Why and how the ascended masters release spiritual energies

TOPICS: The masters do not make disasters happen – cycles that pull on people to move on – masters release energies that are pure versions of people’s perversions – this stirs up what is unresolved – tension puts pressure on elemental life and results in disasters – masters release energy to help us accelerate – if we don’t, the negative spiral is reinforced – people do not want to see that they caused a disaster – invoking light always has a positive effect – the masters do not seek to avoid upheaval that can lead to growth – people learn from the masters or from physical events – eventually they begin to ask why this happens to them –

Question 1: You have talked about how the ascended masters release spiritual energies according to certain cycles. Can you give us a better understanding of how this works and what criteria is used for what energies to release and when? 

Answer from ascended master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels: (August 12, 2010)

My beloved hearts, let me make it very clear that we of the ascended masters do not make natural disasters or other calamities happen. Whether it be the fires in Russia or the floods in Pakistan, we do not sit up here and plan specific events in order to awaken or punish human beings. We have only love and compassion for the people on earth and would gladly see them avoid all calamities and manifest the Golden Age as quickly as possible. We would much prefer to use our gifts to teach people directly, rather than leaving them to receive their lessons from the school of hard knocks. Yet we also respect the Law of Free Will, which gives people the right to have any experience they want and to learn their lessons in the way they choose.

What we can do – and what we are charged to do according to the law – is to release spiritual energies into the collective consciousness. It is a function of the Law of Free Will that even though people are allowed to have any experience they want, they are not allowed to have any experience indefinitely. According to certain cycles – that are determined by the growth in consciousness of the entire material universe and the entire sphere in which this universe exists – there comes a time when the inhabitants of a planetary unit need to move on, to transcend the old state of consciousness.

If the inhabitants of a planet are not willing to do so, then we are charged with releasing a measure of spiritual energies. These energies are the pure form of the consciousness that the inhabitants have perverted, and thus they are not a form of punishment but instead an opportunity for people to internalize and multiply the energies, whereby they can quickly raise themselves above the old, perverted consciousness. Because they are so different from the perverted energies to which people have become accustomed, the energies we release will challenge people to look at and question their state of consciousness (and behavior). If they are not willing to look at themselves, then the energies we release will create a tension, and as this tension intensifies, it can eventually precipitate certain physical events.

You now see that there are two main reasons why calamities happen, be it in the life of an individual, in a group or nation or even on the planet as a whole:

  • The collective consciousness is interacting with the energies we release. Or rather, people refuse to internalize and multiply the energies.
  • The collective consciousness has become a closed circle and is thus creating a downward spiral that precipitates calamities.

In other words, aside from us releasing energies, calamities can also be an effect of a downward spiral created by human beings themselves. When negative mental and emotional energies reach a certain level of intensity, they become such a burden on elemental life that the elemental builders of form literally cannot keep the normal state of balance in nature, and thus there is a violent release of energy. This is somewhat comparable to a human being that can gradually build up anger, leading to a major outburst that then causes the person to feel relieved—for a time.

When it comes to the negative spirals created by people, we – of course – have no control over them or the events they precipitate. Yet when it comes to the release of spiritual energy, we naturally have control over what we release, but not over people’s reactions to what we release. In fact, we often release energy because we see that a group of people have created a negative spiral that is coming close to the point of precipitating physical events. We then release spiritual energies in order to give these people an opportunity to accelerate their consciousness (by internalizing and multiplying what we release). Yet if the people do not take this opportunity, their denial of the positive energies (or even their perversion of them) will increase the tension and actually accelerate the effects of the negative spiral. So you see that it is a delicate balance for us to evaluate what to release and when.

When a certain amount of spiritual energy is released – as for example happened during the conference in Saint Petersburg, and as a result of so many people in Russia giving our rosaries faithfully for years – we can look at the consciousness of a nation and its physical characteristics and make certain predications as to what might happen. We can see where the people of a nation are unwilling to move on, and by identifying the tension points, we can see where something is likely to break. And so we do taylor our release of spiritual energy to what has the greatest potential for awakening a specific group of people to the need for change.

However, as I said, there are certain cycles, and thus we cannot always hold back energies that have the potential to create calamities. And there is no sure way to predict exactly what will happen, as this very much depends on how human beings respond to the energies we release. If people respond positively, we can release a given amount of energy without causing any disasters. Yet if people refuse to change, then the same amount of energy can cause a major disaster.

Once an event has been precipitated by the collective consciousness, what we of the ascended masters can do is to use the event as a teaching tool, seeking to teach those who are open to hearing our teachings. Of course, it is a basic fact that the people who precipitated the event in most cases are not open to hearing our teachings about what caused the event.

The reason is that our teachings always require people to take responsibility for their state of consciousness. And if a certain group of people had been willing to take responsibility for their state of consciousness, they would not have precipitated the event in the first place. Thus, what we do is to focus on teaching the top 10% of the people in a nation, so that they can pull up the consciousness of the middle 80%.

Let me make it clear that you who are the spiritual people cannot always mitigate certain events, as that would prevent people from being presented with their opportunity to learn. This should not discourage you from giving rosaries; it should encourage you to continue giving rosaries even when they do not seem to have a specific physical effect. Rosaries ALWAYS have an effect in terms of clearing negative energies and raising the collective and individual consciousness. Even if you give a rosary to mitigate a specific event and the event does take place, your rosaries have had other effects. It is simply that the particular event could not be mitigated due to the non-response from the people, and thus they received a physical outpicturing of their state of consciousness. Yet any rosary or call you make will have a profound effect at higher levels. Blessed are those who see not and yet make the call—the call that compels the answer.

Also, be aware that the entire purpose for life is to learn and grow. The Law of Free Will gives people a right to learn as they choose, meaning they can either learn from a spiritual teaching or by having the cosmic mirror reflect back physical circumstances that outpicture the mental images they are sending out. Thus, the purpose of life is NOT to be comfortable, meaning it is not the goal of the ascended masters to avoid any imbalance on earth. We are not looking for the spiritual people to give rosaries or other rituals in order to prevent calamities and thus enable the general population to live comfortably without feeling any need to change their consciousness. In other words, regardless of our love and compassion for people – or rather, because of our love and compassion for people – we will allow the unfoldment of physical events that give people an opportunity to learn.

Be careful to avoid going into the epic consciousness of seeking to force people. We of the ascended masters do not have it as our goal to get people to make specific choices. We have it as our goal to present people with an opportunity to learn. Once the opportunity has been presented, we leave people completely free to chose. Regardless of what people choose, we still stand ready to help them grow from their present level. Thus, we will present them with new opportunities to learn and again leave them free to choose.

Of course, many people on earth have cut themselves off from learning directly from us, and thus their only opportunity to learn comes when they encounter physical circumstances that outpicture their state of consciousness. We are, of course, aware that most of these people refuse to see these circumstances as a result of their own state of consciousness, instead projecting responsibility outside themselves—be it on God, fate, chance, other people or the laws of nature. However, it has been proven over the ages that when people repeatedly encounter the same circumstances, there will eventually come a point where they begin asking themselves whether THEY need to change. It is a hard way to learn, but in the long run it has a very high success rate. And once a lifestream does learn a lesson the hard way, it is not likely to forget it again.


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