The massive forest fires caused by abnormal heat in Russia

TOPICS: Fires caused by greed – quest for more plus holding on to what one has – Russians must awaken from the belief that the state is all powerful – be willing to transcend the old consciousness – disasters show people have not transcended old consciousness – ask for international help – anger, ignorance and pride not the main issues in Russia – denial of responsibility led to communist era – using spiritual tools –

Question 1: I have a question regarding massive forest fires as caused by abnormal heat in Russia. Recalling your great dictations from Russian conference this year, am I right to assume that the fires in Russia are the attempts of Divine forces to awaken most of the Russian people from their insensitivity to life?  What can spiritual people do to mitigate the consequences of this natural disasters. This is very painful to observe people sufferings, and the rigid attempts of power elite to demonstrate their ineffective responses. Also there is severe danger that the fires will get into the nuclear objects causing enormous massive harm. I am trying to read East West Miracle Rosary of Mother Mary. I recall MotherMary was  mentioning that this Rosary is good to balance natural conditions and
prevent/mitigate calamities. Anything else you can recommend us to do?Many thanks for your direction and clarity to this question.

 Question 2: Beloved Jesus, I have followed the recent conference in Saint Petersburg whilst at home in the UK, via this website. Gautama Buddha refers to communism blocking the east-west figure-eight flow. Are the bush fires a purging of negative energies, which have lingered since the fall of communism?

Answer from ascended master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels: (August 12, 2010).

NOTE: For a more detailed understanding of how the masters release spiritual energies, see the following answer.

As I have explained before, fire is related to the spiritual poison of greed. As with everything else, greed has an Alpha and an Omega aspect. The Alpha aspect is that you want more and more, which can lead to a spiral that never ends and thus eats up your life, as a fire eats up a forest. Yet the Omega aspect is that you hold on to what you have, including the consciousness you have had for a long time.

You see both outplayed in Russia, in the sense that many among the bottom 10% have entered the never-ending quest for more and more material possessions or even material power. And many among the middle 80% are still holding on to what they know, namely the consciousness built up during the communist era. The middle way is for the people of Russia to take a stand, so that their country does not become a pawn for the endless greed of materialism. Yet that requires them to let go of the equally endless desire for power and control that was eating up the nation during the communist era.

What is the extreme outcome of greed? It would be that one entity owns and controls everything—as the state attempted to do under communism. There was a consciousness during communism that the Soviet State was all-powerful, even that it could control nature through enormous engineering projects, such as reversing the flow of rivers. So one of the lessons to learn is that the state, indeed, cannot control nature. And thus, once the forces of nature run amok, the power of human beings is not enough to stop it. You need to appeal to a higher power that is above and beyond the forces of nature, namely God and the ascended masters—who have power and authority over the elemental beings. You might surmise from this that many of the events that have happened in Russia since the fall of communism have as their underlying lesson to awaken the Russian people from the belief that the state is almighty, infallible or at least immovable.

Of course, appealing to us does not mean to pray, fast or sacrifice, as most people think. Instead, you need to demonstrate a willingness to transcend the consciousness that precipitated the calamity. Once you do indeed transcend the consciousness, you have learned your lesson, and thus you will not longer have the tension between your collective consciousness and the spiritual energies we release. In fact, if people do demonstrate a willingness to transcend, we can lessen the intensity of the spiritual energies so they will not precipitate severe physical events. This can then give people a transition period so they rise to a higher level of consciousness without precipitating major calamities. Thus, when such calamities do occur, it is always a sign that the people are unwilling to transcend a certain state of consciousness.

Another lesson for the Russian people to learn is that you need to ask for help from the international community. Indeed, you need to see yourselves as part of the international community and not play games, such as seeking to blackmail other nations with natural gas deliveries. There are many nations who are ready to help Russia rise above its past, but they need – and deserve – to see that Russia is indeed willing to rise above its past—including the desire to be an important nation and the willingness to use any means to demonstrate power, which is another expression of greed and the desire for control.

Let me ask you to take a look at the list of spiritual poisons and their corresponding calamities:

  • The poison of ignorance causes earthquakes.
  • The poison of anger causes volcanic eruptions.
  • The poison of pride causes violent winds and storms.
  • The poison of greed causes fires started by human beings, by thunder and lightning or other natural causes. It is also the cause of drought.
  • The poison of envy and jealousy causes flooding, whether it be the result of rain, or caused by the ocean.
  • The poison of non-will, non-being and non-belief causes extreme cold, even an ice-age.

Based on this list, you can see that the Russian people – at least in the heart of Russia – are not currently facing initiations related to anger, ignorance or pride, as there are few volcanic eruptions, earthquakes or storms in Russia. This, of course, could be explained by Russia’s geographical location, but do not overlook the deeper reality that people are attracted to a geographical location based on their state of consciousness.

For example, the people of Pakistan have been attracted to that area – and are experiencing the recent floods – because they need to transcend envy and jealousy, a state of consciousness that is prominent in the Arab people and in the religion of Islam in its present form. Of course, they also have a problem with greed, which is why they go through this seemingly endless cycle of too much or too little rain.

Returning to the Russian people, you will see that there are frequently very cold winters, and that indicates a problem with non-will and non-being. This is an unwillingness to acknowledge, develop and express your spiritual potential, which is precisely what made the Russian people vulnerable to communism. Communism seeks to replace individual responsibility with collective responsibility, which is a complete denial of individual spiritual growth. As Serapis Bey has explained, the ascension is an individual process.

However, let not these remarks cause any kind of discouragement. We are releasing certain spiritual energies in Russia precisely because we evaluate that the Russian people – and the people in former Soviet republics – have a great potential to transcend the communist mindset and rise quickly towards the golden age consciousness. As the old saying goes, “whom the Lord loveth, he chasteneth,” meaning that when we see people with a great potential to transcend, we will release energies that will increase the tension and thus indirectly precipitate events that make change seem more necessary and thus harder to ignore. In other words, an intense period of natural disasters should always be seen as an opportunity for growth.

In terms of what people can do to help relieve the situation, you can first of all hold the vision that the spiritual people in Russia – the top 10% – and as many as possible among the general population are awakened and let go of the communist mindset. The best tools are the latest two invocations for Russia,  and the East-West or Golden Age East-West rosaries. The Disaster rosary is also appropriate for any type of natural or man-made disaster.

Let me also say that for those who want a deeper understanding of why certain things have happened, are happening or are likely to happen in Russia, I encourage you to study – not simply read, but truly study – the dictations from the conference in Saint Petersburg. There are many gems hidden in the lines and between the lines.


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