God governance in the golden age

TOPICS: Golden age government means participation by the people – people see gap between themselves and the government – the power elite exists in the gap – overcoming view of a remote God and a remote government – a government that is dedicated to raising up all people – no longer a privileged elite –

Question: We have talked about transforming the monotheistic religions into intra-theistic—so that’s the church aspect. I am wondering about the state aspect. What is the vision of the immaculate concept for God governance in the economy and national government systems?

Answer from ascended master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels:

This is, of course, a very extensive question, and an answer could fill many books. Yet, what I will say is that the essence of God government in the Golden Age is a government that is of the people, by the people and for the people.

Thus, when you overcome the focus on the theistic religion – the monotheistic religion – you will see that you overcome the image of the separate God, the remote being in the sky with the distance between God and the people. And if you look at government as it is currently found virtually everywhere on this planet, you will see that the monotheistic view of God has been duplicated in most people’s view of government. Where they see the government as being remote from the people, as being separated from the people.

So that you have this remote government in Washington D.C., or elsewhere, and the so-called common man – although I fully recognize there is no such thing as a common man – but nevertheless, the people themselves do see a big gap between themselves and the government. Therefore, they often feel hopeless and separated, feeling that it makes no difference who they vote for, for they are all part of that same remote government that is up there in Washington D.C., over which they have no influence whatsoever.

And this is the one thing that needs to change in the Golden Age. Where the gap between the government and the people is overcome. So that there is no longer a gap, for I trust you can see that it is only in the gap between the people and the government that the power elite can exist and can exert their influence on the government, to the detriment of the people.

So the short answer is that as you overcome the separation between God and yourself – as you overcome the monotheistic view of God, where you see a separation between God and the church, between the church and the people – well then you will also overcome the sense of separation between God and the government, between the government and the people. And therefore you will no longer have a government that is removed from the people – is removed from the reality of God, the principles of God – which is first of all the raising up of all life.

And therefore, you will now see a government that is dedicated to raising up all people—instead of a government that is being manipulated by the elite, so that it is geared towards allowing the elite to maintain a privileged position. Even expanding that privileged position beyond all reasonability—as you are currently seeing in the increase in the United States with a gross increase between the rich top 10 percent and the general population. The people are actually losing their buying power and seeing a decrease in their standard of living, whereas the elite is getting richer and richer, attaining more and more control over the economy.

This can be directly seen in how the greed and the insanity of the elite precipitated the so-called sub-prime mortgage crisis and the other economic woes you are seeing. Where the blindness of their greed causes them to create one situation after another where the entire colossus they have built – the entire Tower of Babel they have built – is threatening to collapse under its own weight. And might indeed collapse under its own weight—unless the people are awakened to the need to restore sanity in the economy.


 Copyright © 2008 by Kim Michaels