The view of Jesus presented by Edgar Cayce

TOPICS: Teachings of Edgar Cayce can help people attain a higher understanding of Jesus’ mission – goal is to be co-creators with God – Jesus is not doing work by letting his light shine –

Question: Can Jesus comment on the following teachings from Edgar Cayce.

From Cayce’s perspective, Jesus is the Elder brother for all of humankind, deeply committed to assisting all lifestreams in reawakening to the awareness of their oneness with God. This Jesus is not interested in religious conversion, denominationalism, or even mighty personal accomplishments. Instead, He is simply interested in how we treat one another. With this in mind, even in the midst of our diversity as a human family, we share a common spiritual heritage. We are all Children of the same God. We are all part of the one spiritual Source. And, we are all destined to return to our Creator, our Mother/Father, our God.

Thank you and keep up the wonderful work that you are still performing to this day. Along with yourself and many others, I will not loose insight to what I have learned and what I know, or will I give up on those who have forgotten who and what they are and allow themselves to be lead like sheep.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

There is much of value in the teachings of Edgar Cayce, and it is notable that he started out as a traditional Christian, yet was willing to open his mind to a higher understanding—an understanding that he received through a process that is an example of direct revelation.

I wish all Christians would go through the process of abandoning their existing beliefs and opening their minds to a higher understanding, as I talk more about in an important discourse. And truly, the life and teachings of Edgar Cayce can help people go through that process, as they have already done for many.

I would like to add to the quote you give that I am not “simply interested in how we treat one another.” My interests go beyond how people treat each other, as you will see from my website. Also, the goal is not only the return to God but to become co-creators with God.

Finally, I am not actually doing any work. I am simply being who I am, because I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. A sun is not working when it shines; it is simply being what it is!

As for helping others remember who they are, see my remarks elsewhere.


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