Is there an angry and judgmental God in heaven?

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Question: Is God an angry and judgmental God and are current conditions on earth God’s punishment for our sins?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

One of the greatest problems on earth today is that so many people have come to accept a false image of God. Obviously, there are many false images, but the one that concerns me the most is the idea that God is an angry and judgmental God who is ready to punish even the slightest transgression of his law.

I have gone to great length to explain to you the law of cause and effect, including reincarnation and karma (see the following answer). If you will contemplate my explanation with an open heart, you will realize that God does not consciously or actively punish people’s sins.

The reality of the situation is that because God gave people free will, God had to provide a safety mechanism so that a lifestream would not become lost by misusing that free will. It was God’s original intention that all lifestreams would express their individuality and use their free will in a way that did not violate the very laws that God used to create this universe. Obviously, if you live in this universe and violate the laws upon which the universe is based, then you will inevitably self-destruct.

It is important for you to understand that God’s law does not limit your creative expression. For example, look at the situation on planet earth. You have been given a beautiful planet that is perfectly capable of sustaining a large number of people. Yet, we now see a pollution of the environment which ultimately could destroy the environment and therefore prevent you from expressing any kind of creativity and freedom. Likewise, human beings have developed nuclear weapons and a large-scale nuclear war could destroy the environment and limit your creative expression.

Obviously, pollution and nuclear war is not in accordance with God’s law. It is perfectly possible for human beings to live on planet earth without destroying their environment. And it is perfectly possible for them to do so in such a way that they still have plenty of room for creative expression.

It is not God’s intention to limit your creativity, and his law is not a restriction on your freedom. If you knew God’s law, you would naturally choose to express your creativity in such a way that it would not destroy yourself. The problem is, of course, that because people have fallen into the lower consciousness dominated by the dualistic mind, they no longer know God’s law. This was not what God intended, yet because God gave you free will, God could do nothing to stop you.

What could God possibly have done with a group of lifestreams who fell into a lower state of consciousness and forgot their divine origin? Well, God could have destroyed these lifestreams, and that is precisely what an angry and judgmental God would have done. The very fact that you are alive demonstrates that your God is not an angry and judgmental God. Your God is a God of mercy and compassion, and therefore it has given people a second chance. In fact, it has given people many second chances.

God does not punish you

My point here is that God does not punish you for your mistakes. When God gave you free will, it simply set up a safety mechanism so that if you misuse your free will, you will not automatically and immediately self-destruct. God created an impersonal law which returns all energy to you with the same qualification that it had when you sent out that energy. Therefore, you will reap as you have sown.

Obviously, if all of your current conditions are the consequences of your own actions, and if all of your actions, past or present, are the results of choices you make with your free will, then it simply does not make sense to say that the current conditions on planet earth are the result of God’s punishment.

These conditions were not created by God, and they are not what God wants for the extensions of itself. The current conditions on planet earth are created by human beings. I freely admit that the vast majority of humans have created these conditions out of ignorance. In fact, people have to a very large degree been tricked into creating the current misery on planet earth. They have been tricked into creating this misery by a small group, a power elite, of lifestreams who deliberately and willfully rebelled against God’s law.

Nevertheless, the somber fact is that human beings are punishing themselves and they continue to punish themselves, because they continue to allow themselves to remain in ignorance of God’s law. God has sent many prophets, spiritual teachers and messengers in an attempt to make people change their ways. Yet, up until this point, God’s message has been ignored by so many people that God cannot bring major changes to planet earth. God must simply wait until more people reach beyond the dualistic mind and begin to put on their personal Christhood.

Every human being has the potential to stop this downward spiral and to reach for the Christ consciousness. I will admit that this potential has not been common knowledge. Nevertheless, it is not my intent to lament what might have been. It is my intent to demonstrate to you what can be, both now and in the future.

If you don’t like what you see in your personal life, take responsibility for your situation and recreate yourself in the image and likeness of God. If you don’t like what you see on planet earth, take responsibility for that situation and recreate the earth in the image and likeness of the kingdom of God.

I am Jesus Christ, and I am part of a team or spiritual beings who have pledged their lives to help humankind rise out of their current misery. We want to see God’s kingdom and the abundant life manifest on earth. We have immense power, and we stand ready to help you at any moment. Yet, we must respect our Father’s law of free will. If you choose to remain in ignorance, if you choose not to take responsibility for your own life and for the planet as a whole, then we must simply wait until you make a better decision.

I have come to tell you that it is time to make that decision. If even a small number of people on this planet would make the decision to pursue the path of individual Christhood, we of the ascended masters could immediately bring dramatic change to this planet. We are ready and waiting; we simply need your call.

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