Suicide never leads to the desired goal

TOPICS: Energies of the new cycle flush out negativity and this can lead to suicide – people who commit suicide never achieve their goals – your situation worse after suicide – suicide does not mean the cessation of consciousness – suicide cannot bring relief – suicides do not (automatically) go to hell – common causes of suicide – suicide is result of a downward spiral – ways to avoid or break a downward spiral – make calls for the person – seek to awaken the person – seek company – use spiritual tools –

Question: I would like to ask a question in regards to a state of darkness, which is called suicide. Suicide is the act of self-murder. The act of shirking one’s karma. It has become en vogue to do, which is a very dangerous thing to have occurring.

It strikes everybody. It strikes all races. It occurs to the youth of all nations mainly. To the youth of the First Nations Of North America. To persons dealing with sexuality identity issues. To those who have recently found out about a disease they have. To people we call famous people , kurt Cobain, Elliot Smith, etc. and others who have overdosed killing themselves. Geez there’s even a weapons inspector who killed himself in britain, which is kind of weird because he belong to the Baha’i faith, which doesn’t much like suicide.
Suicide in every part of the world, and its a part of this lower consciousness that man has entangled himself into. I was wondering, suicide doesn’t have anything to do with the lifestream urge to commit suicide does it? I don’t think it does but im just trying to figure out why its here. I know its not a new thing and it will always be here , but what is going on?
I too know what suicide is. its been in my family and i have fallen prey to that which is the allure of suicide. My dance with suicide happened in a very dark part in my life. I had suck into depression quite deep. I likened my depression into a black hole, which include all that means in a black power and gravitational force. It took quite a long time to climb out and i had my battle with suicide as it wanted me some badly. It had almost claimed me but i found some hope to help me.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Thank you for bringing up an important topic. Suicide is indeed a rising problem on this planet. The main reason is that you are living at a time when the energies of a new spiritual cycle are filtering through the consciousness of humankind. As the higher vibrations of the new age come in, they will flush out any unresolved substance in people’s energy fields, meaning their subconscious minds. This will make the unresolved substance more visible, and it is an opportunity for people to choose whom they will serve, meaning that it actually becomes easier for people to rise above the tendency of self-denial that is the underlying cause of all suicide. It becomes easier for them to see the light of their Christ selves and therefore choose to embrace that light rather than continue to deny the light. Unfortunately, as inevitably happens when a new spiritual cycle begins, some people choose to cling to the darkness and refuse to let it go.

As one speaking from experience, I would like to tell you that the most important message you can ever hear about suicide is that the lifestreams who commit suicide never achieve their goals. They never fulfill the perceived purpose that caused them to commit suicide. I have indeed had to counsel and help many lifestreams after they had committed suicide, and I can assure you that all of them realized that suicide did not achieve the intended goal.

No matter what motivated them to commit suicide, they were no better off after than before the suicide. In fact, their situation was worse because by committing suicide they opened their lifestreams even more to the downward pull of dark forces. This makes it even more difficult for the lifestream to start an ascending spiral and work its way back to the light.

If you want a very detailed description of what can happen to a lifestream who commits suicide, I strongly recommend that you read the book, Beyond the Darkness by Angie Fenimore.

What can be done to help a lifestream avoid falling into the trap of suicide? It depends somewhat on why the lifestream enters the downward spiral that culminates in suicide. Yet no matter what motivates the lifestream, one thing that can help a lifestream is if it can be brought to understand that suicide does not mean the cessation of consciousness. You can take away the life of the body, but your lifestream is more than the body. Life truly means that you have consciousness, that you have self-awareness. That sense of self-awareness does not depend on the physical body, and it will not disappear after the death of the body.

Most people who commit suicide do so because things have become so intense that they feel the cessation of consciousness would be a relief. Yet precisely because consciousness does not cease with the death of the body, there is no relief, there is no rest from the problems that have plagued the lifestream. The lifestream inevitably takes those problems, meaning its state of consciousness, with it after the death of the body. It will still have to face and conquer those problems before it will begin to experience peace.

In fact, I must tell you that the common Christian belief that people who commit suicide go to Hell is incorrect for most lifestreams. Instead, most lifestreams who commit suicide end up coming back into embodiment at the first suitable opportunity. They will often face the exact same conditions that led to the suicide, because this is the only way the lifestream can conquer the problems in its psychology that prevent it from moving on. I can assure you that the return to the same type of situation is often by the lifestream’s own choice. Once the lifestream is free of a body, it can normally look at its situation more objectively, and most lifestreams choose to embody in situations that give the maximum opportunity for spiritual growth—even if those conditions are very difficult from a human viewpoint.

The fact that lifestreams who have committed suicide often choose to come back into a similar situation is the best proof that suicide does not achieve what people hope it will achieve. Therefore, if a lifestream could somehow see beyond the pressure of its immediate situation, it it highly unlikely that the lifestream would commit suicide. If the lifestream could have a moment of objectivity, it would choose to take responsibility for its situation and work on changing its state of consciousness. It would choose to tackle the problem now instead of having to go through the emotional trauma of suicide only to have to face the same situation in a future lifetime.

Let me briefly review some of the most common reasons lifestreams commit suicide:

  • Rebellion. Life is a gift from God, so taking away life is a severe form of rebellion against God. Some lifestreams commit suicide because they have become so angry with God that they reject the gift of life. As I explained in another discourse, these lifestreams can be very difficult to reach. Some of these lifestreams literally have to go through the process of suicide in order to experience firsthand that they cannot escape their rebellious state of consciousness by killing the body. In some cases this can actually make a lifestream realize that the only way to escape that state of consciousness is to take responsibility for its own situation (the rebellion against God is the extreme state of the denial of personal accountability) and change its frame of mind.
  • Revenge. A variant of the anger and rebellion is that a lifestream commits suicide out of a desire for revenge. Ultimately, in the deepest recesses of the psychology, this is an attempt to seek revenge over God, but it is often perceived by the lifestream as desire for revenge against parents or society. Such a lifestream could be helped by the realization that suicide hurts itself more than anyone else and that it does not affect God. Yet it can be difficult to give an angry lifestream this understanding.
  • A desire for escape. Some lifestreams are in a situation that is literally so intense that they cannot handle it emotionally or mentally. They feel stuck and cannot see any way to change the situation for the better. Therefore, the energies of the situation can eventually become so intense that the lifestream cannot handle it and seeks escape through suicide. Such lifestreams could be helped if they could be made see that they will not escape their state of consciousness by killing the body. It would also be helpful if they could be made to see that there is always a way to improve your situation, no matter how difficult it might seem. Obviously, once the lifestream has been engulfed by the downward spiral of suicide, it can be difficult to make the lifestream see these facts.
  • A call for help. Many lifestreams have become so burdened by various conditions in their lives that they know they cannot handle it on their own. Some people are unable to ask for help, whereas other people feel they have no one to ask for help. These people feel alone, they feel unloved and they feel like no one cares whether they live or not. Therefore, they are unable to ask for help in conventional ways, and they eventually end up being so burdened that the attempt suicide. These lifestreams do not really want to commit suicide, their attempt, which is often unsuccessful, is a subconscious cry for help. Incidentally, these lifestreams are the easiest lifestreams to help because they can be turned around when they realize that someone cares.

The difficult thing about suicide is that it is not a sudden occurrence. It is always the result of a very slow process that often takes place so gradually that the lifestream does not realize that it enters a downward spiral. It does not realize that it has passed the point of no return that leads it to a confrontation with the specter of suicide. That is why it is very difficult for a lifestream to reverse the process on its own. The lifestream simply does not see that it has stepped on to a downward slide. If the lifestream receives no help from outside itself, it will often have to go all the way to the point where it is actually ready to commit suicide. When facing the abyss, some lifestreams are finally awakened to the danger and the reality of suicide, and they are able to turn themselves around and start an upward climb.

The best possible way to help someone else is to observe what is going on with the lifestream. Obviously, the earlier this observation takes place, the better the chance that the downward spiral can be reversed. There are several main elements that can help you help someone else escape the downward pull of suicide.

The first element is to recognize that the downward spiral of suicide is fueled by the accumulation of toxic energy in the person’s energy field. As explained elsewhere, toxic energy will accumulate in your energy field, and it will gradually form a vortex that can overpower a person’s conscious thoughts and feelings. Such a vortex can also open a connection between a person’s energy field and the energy field of the planet. This planetary energy field has a number of vortexes of negative energy that have been generated by humankind over thousands of years. One such vortex is a vortex of suicide energy, and at the bottom of that vortex is a demon, or entity, named Annihla. This dark being gets its energy from sucking people into the spiral of suicide, so it can steal whatever light energy they have in their energy fields.

Once you realize the existence of such dark energies, you can engage in a prayer vigil to set the lifestream free from this downward spiral of suicide energy. However, let me issue a very direct warning. Unless you have a strong momentum of invoking spiritual protection from Above, it can be dangerous for you to engage the planetary momentum of suicide. This force is very strong and very vicious, and if you attempt to rescue a person from its claws, it is likely that it will come after you. Therefore, I recommend that only people who are very balanced, and who have never had suicidal tendencies, engage in such a process. And I highly recommend that people join together in a group effort instead of one person having to take on this force alone.

The decrees to Archangel Michael are extremely important in this matter, and if you want to take on the force of suicide, I recommend that you give at least 40 – and I mean forty – of these calls a day for your personal protection and for cutting free the other person. Archangel Michael’s Rosary is also very powerful as is the Spiritual Crisis Toolkit. I also recommend the call for the judgment, and you should call for Annihla and all other demons of suicide attacking the person to be judged and bound by Archangel Michael. It would be highly beneficial to direct a concentrated stream of Violet Flame into the energy field of the person that you are trying to help. Likewise, Mother Mary’s rosaries are very efficient, especially the Forgiveness and East-West rosaries.

The second element is to awaken the person to the danger of suicide and the fact that suicide is not a solution because it does not lead to a relief from the lifestream’s problems. In a sense one might say that this is the most important requirement, but I am describing it second because as long as a person is overwhelmed by the negative energy, it would be virtually impossible to awaken that person. In other words, you must first seek to relieve the pressure of the negative energy before you have a chance of awakening the person. The best way to awaken a person is by giving them the book I mentioned earlier and giving them some of the teachings on this website, especially the teaching that suicide is not the cessation of consciousness and that anyone contemplating suicide is under attack by dark forces.

The third element is to make sure that the person does not feel alone and does not feel unloved. Many of the people who commit suicide in a desire for escape feel as if no one loves them and nobody cares whether they are alive or not. One of the best ways to help such a person is to be a good listener and simply allow the person to talk without trying to fix them or fix their problems. Let them talk and let them feel that you are listening and that you care. Let them talk through their problems without trying to give them solutions. Allow them to talk until they eventually begin to see the solution on their own.

The fourth element is to show people that there really is a way to improve the situation. This can be done making them aware of the spiritual path that I describe throughout this website. Obviously, this can best be done by a person who is already walking the path and who can speak from personal experience.

I highly commend the people who have seen the seriousness of this problem and have attempted to set up various hotlines and support groups to help people overcome the downward pull of suicide. If you can find such a service near you, I highly recommend that you take advantage of it personally or seek to make anyone contemplating suicide take advantage of such a service. Being in a group situation can have a major positive effect on anyone contemplating suicide, especially if they can talk to a person who contemplated suicide and decided to pull back from the abyss. No one is better at helping a suicidal person than someone who has been there and came back from the brink

While such organized efforts deserve praise, I feel the need to issue of word of caution. Please do not fall into the trap of thinking that the way to help a person who is suicidal is to convert them to your personal religion. Unfortunately, I see some very loving and well-meaning Christians who seek to save those who are burdened by suicide by converting them to their particular church. What you really need to do is to be sensitive to the individual lifestream and help the lifestream find the universal spiritual path that transcends all religions. This path cannot be confined to a particular religion, not even the Christian religion.

Finally, let me say that these words should not be used as a substitute for seeking professional help. There are capable professionals who are trained to help suicidal people, and if they are available, you should seek their help, whether for yourself or someone else. I also recommend that you study my remarks on how to overcome a lifelong addiction, because they have bearing on how to reverse the downward spiral that can lead to suicide.

Of course, the tools on the Transcendence Toolbox website can help you avoid any negative spiral—if you are willing to apply them.


Copyright © 2004 by Kim Michaels