Spiritual perspective on migraine

Question:  About 12% of the general population suffers from migraine. For some people, it is so severe that they cannot function in their daily lives. Can the masters give us a spiritual perspective or spiritual cure for migraine? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Washington, D.C. (USA) in 2019.

Well, despite what I said earlier about the placebo effect, really should be reversed and see that it’s the physical cures that are the placebo. It is of course, so that in the physical octave, because of the density that is there right now, there are many physical causes and you need to, of course, be willing to use, as we said whatever technology is available to deal with those causes. This means that for many illnesses, there are different levels of causes. And the same goes for migraine as for many other of these very complex diseases.

Migraine is a very complex disease. You cannot point to a single cause and say, here’s the cause, here’s the magical pill that will fix it. For different people, there are different causes. There are some people for whom there is a physical cause that can be inherited, because it runs in the family. There is something in the brain chemistry, but usually in the electrical activity of the brain that is not balanced and this gives a physical cause.

But there are also more complex causes that are of a more psychological nature whereby we mean that they have a component in the emotional, mental and identity bodies. And this, of course, is something you can work on.

Now in general, what I want to say here is, that if you have a specific physical disease, that is one of these diseases that isn’t life threatening, that isn’t acute, if it is something you carry with you over a long period of time, then naturally you should use whatever physical means are available.

But in order to resolve the deeper causes of this, you use the teachings on the separate selves. And you try to find out what it is—what kind of a self you have, that gives you this particular disease, this symptom. And just to use the example of migraine, what is it that happens when you have a migraine?

It basically is that your brain refuses to function normally. Whether it’s a headache, whether it’s the other symptoms of migraine where you have disturbed vision, it’s almost as if there’s a part of your brain that shuts down.

And that’s because the underlying cause here is that when you received your birth trauma, there was a certain element of life on earth that you didn’t want to face. It was too overwhelming and you made the decision –  I do not want to face this situation. And over various lifetimes this can have been reinforced to the point where you have built a mechanism in your three higher bodies that causes you to sometimes shut down (your brain to shut down). Because there’s something in life you don’t want to face. Now, this may not today have anything to do with your original birth trauma. It may have morphed into a more subtle cause, a more subtle self, but there is something you don’t want to face.

Now this can for some people who are more intellectual, it can relate to the mental body. Where when you received your birth trauma, remember again, you descended at the 48th level of consciousness so you had a number of illusions that you saw live through. So you were exposed to a trauma. And because you are the kind of person who wants to understand everything, you were shocked by the fact that you could not understand this. You could not understand why this was happening, or even why God allowed it to happen, or what you did to cause this to happen, why they did this to you.

And this doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s something you don’t want to face, other than you are trying to get yourself to consciously recognize that you cannot understand everything on earth, with the mental, intellectual mind. So therefore, when you are facing a situation where there are some things you cannot understand and explain there’s this subconscious process, the separate self that shuts down your brain. So, you cannot think rationally, logically, intellectually, analytically.

And what you need to do then is come to see these selves and then realize some of the teachings we have given for example, in the My Lives book, that there is no rational explanation for why the fallen beings do what they do. And you may in some cases, look at your own situation, the people that have been close to you, often family and you may find that there may be a person in your family that may not be a fallen being but could be a fallen being, because many spiritual people have chosen to embody with fallen beings in order to learn certain lessons. And this person is behaving in such an erratic illogical manner that you cannot explain this rationally, intellectually. And what you need to do is to stop trying to explain it, stop wanting to understand everything with the intellectual mind. And that’s why you have this self that shuts down your brain when you are around these people.

And you need to then work with this and come to the point where you realize and accept, you fully accept there’s nothing here that can be understood, it cannot be explained. And you accept that you don’t have to explain it. But what you can do is, you can understand the bigger context of the fallen beings and free-will and all of the teachings we have given on this, where you make peace with the fact that you cannot understand it.

And so it can also be simply that trying to understand this that you cannot understand, is such a strain on your higher bodies, especially your mental body, that it spills over in the brain. There are brain centers that are tied to the emotional body. There are brain centers that are tied to the mental body. There are brain centers that are tied to the identity body. And so the brain centers that are tied to the mental body, are in most cases, the ones that produce the migraine, and it can be because of this strain, it’s just too much. You have this desire to understand, but the brain has no way of understanding—the mental body has no way of understanding. And it’s almost like you have an appliance that overheats. And it shuts off the power, only in your case it doesn’t shut off the power. It gives you a headache.


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