Avoiding communication from dark forces

TOPICS: Give up all desires to communicate with beings in other realms – invoke spiritual protection – seek Christ discernment – beings of the light respect your free will – purify your motives – good and bad come together in the realm of duality –

Question: Hi, I am having an extremely difficult time getting rid of dark energies communicating with me. They have told me outright that they wish to hinder and/or harm me and even so outright as to say they wish to kill me.

I wish to know how to get rid of these characters. I have tried
prayers to Archangel Michael, outright insistence that they leave, threatening them, and everything else I can think of. Nothing is working.
I am also communicating with good entities but even ‘they’ can’t keep these Dark Energies away. Do you have the answer?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

I do have the answer, the question is whether you are willing to implement it? The answer is to completely and totally give up – surrender – any and all desire to communicate with any entities—good or bad. You need to get yourself into a frame of mind in which you are completely non-attached to having any form of communication with another realm. If you never again communicate with any entity outside yourself, that should be fine with you—in fact it should be the same. Communication should be a non-issue for you.

When you get yourself into that frame of mind, the prince of this world will come and will have nothing in you. Both the dark spirits and the good spirits will haunt you for a while, but if you remain non-attached to ALL of their temptations, they will eventually leave you alone. And, of course, giving Archangel Michael’s rosary and the decrees to Astrea WILL be an important help. Yet a rosary cannot work against your free will.

I also recommend attuning to your Christ self and asking for Christ discernment in this matter. If you sincerely ask, you will eventually get the attunement that will allow you to see that even the “good” spirits with which you communicate are not of the light. They are simply imitators that have no Christ light in them but parade as if they do.

It is likely that your “good” entities will deny what I am saying and will tell you to keep communicating with them. Yet take note that I am not telling you what to do. I am telling you to get discernment from your Christ self. The problem is that until you surrender any desire to communicate, you will not be able to hear the still small voice of your Christ self over the louder voices of the lower entities. Your Christ self will not tell you what to do – as opposed to any lower entities (whether they appear good or bad) – but will give you the discernment that allows you to make right decisions for yourself.

Any being of the light respects your free will, whereas as any entity of a lower vibration will seek to influence your decision. That is why you need to clean the slate of your mind in order to escape the dualistic confusion that prevents you from making right decisions. This is also a good way to start discerning between beings of the light and beings of the darkness. If you ask them to leave and they don’t, you know they are not of the light. Yet be aware that some of the more sophisticated deceivers might leave for a while and then come back.

When you see and admit that even the “good” entities are not of the light, you will know that it was your desire – conscious or subconscious – to communicate with the spiritual realm that made you open to the so-called good spirits, and it is through these spirits that the so-called dark spirits get an inroad into your consciousness.

The key understanding is your statement, “I am also communicating with good entities but even ‘they’ can’t keep these Dark Energies away.” What you see as good entities are still in the realm of duality, and that is why they do not have the power (or the desire) to keep the dark spirits away from you.

Take note that I am not saying there is anything inherently wrong with having a desire to communicate with the spiritual realm. But you need to purify your desire so that you do not attempt to take heaven by force. Many spiritual seekers have a legitimate desire but seek to fulfill it through illegitimate means, whereby they shut off their Christ discernment. Without discernment, you will inevitably open yourself up to entities that are in the realm of duality, not the ascended masters who are above duality.

There are millions of such entities out there, as I explain in my teachings on channeling. You can find numerous websites by people who are communicating with these so-called good entities. And although they appear good and appear to have some wisdom, they are still in the realm of duality and thus cannot help you rise above their own level.

Furthermore, it is impossible to open yourself to “good” dualistic entities without also attracting some “dark” dualistic entities. This simply comes with the territory, and although some manage to keep the dark entities at bay, they will always be there, seeking to influence you. Thus, the only way out is to rise above the realm of duality by giving up the desire to communicate with both the good and the dark.

Take the approach that you can, of your own self, do nothing. Thus you will not TRY to communicate. You will be non-attached and leave it up to your Christ self to initiate communication. Whether that happens or not should be the same to you. Complete surrender, complete non-attachment, is the only key to achieving true communication with the ascended masters.

I also recommend that you study my teachings on the psychology of anti-christ.


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