Being a messenger in the Aquarian age

TOPICS: Messenger must be neutral – masters may inflate beliefs that people will not question – in Aquarian age, masters will no longer tell people what they want to hear – higher requirements for messengers – messenger must transcend the epic mindset – being for truth rather than fighting against something – Aquarian messengers and gnosis –

Question: I was surprised to hear that the ascended masters sometimes tell people what they want to hear, instead of challenging people’s beliefs. Can you give me a deeper understanding of why this is done? Also, how do the teachings on non-duality fit into the picture? Can you still be a messenger if you are in the dualistic mindset?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

One of the basic facts about channeling or revelation is that the person serving as a messenger will be useful to us only to the extent that he or she is neutral about a certain topic. So if a channeler has a particular desire or strong opinion, that person will easily tune in to a being in the lower realms. There are beings who will say anything that people want to hear in order to get people’s attention and thus their spiritual light. My point being that neither a person who is in black-and-white thinking nor a person in gray thinking is a suitable messenger.

As a spiritual seeker, you need to decide whether you want messages from beings who will tell you what you want to hear – and thus confirm your mental box, making it harder for you to see beyond it – or whether you want messages from beings who will tell you what you need to hear in order to transcend your mental box. Only the ascended masters are free to tell you what you need to hear, because we do not need anything from you. Having become spiritually self-sufficient, we do not need your light.

However, we of the ascended masters have sometimes told people what they wanted to hear, because when people have closed their minds to a particular condition – such as spiritual pride – our only option left is to make statements that inflate the condition in order to make it more pronounced and thus visible. For example, in the past we have made statements that inflated the epic mindset  and made people feel they were the most advanced students on the planet. Yet we have never done this without also giving teachings that challenge the condition and thus give people a way to transcend it. Thus, the test will be whether people will take only what they want to hear and ignore what they don’t want to hear.

Yet a shift has happened with the inauguration of the Aquarian age. Thus, we will no longer use this method and will only tell people what they need to hear in order to have a frame of reference for challenging the illusions of their egos. At the same time this means we can no longer use any messenger who is not neutral.

If a person has a strong desire for a certain idea to be true, then that person will no longer be used by us. If a person has strong personal attachments, especially if the person attempts to set itself up as better than others or as infallible, then that person can no longer be used as a messenger. If a person holds personal grudges and is not completely neutral and forgiving towards others, then that person can no longer be used as a messenger. In other words, in the age of freedom, we need messengers who are free to receive our messages without any dualistic coloring (there will always be some coloring due to personality and cultural background, but this is not the same as a dualistic coloring).

You do see, don’t you, the logic that in order to be a valid messenger in the age of freedom, you must first have attained a high degree or personal freedom? You need to recognize that in the Piscean age, the epic mindset was one of the major challenges that people needed to overcome. Thus, we could and did use some messengers who were still in this mindset. These messengers were allowed to “color” the teachings of their organization with the epic idea of a struggle between good and evil. Yet at the same time, an organization would also have teachings that pointed beyond the dualistic struggle.

The Aquarian age will turn into a Golden Age ONLY if the most spiritual people transcend the epic mindset. Thus, we will no longer use any messenger who has not transcended this mindset or made a sincere effort to do so. Any person who emphasizes the dualistic struggle and encourages people to see themselves as fighting for good and against evil is not a true messenger. You cannot be an Aquarian messenger if you think you are against anyone or anything. You need to be FOR the truth rather than AGAINST what you define as a lie with the dualistic mindset.

We have in the past given plenty of teachings that were adapted to people in the dualistic mindset, and thus we will no longer focus on this but will focus on giving the teachings for the Aquarian mindset, which is based on oneness. For only in oneness is there freedom, whereas separation can only be imprisonment.

Overcoming the epic mindset is not achieved by moving into gray thinking. Thus, any channeler who emphasizes equality without Christ discernment is likewise useless as a true messenger. Christ discernment is a delicate balance of not being in either dualistic extreme and not being in the middle either. It is a matter of transcending the dualistic scale and experiencing a truth that is beyond words. Yet once you do know this truth, you can receive words that at least do not have a dualistic coloring as they pass through your mind.

Of course, this is no guarantee that the words will not receive a dualistic coloring as they pass through the minds of the readers. However, this is not our concern, as we respect free will and have no attachment to how our teachings are received. We simply strive to find ways to make the way plain, and then we feel fulfilled in knowing we have given people an opportunity to transcend duality. If they prefer to take another round in either the one dualistic extreme of judgment based on appearances or the opposite extreme of tolerance without discernment, then so be it.

Do you truly see what I am saying? The essential question is whether you – regardless of whether you are a messenger or a student – have understood that Christ truth is beyond any system found on earth, even beyond what can be expressed in words. Thus, if you have any bias of wanting a certain system, philosophy or even attitude to be validated, then you will NOT be open to the teachings of the ascended masters. Instead, you will be open to unascended beings who will indeed validate your system.

They will do so precisely because they have not attained the mastery of seeing beyond duality and attaining the freedom from the judgment/non-judgment mind that cannot know truth directly. Thus, these beings still believe in the central illusion that truth can be known through ideas and concepts rather than through gnosis. They still believe that you – as a subject – can know an object through a concept in your mind. In reality, you will truly know only when the Conscious You merges with the consciousness that precipitated the object, so that the subject-object barrier dissolves.

Attaining this gnosis can be done by everyone, but for most people this will take time. However, what most people can indeed attain very quickly is an understanding of the dualistic extremes and the need to not be fooled by them. When you begin to understand how the dualistic mind has fooled people for eons, you will be more reluctant to elevate one earthly system to a superior status and using it to judge others. Instead, you will begin to look beyond such outer systems, even beyond words. And when the student is ready for a higher teaching, the teacher will indeed appear in one form or another.

To a student blinded by the dualistic mind, a teacher of non-duality will indeed appear as an ant, for this teacher will not validate the student’s epic outlook. Thus, the eternal admonishment: “If the teacher be an ant, heed him—or her!”


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