Was 9/11 a conspiracy?

TOPICS: The analytical mind cannot truly resolve questions – it can always argue for what it wants to believe – be careful not to see conspiracies behind every event – a world-wide conspiracy does exist, but not in the physical realm – it is formed by fallen beings – these fallen beings work with humans in a very self-centered state of consciousness, which makes them difficult to control – seek balance before studying conspiracy theories – it was not an inside job – nations around the world will refuse to rush into a major war –

Question: My question is about September 11. That’s pretty much what started me on the path of seeking through and looking into esoteric religion and coming to this conference eventually. I went down a long track of searching and I couldn’t really find anything that suited me. But eventually I came to the AskRealJesus site and after a couple of pages I was basically crying because I’d been searching and searching and not finding anything and then I found truth, and it really spoke to me and that’s what I was looking for. I was tired of all the lies and I feel that this world is surrounded in lies and to find truth on this site has been wonderful.

There is a couple of pages on the site where you talk about September 11 and what happened to the pilots of the planes whether they went to see Allah or not. And then there is some talk about the response of America and how they had an opportunity to take a different type of response instead of going to war after the fact. But in my own heart and as much as I’m standing here right now, after looking at all the facts for a very long time, I believe that there is absolutely no way that it was not done by the same government that went to war directly afterwards. And that they did so that they could go to war afterwards.

So there was absolutely no hope whatsoever that they would not make that decision to not go to war. And in addition, to pull this off, the whole story is just crazy, even just looking at what the pilots would have had to do to fly the planes—these jumbo jets—perfectly into the buildings like they did. It’s virtually impossible even for a top pilot to do it. So I think that there is very little chance, after all the research, that the planes were not remote controlled. So those two things strike me as almost an untruth on the website, unless of course I’m totally out to lunch. But again in my heart I believe this is true. And so I just want to get the ascended masters’s response to either what happened on September 11th or why things are portrayed on the website that they have been in the very same way that they claim the power elite is causing problems in the world. And that’s the way the power elite would like it to happen that of course we need to attack these countries and there is this religious duality and we have to fight this Islam who all want to kill us. And this plays right into the power elite’s hands. So I just want to clear up what the ascended masters’s take is on that. And why September 11th happened and why they talked about it exactly the same way that basically George Bush talked about why it happened.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels: (May 20, 2007)

The teachings that are on the website are the teachings that I desire to bring forth at this particular time. Yet when I bring forth a teaching, it is not generally my intention to bring forth an absolute or ultimate teaching. I am, as stated before, working with people at a certain level of consciousness, giving them what I know from the ascended state that they are able to take that can raise them a little higher. Thus, I am attempting to work with people who have some openness to realizing that not all is the way it was portrayed, but who are not yet completely open to seeing the full truth of what happened in the event.

What I want to impress upon you is that the question is asked from the analytical mind. And even though I can give you an answer that appeals to the analytical mind, that will not satisfy you unless you go beyond the analytical mind and find the Spirit of Truth within.

There is a very good reason why I do not go into many of the conspiracy theories. And the reason is precisely that the conspiracy theories are constructed from the analytical mind. And the analytical mind can always find or construct or interpret what it calls facts to support the theory it wants to promote.

The reality of this is that you are perfectly correct that the mindset of the American government made it almost impossible that they would have taken a higher approach after 9/11. You are also correct in saying that it was the mindset of the American government and the American people that precipitated the events of 9/11. Because the dualistic mindset, as I have explained before, made America vulnerable to this kind of attack.

However, where you must be very careful not to go too far is to begin to think that everything that happens on earth is the result of some conspiracy—of thinking that behind world events there is some power elite group who is completely unified and has complete control over everything that happens, staging world events as if they could pull the strings and control everything. For this is not the case, as we have indeed commented on before.

To truly understand conspiracy, you must ask yourself, “What do I mean by conspiracy?” And if you, by conspiracy, mean an outer physical conspiracy, where some men get together in secret meetings and they are able to control the entire world, well then I must tell you that you have an unrealistic view.

There are indeed several different power elite groups who get together in secret meetings, but none of them have the ability to control the entire world. And one part of the reason for this is precisely that they are divided amongst themselves.

Now, what I can say today that I could not say when my answers on 9/11 were given – and the reason I could not say it was that Maitreya’s book had not been released – so what I can say today is that there is indeed one worldwide conspiracy that is attempting to control the entire world. And it is somewhat unified in their goals and their strategies. But that conspiracy is not found in the physical plane, but is indeed found in the astral or emotional realm, in the form of the fallen beings that Maitreya exposes in the book.

So if you truly want to understand conspiracy, you need to understand the spiritual teachings of the fallen beings who are working to control humankind—but because they are not in the physical they do not have ultimate power.

And I must tell you that the people that they work with in the physical are obviously those in the lowest state of consciousness, meaning the most self-centered. And the more self-centered people are, the more difficult it is for them to be controlled by anyone, because they always tend to act on what they see as their short-term self-interest. And thus, they are not nearly as open to the long-term goals and strategies of the fallen beings in higher realms.

This, of course, is also what we of the ascended masters run into to some degree, where we have people who are spiritual and open to spiritual ideas but who are also focused on themselves and therefore cannot always grasp or maintain the higher vision of their divine plans, for why they came into embodiment—to counteract the lower forces and their representatives on earth.

And that is why, again, I must stress that if you want to look into conspiracies, you must remain extremely balanced. And that is why – if you feel in yourself, after honest introspection, that you are not balanced, you are not at peace, you are not in harmony – well then, follow the admonition we have given: seek first the kingdom of God, seek first the inner balance, and then go back and take another look. For then you will be able to separate the real from the unreal.

Yes, there were people in the American government who knew more than has been said. But they were not in complete control of the event. And it was not an inside job in the sense that it was instigated by the American government. Although there were people who saw what was coming and allowed it to happen—as indeed there were those who allowed this to happen on December 7th, 1941 in order to get America into the second world war.

And surely, they do have the intention today of setting the stage for getting America into a third world war, indeed getting America to become the driving force in setting up the dualistic struggle that would precipitate such a war. But I must tell you that they do not have the power or the sophistication that you ascribe to them. They are not as smart or as powerful as you think. And that is, indeed, why we of the ascended masters have high hopes that this situation will be avoided and that their schemes will fall apart. Because people and nations around the world will simply refuse to go along and will refuse to follow along with an escalation of tension and conflict. They will simply refuse to let the momentum build to the point of no return, where a war is unavoidable.

And thus, I hold a high vision that the war will be avoided because people are already beginning to wake up, and this will be accelerated even more. And so again, it is good that you are waking up and studying these topics. But you need to remain balanced in order to have the greatest possible impact.

For you will see, if you are honest, that there are some of the conspiracy theories out there that truly not only have no solution but actually do not want a solution. Because they almost relish the fact that things are so bad. And they almost look forward to the point where things fall apart and their vision that everything is going to hell in a hand basket will come to fruition so they can be proven to be the wise ones.

And thus, I must tell you, they are not the wise ones, for they have not the balance of the Christ mind. And so, even though they have some truth – they have elements of truth – the bigger picture that they attempt to paint by justifying it with those facts that are real, well the bigger picture itself is entirely false and out of touch with reality and with the vision and goals of the ascended masters.


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