The spiritual role of India

Question: What is the spiritual role of India?

Answer from the Ascended Master Master More  through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Novosibirsk, Russia in 2017.

You recognise my beloved, that we are talking about a nation with 1.3 billion people and so there is no simple easy answer to a question like this because naturally the spiritual role of any country is to promote the growth of consciousness of the people living within that country.

Naturally you know that India has a very long tradition of often what we have called the Guru – chela relationship. You have a long history of Indian guru’s, some of them work independently others have a lineage and pay homage to the lineage. Truly you will see that relatively few or rather very few of these guru’s acknowledge ascended masters as part of their lineage.

This is actually the primary factor that is holding back the spiritual growth of the Indian nation. This has many ramifications for India, one of them is that India has a certain national pride of wanting to be self-sufficient enough in itself and this often prevents the Indian people from learning from other nations. You will even, if you know about of the life of Ghandi, that at one point he had a good Christian minister as part of his group and he asked him to leave because he felt the Indian people had to do this on their own. This is one expression of this national pride because truly is there any people on the earth that is on their own? Is there any people that is isolated from the collective consciousness of humanity as a whole? – Certainly not.

You may look at individual nations and you may tend to consider them as being self-sufficient units, independent separated , isolated units  but they are not they are all part of the collective consciousness of humanity and you cannot truly understand the role of any nation without seeing its place as part of the whole.

India as I said has an old tradition of paying homage to the spiritual path, teaching many people about the spiritual path that they can walk individually but they also have a very old tradition of separating the spiritual path from everyday material life.

Often looking down upon those who live a worldly existence, again this is part of the national pride where many of the spiritual people have been lured into this subtle sense of pride that because they are walking the spiritual path because they are born in a nation with this old tradition they are somehow more evolved than the people of other nations. What has Jesus said, “Christhood that is not expressed in serving the whole is not Christhood” You can see that for many, many centuries even before the British came to India, India had the spiritual tradition on one side and therefore in a sense had many people who had walked the spiritual path, reached a certain level of consciousness. But they also had the highest level of poverty, some of the poorest material conditions with so many people living in very poor conditions.

So how can the two coexist in the one nation? Well only because those who are the spiritual people have not stepped up to that level of Christhood where instead of following an individual path that seeks to raise their consciousness higher and higher, they are now using their attainment to improve the situation for others.

Now they all have reasons for this, many of the gurus and the students and I know them well having spent some time in India in various embodiments even having my retreat at Darjeeling where I am in tune with whatever goes on in the nation. Truly many of these gurus and students have not been willing to step up to that level where they selflessly serve the whole and where they recognise that it is not enough to raise your individual consciousness if people are still suffering.

We might, to use an expression familiar with the region and say they have not stepped up to the bodhisattva ideal even though many of them would dispute that statement and see it differently. My beloved you cannot have a country where 95 or 98% of the people live in abject poverty. You have all these guru sitting in their ashrams gathering students around themselves who are isolating themselves and refusing to see the poor material conditions.

The challenge facing the Indian nation right now is, can they overcome this very, very old tendency. Can they come to appoint where they make more peace with the matter realm. Where instead of looking down at the matter realm thinking they have to isolate themselves from it, they see that improving conditions for other people is very much a spiritual activity and part of the spiritual path.

We might say that currently the growth of the Indian nation is not driven by the gurus and their students it is driven by those who are taking active measures to improve some aspect of society even if they may be competitive business who are on the surface doing this out of their drive for competition but still they are helping to improve the standard of living, create economic growth build infrastructure and therefore take India to the point where it can be a modern nation.

If I am to be completely honest and direct with you and it is rather difficult for me to be other than completely honest then I would have to say that the primary factor that has kept India from evolving into a fully modern nation is precisely the gurus.

Now we have talked before that there is a black brotherhood of India of false gurus who are seeking to ensnare people into the false path and many people have been ensnared into pursuing what they see as spiritual growth. Many of these people have managed to have certain high spiritual experiences but has it been true spiritual growth? Well what is true spiritual growth my beloved? Is it that you indefinitely seek to raise your own consciousness and ignore all other people? Nah! my beloved because there comes a point where spiritual growth means that you consciously recognise the need to come into oneness, come into oneness first off all with something that is beyond the material realm, your I AM Presence and the ascended masters and then come into horizontal oneness with all people here below so that you seek to raise the whole

This is the false path where people seek higher and higher experiences and what they get is not true spiritual experiences. How can I say this? Because I have my retreat in Darjeeling India because it is part of my role as an ascended master to work with the more advanced spiritual students in India, those who manifest a degree of Christhood. I am therefor the primary representative of Christ for the Indian nation and that means very simply that when people step up to a certain level of Christhood they recognise me. They recognise that I exist and that I am the one who can take them higher. If they do not recognise my role in hierarchy, they have not stepped up to Christhood; it is that simple my beloved.

Those who do not recognise Christ in Jesus have not stepped up to a certain level of Christhood no matter how many outer rituals they have followed in their Christian churches. Those of the modern self-help gurus  who have not stepped up and recognised the ascended masters, they also have not stepped up beyond a certain level of Christhood regardless of how many followers  they gather who see them as enlightened beings.

What does it mean to be enlightened if the term has any meaning, it means that you recognise who you are and when you recognise who you are; you recognise that you are part of a whole and then you acknowledge that whole. So why have so many of the gurus of India not recognised the ascended masters? They have not stepped up to that level of Christhood. This could not be done in previous ages where we were not allowed to reveal our existence publicly but it certainly can be done now.


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