salvation is to attain the Christ consciousness. In order to obtain that state of consciousness, you must leave behind the limited sense of identity that springs from the dualistic mind. So one might say that one of the most important abilities to develop on the spiritual path is the ability to completely and finally leave something behind. You need to be willing to completely surrender the past and all of your attachments to the material world and your mortal sense of identity. This includes of a pet that has died. It even includes letting go of people who have died or from whom you have been separated in other ways.

The dualistic state of consciousness is very attached to the things of this world, including the things of the past that have been lost but which the dualistic mind refuses to accept as being lost. This is what prevents you from moving on with your spiritual growth, and attachments to the past can literally keep you out of heaven. In fact it is precisely such attachments that make it necessary for you to reembody on earth. You will keep reembodying until you have fully and finally surrendered all attachments to this planet.

Therefore, it is necessary for every spiritual seeker to consciously develop the ability and willingness to leave behind that which has changed and cannot be brought back. The type of people who are most successful on the spiritual path are the ones with the best ability to let go. He who seeks to save his life shall lose it, and he who is willing to lose his mortal life for my sake, shall find the immortal life of the Christ consciousness


Copyright © 2004 by Kim Michaels