The placebo effect

Question: Can ascended masters speak a little more about the placebo effect and how it filters through the four lower bodies.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Washington, D.C. (USA) in 2019.

The entire concept of the placebo effect is actually very unfortunate. And it’s something that’s created by the fallen beings.  It’s portrayed as being something of a side effect, that really is an anomaly that doesn’t have any impact or shouldn’t have any impact on the medical field. But the reality is that what they call the placebo effect, is actually the primary healing effect of the human, four lower bodies, the system of healing.

It can be seen very simply by the fact that many doctors and medical experts actually recognize that most of the diseases are psychosomatic or have a psychological component. And you need to then realize that it is simply cognitive dissonance that the medical profession is so focused on coming up with material ways to heal what is a psychosomatic disease.

How can you on the one hand acknowledge that most diseases are psychosomatic and then think that there’s only a material way to cure a psychosomatic disease—you can do this without dealing with the psyche? It’s cognitive dissonance and it will in coming decades be seen as one of the great detours of humankind and especially of healing. The placebo effect as they call it should be studied. And it should be recognized that the mind, the lower bodies, have the ability to heal themselves.

And that what actually happens when people take a pill  that has a physical effect, it actually is the other way around. It’s the physical healing method that is the placebo because it triggers the mind into thinking that I will be healed because I’ve taken this pill. So it really is the other way around. What heals is the belief that you will be healed. There are exceptions to this when you break your bones, they need to be set, at least at the current level of the collective consciousness.

There will come points in the golden age where any disease can be healed in other ways, either by psychic ways or by vibrational ways. But the fact of the matter is that everything revolves around free-will. And so, the question is: What tricks the mind of a person into believing that it can be healed and that it will be healed by undergoing a certain procedure?  So, if you define the placebo effect,  as a way to trick the mind into accepting that it’s healed then you must say that allopathic medicine is also a placebo. It just tricks the mind into thinking and accepting that it can be healed. And this then affects the physical body because the physical body is a projection of what’s going on in the three higher bodies.


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