Saint Germain’s vision for a golden age government that is not dominated by an elite

TOPICS: Many power elite groups – the power elite is a symbol for a state of consciousness – no centralized power elite that can control the entire planet – most conspiracy theories too unbalanced – the power elite creates some conspiracy theories – all conspiracy theories reinforce the image of a separation between the government and the people – the power elite cannot be overcome through the illusion of separation – people come to believe they do not have the power to govern themselves – all conditions in society outpicture people’s state of consciousness – people can change their society by changing their consciousness – get involved with YOUR government – there will not be a good elite in the Golden Age – the people must govern themselves – the government IS the people – people see themselves as part of the hierarchy of spiritual beings –

Question: The subject is the power elite. I just saw a book out called The Family which exposes Fundamentalism in our government and in business as the corrupt element. We’ve previously mentioned the Federal Reserve and it seems also that the International Monetary Fund plays a key role in sustaining their manipulation. Is “the family” synonymous with the power elite or is that just a subset?

Answer from ascended master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels: (June, 27, 2008)

The reality is that there are many different kinds of power elites. Therefore, the power elite covered in the book The Family is a subset of the larger power elite.

Be aware that when we speak about the power elite, we speak about people who are in a certain state of consciousness. Yet these people are divided up into many separate groups around the world who have their different, separate agendas that often conflict and clash with each other. Which is why there has not been, is not, and will not be one centralized power elite that consciously and deliberately controls the entire planet.

I may at some point give more detailed teachings about the power elite and about the concept of conspiracies, yet I will take this opportunity to give a further teaching on why we of the ascended masters do not generally speak about conspiracy theories, and in fact encourage our students to generally stay away from the conspiracy theories. Because most of them are so unbalanced that unless you spend a very large amount of time studying the topic, it will be virtually impossible for you to know what is a truth and what is simply an unbalanced untruth, or a manipulation of truth crafted into a conspiracy theory.

I am not saying that all of you should necessarily stay away from conspiracy theories. There may be some of you who have or are willing to acquire the specific knowledge about a specific area of society that then allows you to evaluate whether a conspiracy theory has some merit or whether it is indeed a partial truth, a distorted truth, an unbalanced truth, or no truth at all.

For I can tell you that there are conspiracy theories that are completely made up. There are even some that are deliberately crafted by paid representatives of the power elite to confuse the people and confuse the entire issue and get most people on this planet to respond by wanting to have nothing to do with conspiracy theories—because they realize that most of them are so outrageous that it defies common sense.

What I wish to say here is something very simple. When you look at virtually all conspiracy theories out there, you will see that all of them present a certain image of government and a relationship between government and the people. And that is the image that we spoke about earlier, where the government is removed from the people.

Be careful to note what I am saying. I am not denying that there is a power elite – various power elite groups – who are seeking to control the people, who are seeking to control and manipulate the government behind the scenes. I am not denying that there are various groups that are taking advantage of the democratic form of government to manipulate public opinion in various ways, through the economy, through the media, through education.

Yet what I am saying here is something very important. You will not overcome the problem of the power elite through the conspiracy theories that are currently out there. And the reason is that all of these theories – even if they contain elements of truth – are presenting the image of a distance, a gap, between the government and the people. And thus, it is virtually inevitable that the majority of the people who study conspiracy theories come to accept that image – and even take in the vibration of fear that is the inevitable companion of that image – and even go on to the consequence, the inevitable consequence of fear and the anger and frustration.

What we have explained over and over again in our teachings about the ego is that the problem on this planet is separation, leading to the dualistic illusions that cause you to see yourself separated not only from God, but from other people. This is the consciousness that gives rise to the problem that Jesus addressed when he talked about those who look at the mote in the eye of other people and refuse to see the beam in their own eye.

The conspiracy theories make it seem like the cause of the problem is the power elite and the government—not the people. And this actually dis-empowers the people even more, thus reinforcing the very state where a power elite, a small elite, can control the people—because they have managed to make the people believe that they do not have power to govern themselves.

So can you see what I am saying? The current conspiracy theories reinforce the disempowerment of the people, yet the only solution to the current condition is the re-empowerment of the people. Whereby the people become willing to see that all conditions are an out-picturing of their own state of consciousness. And if they want conditions to improve in society, they must start by looking at the beam, the ego, in their own eye—being willing then to take responsibility for their form of government. Saying that “If my government is to improve, then I must stop seeing myself as being removed from my government. I must start seeing my government as a government ‘of the people, by the people, for the people.’ And thus I must see myself as ‘the people’ who must take an active part in my government instead of sitting back and complaining about the government without doing anything about it.”

For whereas it might be difficult to do something about the weather, it is not difficult for you to do something about YOUR government by getting involved at some level. And thus, the problem with the conspiracy theories is that they reinforce the very consciousness that blocks the manifestation of a Golden Age government. For surely, you do not envision that in the Golden Age we will have a form of government where there now is a benign elite who rules the people, as the so-called power elite rules the people today.

If that is your vision of a Golden Age form of government, then you are mistaken! And you need to step back and re-align yourself with the reality of Saint Germain and the Spirit of Freedom. For you see, the Golden Age is an Age of Freedom, and that means that a government must be based on freedom. And there cannot be freedom if a small elite controls and makes decisions for the majority of the population.

You might conceive of a wonderful plan in which spiritually balanced people – even people who have Christhood – are in charge of the government and creates a wonderful society where they make all the right decisions. But you see, in past Golden Ages we have had such societies. Jesus, myself and other Masters have indeed fulfilled the role as rulers of such societies, but why did those societies go down? Because, in the long run it is not sustainable that an elite – no matter how enlightened or benign – rules the people.

For the purpose of the material universe, the purpose of the world of form, is to raise up all life to God-consciousness, to raise up all people to be co-creators with God. And thus, you see, the law of God will not allow that an enlightened elite can rule for an extended period of time. It may be allowed to set an example, but if greater numbers of people are not raised up, well then that society will eventually go down.

And thus – learning from the mistakes, or at least the conditions of the past – I, Saint Germain, have created a new vision for God government in the Golden Age, where it will not be a government of God working through a small elite, but God working through large numbers of people, at least the top ten percent. But even beyond that working in some capacity through the top fifty percent.

And so you see, the Golden Age Government is a government where there is no longer a distance between the people and their government, because the people take responsibility for their society, and they each see that they can be responsible for at least a portion of their society. The can be engaged, they can be involved at some level – from the local to the national to the global – and take responsibility and make themselves the experts that allows them to fulfill that role in some capacity.

For even someone who takes charge of cleaning the highways – or educating the people as to why they should not litter in the first place – can find a part in the Golden Age Government. And so you see innumerable ways that people can be involved and feel responsible, so that we no longer have the sense that there is this remote government in Washington, D.C. or somewhere else and I have no responsibility or no power to have any part of that government.

But where people see what we see in the spiritual realm, where I recognize that I am part of a greater hierarchy of spiritual beings that leads all the way to the ultimate Creator and the Mother God, the expressed God. Yet I am not apart from that God, for that God is within all life. And thus, when you have God government, you see that that government can only be God Government when God is allowed to work through as many people as possible.


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