Vedas and the Age of Aquarius

TOPICS: Precession of Equinoxes defines end of Pisces – no absolute truth in this world – all systems are approximations of truth – immature students look for ultimate system – a system can help you gain mystical experiences, but only if you go beyond the system – ages overlap – the shift depends on humankind’s consciousness – if the universe is expanding, time must change –

Question: In the Vedas (Vedic Texts) the Age of Aquarius occurs in another 400 years from the year 2000. How can the Age of Pisces have come to and end in this case?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

If you use the precession of the equinoxes, as do most western astronomers and astrologers, the age of Pisces is coming to an end and the earth is entering the next 2000 year cycle of Aquarius. I am not thereby saying that there is anything wrong with using the Vedas. One of the most important realizations that any spiritual seeker can come to is that there are many valid ways to seek to explain the universal truth of God.

The living truth of God is truly beyond the words and images that human beings can fathom and accept, given their current level of consciousness. As people continue to progress towards more advanced stages of consciousness, it will be possible for the ascended masters to release a higher and more universal understanding of the mysteries of God. However, it will never be possible to bring forth a complete and accurate understanding of God. Such an understanding simply cannot be brought into the material universe.

We of the ascended masters are the spiritual teachers of humankind. We are not concerned about bringing forth some kind of absolute religion or absolute belief system. Our concern is to bring forth a philosophical, religious or scientific theory that will help people rise to a higher level of understanding. When people rise to that higher level, we can then bring forth a higher and more advanced teaching, and this can go on for a very long time. I can assure you that it will take thousands of years before this planet will rise to a point where we can release the highest possible truth.

Therefore, you must understand that any system existing on this planet is only an approximation of truth. Unfortunately, immature lifestreams, meaning lifestreams who still identify with the relativity of the dualistic mind, have a very strong desire to find an ultimate or absolute system. That is why so many people believe their religion is the only true religion and that all other religions are false. This is also the reason why so many people believe that science is the only way to find truth and that religion and spirituality are inherently subjective and unreliable.

As a lifestream matures, it will gradually begin to understand that truth simply cannot be confined to any religious doctrine or scientific theory. As the lifestream gains deeper intuitive experiences, the lifestream begins to understand that the only way to know truth is to look beyond the material world.

This does not mean that the lifestream should then abandon any kind of religious or scientific system. You see, any system can be valuable in terms of giving the lifestream a platform or frame of reference for the lifestream’s inquiry into the deeper mysteries.

The important point here is that the lifestream must realize that the deeper mysteries of God cannot be confined to the system. Therefore, ultimate truth is not found within the system itself. The system should be used only as a springboard that will help the lifestream gain intuitive insights. Only through these intuitive insights will the lifestream be able to know the deeper truth of God.

It is important to always keep in mind that no system is ever complete and no system is ever final. As I have explained elsewhere on this site, there is an ongoing need for progressive revelation. You must understand that we of the ascended masters are constantly looking for individuals who have reached a certain level of maturity so they can serve as our messengers in some capacity. As explained elsewhere, there are many ways to serve as a messenger for the ascended masters. For example, when a lifestream has studied a particular system, be it in the field of religion, spirituality or science, the lifestream has then acquired the outer knowledge that allows the lifestream to grasp a deeper understanding through an intuitive experience.

We of the ascended masters are ever ready to give such intuitive experiences to sensitive lifestreams. As a lifestream matures, it will no longer be concerned about competing with other people about who has the best system. Instead, the lifestream will direct its attention towards gaining deeper intuitive insights that will allow the lifestream to be the instrument for bringing forth a higher understanding of some aspect of life.

Concerning the passing of the ages, you must understand that it is virtually meaningless to set a specific date as the dividing line between the age of Pisces and the age of Aquarius. An immature lifestream, looking for an absolute system, will seek such a precise date, and a bit of research will reveal to you that there are numerous claims concerning the exact time for the beginning of the age of Aquarius. In reality, there is no clearly defined dividing line between one age and the next, because the ages always overlap.

What truly brings in a new age is the release of spiritual energies from the ascended masters. We do not simply release these energies at a specific time or because certain stars line up. We base the release of energies on the current state of consciousness of humankind. In other words, if people reach a certain level of consciousness we can release the energies of the new age sooner than if people hang on to the ways and the beliefs of the old age.

During the 1890’s, we of the ascended masters released a measure of spiritual energy that started the process of bringing in the Age of Aquarius. At the same time, it was also determined that certain spiritual teachings would be made available to the general public for the first time in many millennia. Over the past century, many people have opened their minds and hearts to a deeper spiritual understanding of life. This openness has contributed to the release of more spiritual energy which has hastened the dawn of the new age. However, so many people are still holding on to the beliefs of the Age of Pisces that we still cannot fully release the energies of Aquarius. Therefore, you cannot say that the Age of Aquarius has fully arrived or that the Age of Pisces has completely ended.

In reality, a few people have been in the Aquarian consciousness since the 1890’s while many people are still firmly entrenched in the consciousness of Pisces. In fact, millions of people are still stuck in the consciousness of Aries and some are even stuck in the more primitive consciousness of previous ages.

The important point is not so much exactly when the Age of Aquarius begins. The important point is that all spiritual seekers embrace the consciousness of the new age so that they can serve as anchor points or open doors for the descent of the energies of Aquarius.

When will the age of Aquarius have fully arrived? I cannot answer that question, because it depends on the consciousness of the people and their response to the spiritual energies and the spiritual teachings that we of the ascended masters are continually releasing.

As I have stated elsewhere on this site, the true goal of life is that you attain deeper contact with your higher self, what I call your Christ self. By using that contact to look beyond the doctrines or systems found on this planet, you will attain a deeper understanding of life.

The Vedas represent an old system. I am not saying that the Vedas are no longer valid or relevant. I am simply saying that you would do well to contemplate the fact that the Vedas are old. If you will use your intuition and seek answers from your higher self, you might realize the need for progressive revelation and a progressively higher understanding of the platform that was given in the Vedas. If you openly seek answers from within, your higher self will give you this understanding.

Let me conclude by giving you one thought to contemplate. Some modern scientists believe that the universe is expanding at an accelerated rate. What is actually happening is that the vibratory rate of the entire universe is being raised. This is part of God’s plan for bringing his kingdom into the material universe.

Modern scientists realize that time is affected by the speed of movement. Therefore, if the universe is expanding at an accelerated rate, it would follow that time will be shortened. Contemplate what that means for astrology, be it eastern or western, and for that matter even for astronomy. You see, human beings have a great desire to find something constant and invariable. In reality, nothing in this universe is constant, not even time.

NOTE: Since this answer was given, Saint Germain has released an official date for the beginning of the Age of Aquarius.


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