One or many Creators

TOPICS:  There are many Creators – God had no beginning – the linear mind and its illusions – God has no beginning and no end –

Question: We hear about the Creator or many Creators? And did the first Creator create himself?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Well if there are many universes there must be many Creators, for how could those universes come into being without being created by a Creator?

The first Creator? My beloved, there was no first Creator. For as Maitreya explains in greater detail, the manifest universes – the universes that are part of the world of form, of separate forms – sprang out of the Allness of God. In the Allness there is no beginning and no end, thus it is meaningless to say that God had to be created.

The old question of who created God springs from the linear, analytical mind, which can only think in linear terms. And thus, everything must have had a beginning and everything must have an end.

You see, my beloved, the linear mind had a beginning, and it will have an end. But God had no beginning and will not have an end.


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