Setting people free from false beliefs

TOPICS: Many Christians would persecute Jesus – be an example of an openminded approach – live your spirituality – respect free will – do not seek to convert; simply share – setting people free – avoid fanaticism –

Question: Maybe I am wrong, and If I am please correct me. At times, when I have spiritual discussions and give my opinion/beliefs out to Christians in particular (much a total regurgitation of what you say on the website) I receive hatred from them. How besides love can I help someone liberate their mind or is that ultimately only something they have to be willing to do themselves in their lifestream’s evolution?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Isn’t it an interesting phenomenon that so many of the people who call themselves Christians, and who claim to be my followers, respond with hatred and anger when they are confronted with ideas that go beyond or contradict their church doctrines? Isn’t it interesting that these self-professed Christians fail to see that they have entered into the exact same mindset that I encountered and challenged so many times in the leaders and followers of the Jewish religion? Isn’t it interesting that they claim to follow my teachings but refuse to embody my teachings, specifically my command that you love one another as I have loved you (John 15:12)? Isn’t it interesting that they claim to follow Christ, yet fail to see that they embody the mindset – the mind of anti-christ – that killed the Living Christ 2,000 years ago and would persecute him again today?

Anyone open to the teachings on this website needs to recognize that he or she has reached a higher level of spiritual maturity than most of the people found in mainstream Christian churches—or in the orthodox branches of any other religion. (Obviously, this should not lead to pride but simply to a realistic assessment.) As I explain in my discourse about the different levels of spiritual development, some people are stuck in a fear-based approach to religion. Therefore, they feel threatened by anything that does not conform to the doctrine they have decided must be the only truth or the whole truth.

Ultimately, the lifestream will not escape this fear-based approach until it becomes willing to look beyond its existing beliefs. The lifestream has to decide that it is willing to grow, and in order to do that it must be willing to take responsibility for its own salvation instead of expecting an outer savior to do all the work. However, there is indeed much you can do to help other lifestreams reach this point of decision.

The most important thing you can do is to be the example. Walk the spiritual path and seek to gain a higher understanding of the spiritual side of life. However, it is not enough to simply have an intellectual understanding. You must internalize the insights you attain and express them in all aspects of your daily life. Religion should never be an overcoat that you put on before you go to church on Sunday and then take off when you leave church. True spirituality is an integral part of your being that affects all aspects of your life. And when you demonstrate this complete commitment to spiritual growth, you will indeed inspire many more people than you imagine.

As part of walking the spiritual path, it is natural that you feel a desire to share your understanding and insights. My advice in this context is that you develop a deeper understanding for the importance of free will and an uncompromising respect for the Law of Free Will. This has two aspects:

You must have an uncompromising respect for the free will of other people. They have a right to believe what they want to believe, even if you consider it to be limited or directly erroneous. They have a right to go through a process of gradually increasing their understanding, as you have done to reach your current level of understanding. They even have a right to close their minds to any higher understanding than the particular belief system they have decided must be the ultimate truth.

This does not mean that you cannot talk to other people about your beliefs. But it does mean that you should do so with the uncompromising attitude that you are not trying to convert or convince anyone that their beliefs are wrong and that yours are right. There is a subtle but extremely important difference between having the fear-based intent of wanting others to accept your beliefs and having the love-based intent of simply sharing your beliefs and understanding. When you are not motivated by fear, you will not feel a compulsive need to convert others. You will simply state your beliefs and be non-attached to how other people respond to your statements.

The second aspect is that you must have an uncompromising respect for your own free will. You have a right to believe what you believe, and you have a right to express your beliefs. So when other people respond negatively, you simply need to be non-attached to their reactions. And as long as you follow my advice about having a love-based intent, you should not let other people’s reactions stop you from expressing what you believe. They want you to stop saying anything beyond their belief system because they are afraid to open their minds to new ideas. They have a right to close their minds, but they do not have a right to demand that you do the same or that you stop speaking your understanding.

As you walk the path toward personal Christhood, you will gradually achieve the ability to challenge people’s illusions and limited beliefs in a way that is completely love-based, nevertheless very direct and firm. You will see that I did this many times during my mission. There are indeed many cases where a person’s lifestream wants to be set free from certain outer beliefs, yet the outer mind cannot let go of those beliefs. Therefore, the person is trapped in a spiritual stalemate that the person cannot break on his own. The reason being that in order to move on, the person must make a decision, yet the person is clinging to an illusion that prevents the lifestream from making the crucial decision.

Such a person can be set free by being challenged by a person who has attained a certain degree of Christhood and can therefore deliver the understanding, the love and the power of God that can cut through the prison of illusion that surrounds the person’s mind. However, doing this is a very delicate balance that can be achieved only through your Christ self. However, until you do achieve this level of Christhood, you can do much for others by using Archangel Michael’s Rosary and Mother Mary’s rosaries LINK to set people free from fear and other limitations.

Is a regrettable fact that so many people become converted to a particular belief system and then see it as their holy duty to convert all others by any means possible, even if it violates the commands of their religion. These people often use their outer minds or their emotions to reason that because the goal of converting others is so noble, it is acceptable to violate the Law of Free Will. They now become fanatical in their attempts to convert others, and they use fear in an attempt to control others into accepting their beliefs. As Mother Mary explains, in her discourse, the concept that the end can justify the means never came from God.

Seeking to control others through fear, guilt or other negative emotions is never acceptable, and it has nothing to do with Christhood. Yet as you attain some degree of Christhood, you will be able to rise above this fanatical response and still challenge people’s illusions. The crucial difference is that you do not challenge others with your outer mind or with your emotions. You recognize the truth that you, of your of own self, can do nothing (John 5:30). You simply wait until your Christ self acts through you and challenges others. In other words, you do not use your outer mind to decide that you have to challenge the illusions of others. You let it happen spontaneously from within.

The key to reaching the point where your Christ self can work through you is to have an uncompromising respect for free will and a clear attunement with your Christ self. When you do reach that level, you will simply let the mind of Christ work to help the people who cannot free themselves from their illusions.

One might say that all spiritual teachers are sent to earth to help the people whose lifestreams want to be free, but who are trapped by their outer minds, by a particular organization, a belief system, their culture or by dark forces. These are the people who will remain in ignorance and illusion unless they are set free by the direct intervention of a person acting as God’s representative through the power of the Christ mind. So when you sincerely strive to “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus,” (Philippians 2:5) you can indeed become an instrument for helping people escape the prison of illusion.


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