Was Chinese earthquake a karmic return from the occupation of Tibet?

TOPICS: Necessary that celebrities have the courage to speak out – people must be awakened to the link between consciousness and “natural” disasters – earthquake was karmic return of the government’s treatment of the Chinese people – an oppressive government only possible for submissive people – belief that one can escape consequences – denial of free will and God’s law – the intensity of the ridicule shows people’s selfishness – Cain consciousness – free the chinese and you would also free the tibetans – karma is not God’s punishment – consequence of violating natural laws – karma is a teacher –

Question: Jesus, the American actress Sharon Stone made the remark during the Cannes film festival that the recent earthquake in China might have been a karmic return as a result of the Chinese government’s treatment of the Tibetans. What is your response to that? Also, why did her comments elicit so much anger and ridicule?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Let me begin by making it clear that if there is ever going to be a shift in the collective consciousness, it is absolutely necessary that people who are in a position to be heard have the courage to speak out and make remarks that will jolt people into thinking beyond their current mental boxes. In that respect, it is of lesser importance whether such remarks can be considered proper or prudent, even if they are true in some ultimate sense, for the purpose is to shake people – those who have not completely closed their minds – into thinking about an issue in a new way.

Thus, I must commend Sharon Stone and other prominent actors, such as Richard Gere and Harrison Ford, who have had the courage to support the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan cause—even to the point where it has often been a detriment to their careers or their income. It is a sad fact that the people on this planet who have something important to say often find it very difficult to be heard in the media, whereas certain celebrities are widely quoted for making the most superficial statements. Thus, it is highly necessary and commendable when those who have attained celebrity status have the courage to speak out for a cause that can make a difference.

Let me now address the question of whether the recent earthquake was indeed a karmic return for the Chinese government’s treatment of the Tibetans. First of all, Sharon Stone was courageous to publicly express the thought that a natural disaster can indeed be the result of people’s action—a thought for which it is easy to see that she will be ridiculed in the West. For as Mother Mary has explained, it is indeed necessary that humankind is awakened to the reality that there is a link between their state of consciousness and “natural” disasters.

Obviously, it is indeed possible that a nation can experience a natural disaster as the result of the actions of its leaders, as for example seen in Hurricane Katrina in the United States. However, in this particular case, it is not correct that the earthquake was the karmic return of the Chinese actions against Tibet. This is a case where Sharon Stone, despite her good intentions, has become a little too focused on seeing the world from her vantage point, in which the Tibetan people have assumed central importance.

The reality is that the recent earthquake in China was not the karmic return for the government’s treatment of the people of Tibet but of another group of people. This is a group of people that is often overlooked when people in the West look at China. And if the readers have difficulty identifying the people I am talking about, it only proves my point.

The reality is that the recent earthquake was the karmic return for the government’s treatment of its own people!

Surely, the Chinese government has suppressed the people of Tibet, but has it not suppressed its own people to an equal degree? And do the Chinese people not warrant equal compassion and help to attain freedom?

That being said, I would like to comment on the issue of whether it would be unjust that the Chinese people suffer as a result of their government’s actions—when the government is oppressive. The reality is that in every nation, the government is an expression of the consciousness of the people. Thus, it is not possible for a nation to have an oppressive government unless the people have in their consciousness a tendency to be submissive and not wanting to take responsibility for their lives and their nation.

Thus, even in the most totalitarian nations there is a codependent relationship between the oppressive rulers and the submissive people. And only when a critical mass of the people rise above the consciousness that caused the oppressive government to come to power – and decide to take responsibility for their destiny – will there be a decisive shift in the form of government—as is currently being proven in Iraq.

Finally, let me comment on why Sharon Stone’s remark caused so much anger in China and so much ridicule in the West. The simple reason is that in both parts of the world you have a large percentage of the population who have been brought up with a materialistic – anti-spiritual – philosophy, according to which it is possible to escape the consequences of one’s actions—or according to which one’s actions have no consequences beyond what can immediately be seen.

This denial of consequences is – as Maitreya explains in great detail in his book – the ultimate perversion of free will. God has allowed the earth to become a planet where it is possible – as a result of the density of matter – to deny God’s existence and thus deny God’s laws. This is done to allow a certain group of lifestreams an opportunity to act out their desire to be separated from God—in the hope that they will eventually have enough and thus return to reality.

Yet some of these people have convinced themselves – and are working hard on convincing everyone on earth – that there really is no God, and thus they have what they think is the ultimate freedom, namely the freedom to do whatever they want without reaping any consequences at all. Yet as Maitreya explains, without consequences, there is no free will, for if your choices do not produce consequences, you have not actually made any choices.

So the fact is that you have a certain segment of the population on this planet who will vehemently deny that human actions can have consequences for the planetary body or that the planet could actually respond to human actions through natural disasters. Such people will viciously ridicule anyone who speaks out against their relativistic, self-centered world view, but the intensity of their ridicule is in direct proportion to their selfishness. For it can ONLY be selfishness that causes people to refuse to consider that their actions or state of consciousness can have consequences that affect other parts of life.

Of course, it is only selfishness that causes lifestreams to want to separate themselves from God and from the Body of God. Those who have started overcoming selfishness have started seeing that all people on earth are part of the same greater whole, and thus they are rising out of the Cain consciousness and recognizing that you are indeed your brother’s keeper. And thus, it is indeed appropriate to have a “Free Tibet” movement, but it is equally appropriate and important to have a “Free China” movement. For if you could free the Chinese people from the consciousness of oppression-submission, don’t you think the Tibetan issue would be resolved simultaneously?

In that respect, it is extremely important that spiritual people raise their concept of karma beyond the traditional punishment scenario. If you keep blowing air into a balloon, it will eventually pop, but is the popping of the balloon the punishment of an angry God? In reality, humankind is constantly pouring low-frequency energy into the energy field of the planetary body, and when the pressure becomes too great, something must give way and release the pressure. If the pressure is not released gradually through spiritual exercises, such as decrees and  Mother Mary’s invocations, it will be released violently and people will get hurt.

Yet even though it is easy to focus on the fact that people have been hurt, this is still not a punishment. It is simply the inevitable outcome of people’s actions, and thus karma is always and exclusively a teacher. Karma is an attempt to teach people that all actions – including psychological “actions” – have consequences. Thus, it is always the hope that when people experience the consequences, they will wake up, take responsibility for themselves and decide to change.

Of course, in many cases the very consciousness that caused people to produce a karmic consequence prevents them from seeing the return as a lesson. But when people have closed their ears to their spiritual teachers, there is no other way to teach them than to allow them to reap the karmic returns—over and over again for as long as it takes for them to start wondering, “Could there be a better way? Am I the one who needs to change? What is the beam in my own eye?”


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