Questions about the 2010 earthquake in Haiti

TOPICS: All “natural” disasters caused by the collective consciousness – earthquakes caused by spiritual poison of ignorance – the voodoo religion in Haiti gives a false image of God the Father – voodoo is not devil worship, but it does open people to lower spirits – ancestor worship limits your growth – victim consciousness – Africa also affected by unwillingness to take responsibility – wanting the world to take care of you – want an overlord to complain about – Haiti may become a failed state – How the people of Haiti need to change – 

Question 1: The earthquake in Haiti, with its epicenter in Port Au Prince, hit last night maybe killing thousands. With 2012 soon upon us, and the energy shift, is this just another precursor to the shift, one in a long line of events that will continue to occur during the shift with the cosmic mirror re-directing Karma back upon the earth?

Question 2: I think the people who read this website would like to understand more about what happened in Haiti, and why things like this happen. Was this the result of humanity’s misuse of energy and the result of earth releasing negative energy, or was this strictly something that was just mother nature. For example before humans were on earth, things like this obviously happened. For whatever reasons, earth quakes happened naturally back then.

 Also, please comment on Pat Robertson’s comments about Haitians making a pact with the devil.

NOTE: This is what Pat Robertson said:

“They (Haitians) were under the heel of the French…and they got together and swore a pact to the devil. They said ‘We will serve you’…and so, the devil said ‘Okay, it’s a deal’ and kicked the French out”, “They need to have…a great turning to God,”

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels (January 16, 2010).

In a situation like this, it is, of course, appropriate for human beings to feel compassion for those who are exposed to the disaster. However, we of the ascended masters have transcended human feelings, and thus we do not condemn or judge anyone, but neither are we blind to the real cause behind any event, a cause that is often hidden to most people on earth. Thus, let me talk about the real cause.

The earthquake in Haiti did not have anything to do with 2012, if you see 2012 – as many people do – as some external event that will run its course independently of humankind’s consciousness. This is how 2012 is portrayed in a recent movie, namely an event over which people have no control and that will inevitably lead to devastating natural disasters. This is not correct, as humankind’s consciousness has an effect on everything that happens on earth. In other words, the real cause of the earthquake in Haiti was indeed the state of consciousness of humankind, and especially the consciousness of the inhabitants of Haiti.

As Gautama Buddha explained last year at New Year’s, there is a cycle of the last four years leading up to 2012, and in that cycle 2009 was the year of the father. This means that last year humankind was given certain initiations relating to the father energy. When such initiations are given, they are usually passed by a large number of people, whereas there is a smaller number who do not pass the test. Those who fail to pass the test create a tension, and this can lead to a natural disaster, an outbreak of disease or a war. Where this will happen will depend to a large degree on where the tension is the most concentrated—meaning that there is a large percentage of the population who did not pass the test.

As Mother Mary expounded upon some time ago, the spiritual cause of earthquakes is the spiritual poison of ignorance that causes people’s consciousness to solidify around a man-made image. In the year of the father, the test was to overcome ignorance of the real father, meaning the real Creator who is beyond all man-made images. Thus, people were meant to question their image of God. It was also necessary to realize that all self-aware beings are extensions of the Creator’s Being, meaning that God can work through them. And with God within them, they can have everything they need—for it is the father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.

If you look at the people of Haiti, you will see that over 90% of them are direct descendants of slaves that were brought over from Africa and brought their African religion of voodoo with them. The voodoo world view and the consciousness of being descendants of slaves have combined to create a specific mindset that is the reason for Haiti’s many difficulties over the years, in terms of both natural disasters and political problems.

Let us talk about voodoo first. Pat Robertson is not correct in implying that voodoo is a religion that worships the devil. He is simply a typical example of a fundamentalist Christian who is very focused on the devil and also thinks anybody who does not believe as he does is of the devil or is worshipping the devil. He is, however, correct in the sense that voodoo did play a role in the revolt against French colonial rule. It has also opened many Haitians to the possession by lower spirits. The significance of voodoo in this context is that it is not a religion that worships the highest God, as it has created a mixture of the ancient African tribal god and the idolatrous Catholic image of the remote god in the sky.

Thus, voodoo and Catholicism both portray an image of a god who is far removed from people on earth and normally does not interact with humans. This is very far from my God, where I said that my father works hitherto and I work. So this false image of God is the main reason why voodoo has limited the consciousness of the people of Haiti. They cannot rise higher than their image of God.

So who are the people of Haiti worshipping in their prayers and voodoo rituals? It is a group of lower spirits – the “gods” who do work with human beings – in the emotional realm. These beings are using the voodoo rituals – that encourage spirit possession – to steal people’s light.

Another problem is the worship of ancestors, which of course is common in many cultures. The problem here is, again, that you cannot rise higher than your object of worship. In order to maintain an upward spiral on earth, the present generation must rise higher in consciousness than the previous generation—and how can people do that if they worship the previous generation? Thus, ancestor worship is clearly putting a graven image before the real God, and thus a failure of the test of the father, namely recognizing that the real father is the transcendent God that no man-made image can describe. If you see yourself as the offspring of your physical ancestors, how can you accept yourself as a son or daughter of God?

The next element found on Haiti is the mentality that developed among many slaves, a mentality that certain populations have not yet overcome, even though they have not personally experienced slavery. This mentality is a victim consciousness, a sense of being powerless to free yourself from your overlords. It was precisely this consciousness that I challenged with the statement that the kingdom of God is within you—meaning that no human overlord can prevent you from entering.

Many people may find that what I will say next is not politically correct, but it is nevertheless the truth. Given that the universe is a mirror, the reality is that before people are turned into slaves, they must have projected into the cosmic mirror an image of not wanting to take responsibility for themselves—and thus wanting to attract an overlord who will rule their lives, so they do not have to make their own decisions. This is precisely the case with many of the people in Africa who were turned into slaves. And it is, for that matter, still one of the major blocks to that continent moving forward spiritually and materially.

Of course, the unwillingness to take responsibility makes people vulnerable to the epic dramas, and there is indeed a drama that makes people accept the role of being slaves or subjects of others. This makes them feel that in return for letting others rule them, these overlords should also take care of them. This is precisely what you see among most of the people of Haiti. They are unwilling to take responsibility for their personal lives or for their nation. They want the international community to come in and do everything for them, and that is why some of them become angry when the world does not bring aid fast enough.

I am NOT thereby saying that the world should not bring aid. Bringing aid is always appropriate in a disaster, but what I am addressing here is the consciousness that caused the disaster in the first place—the same consciousness that has caused both natural and man-made disasters on Haiti in the past and that will cause future disasters if it is not transcended.

Voodoo reinforces this victim mindset by making people feel that there is some kind of magic ritual that can give them what they want without them having to work on themselves or having to work hard to build a viable nation. It is an unwillingness to look at what has worked in other nations and then apply those lessons. There is also an element of rebellion, where even though people want an overlord, they also want to complain about or rebel against that overlord. That is why Haiti has had several dictators that were far worse than the French colonial government. The French withdrew because they were far more civilized than the Haitians acknowledged, and thus the people of Haiti simply attracted a dictator who matched their mindset.

What can the people of Haiti do? Well, from a realistic viewpoint, most of the inhabitants of Haiti are simply not ready to work with the ascended masters. Thus, they are currently trapped in the school of hard knocks, and unfortunately, they are likely to use their present beliefs to interpret the earthquake as another proof that they are the victims of forces beyond their control. Thus, they are likely to keep doing the same thing while expecting a different result, and I predict that the knocks will have to get even harder before the majority of the people develop a real willingness to change. In fact, there is a real risk that Haiti will completely disintegrate as a nation, even disintegrate into anarchy or the law of the jungle—a grim example of a failed state.

In a sense, Pat Robertson is correct that the people of Haiti need to return to God—only it is not the God that Pat Robertson is worshiping, but the real God within themselves. For this to happen, they will have to overcome the conditions described above and take responsibility for themselves and their nation. Which means they accept that THEY are the ones who must manifest a better society and not someone else, be it their voodoo gods or the international community. This awakening can certainly happen, but it is not likely to happen as a result of this disaster. Neither is it likely that the international community will come up with a response that will help the people of Haiti take responsibility for their nation.

To sum up, the earthquake was not caused exclusively by the people in Haiti. It was caused by all of the people – from many parts of the world – who failed the test of the year of the father. Yet because of the particularly low consciousness in Haiti, it became the flash-point, and that is why the earth released the tension in that location (it could have happened in many others).

Let me end by commenting on the concept that earthquakes can be natural occurrences that have nothing to do with humankind’s consciousness—as they seemingly occurred before human beings appeared on this planet. As Maitreya explains in his book, every unbalanced condition on this planet has something to do with humankind’s consciousness. He also explains that there has been intelligent life on this planet much longer than recognized by science. Thus, even though earthquakes have been happening for millions of years, they are indeed caused by the intelligent beings inhabiting the earth (whether you want to call them human beings or something else).

As these beings have densified their consciousness, they have caused a densification of matter itself. To give a linear (and thus limited) illustration, imagine that you took the current earth and shrunk it into 80% of its size. You can imagine that by forcing the same amount of matter into a smaller space, tension is created, and it can give rise to earthquakes. Thus, even seemingly prehistoric so-called natural disasters were still caused by the consciousness of the self-aware beings attached to this planet.

As Gautama just said, the beginning of the spiritual path is the acceptance of the fact that everything is a manifestation of consciousness.

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