Receiving Holy Communion

TOPICS: No blood sacrifice required – spilling of Jesus’ blood NOT necessary to atone for sin – not about the physical body and blood – an entirely spiritual ritual – the universal Christ consciousness – to grow, you must receive a portion of universal Christ consciousness – accept your Christ self – you must then let it raise your entire consciousness – communion can transfer light, but no guarantee – your approach is the determining factor –

Question: Would you please comment on the nature and significance of receiving Holy Communion? I am interested to know why some churches offer only bread or the communion wafer at Communion and not wine or juice and, also, why some new age groups offer Communion and others do not.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Holy Communion is a very significant ritual. However, the value of any religious ritual is in direct proportion to the attitude with which you participate in that ritual.

To explain the true significance of Holy Communion, let me first clear up a common misunderstanding concerning this ritual. When I walked the earth, I appeared in a culture that was very heavily influenced by the idea of blood sacrifice. The Jews believed that animal sacrifice was necessary to appease God. While animal sacrifice was clearly a lesser evil than the previous human sacrifice, it is nevertheless a completely unnecessary ritual. Only people in a very primitive state of consciousness can believe that spilling the blood of a human being or an animal will somehow appease God. Today, I would like to see all human beings leave this state of consciousness behind.

Because the Jewish culture was so attached to the idea of appeasing God through the spilling of blood, some of the early Christians developed the idea that my crucifixion was the ultimate blood sacrifice. I would like you to understand that we of the ascended masters have to work with people in their present state of consciousness and then seek to help them rise to the next level. Therefore, I do not condemn my early followers for developing this idea. It was, to some extent, a practical measure that did help some Jews abandon the practice of animal sacrifice and embrace Christianity.

However, I must tell you frankly that the idea that the spilling of my blood was somehow necessary to appease God or to atone for people’s sins is completely and utterly groundless. Your God is a God of unconditional love. As I have explained elsewhere, your God is not angry, and your God does not require sacrifices or the spilling of human or animal blood. Therefore, my crucifixion was not a necessary sacrifice, and it truly had no connection to the practice of human or animal sacrifice.

The significance of this teaching is that Holy Communion has no connection to the spilling of blood through sacrifice. When you receive Holy Communion, you are not eating the flesh and blood of Jesus Christ. This is not a cannibalistic ritual.

You must understand that when a person has completely united with the universal Christ consciousness, as I truly did towards the end of my mission, that person makes statements based on this union. When I said, “This is my body which is broken for you,” I was not referring to the physical body of the person of Jesus. I was referring to the spiritual body of the universal Christ consciousness. Obviously, this also applies to the blood which is simply a symbol of the energy of the universal Christ consciousness.

I started the ritual of Holy Communion as a tool whereby people could remember not simply the outer person of Jesus, but the universal Christ consciousness. As I have explained on my website, the very basis for spiritual growth is individual Christhood. To attain this Christhood, a person must receive a portion of the universal Christ consciousness. It is the universal Christ consciousness which is broken for you, meaning each human being. Only by accepting this individualization of the universal Christ consciousness, in the form of your personal Christ Self, can you rise above the dualistic mind.

When you receive a portion of the universal Christ consciousness, the energies of that consciousness will, if you allow them to do so, act as the leaven which will raise the vibration of your entire consciousness. Therefore, Holy Communion can be seen as a symbol for the transfer of the Christ consciousness to each human being. The ritual of Holy Communion can also release a certain amount of light or spiritual energy from the universal Christ mind. Each time you receive such a portion of light, it will help raise the vibration of your consciousness and thereby help you take one step closer to personal Christhood.

It is important to understand that the transfer of light through Holy Communion is not guaranteed. It depends on the inner attunement, the level of consciousness or the level of Christhood of both the person serving Holy Communion and the person receiving Holy Communion. It is incorrect to believe that because a priest goes through a certain ritual to bless communion, that communion will automatically be charged with the light of the Christ consciousness. The transfer of light does not happen through the outer ritual. It can only happen through the consciousness or heart flame of the person performing the ritual. Thousands of priests bless communion without opening up for a transfer of light. Therefore, the communion is not holy.

However, even if the actual bread and wine is not charged by light, a person receiving communion with an open heart can still receive a transfer of light. If you receive Holy Communion and make a sincere effort to attune your mind and heart to me, you can receive a transfer of light, even if the person serving the Holy Communion was not able to be an instrument for such a transfer.

Therefore, the more sincerely you approach the ritual of receiving Holy Communion, the greater the light that can be transferred through this ritual. Obviously, if you have a priest who has great inner attunement and is able to transfer light through the blessing of Holy Communion, then a person receiving that communion can receive a double transfer of light. Therefore, it is the inner attunement of both the person giving communion and the person receiving communion that determines the significance of the ritual.

Obviously, I created the ritual of communion by serving both bread and wine. However, I am not attached to whether people serve bread and wine or serve bread alone. The transfer of light is not guaranteed by the outer ritual but by the inner attunement of those participating in the ritual. Therefore, the transfer of light can occur no matter what people serve. Let a particular organization serve what people prefer to serve. However, I would like to see those who make such decisions receive those decisions through their Christ Self instead of making such decisions with the outer consciousness.

I cannot tell you why some New Age groups serve communion and why some do not. This depends on decisions made by the leaders of those groups. Once again, I would like to see such decisions be based on direct communion with people’s Christ Self.


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