Choices do not create alternative realities

TOPICS: No parallel universes – loss of individuality – your choices erase some probabilities and create others – your choices limit future options – part of you exists in the spiritual realm –

Question: Dear Jesus, I was just curious as to whether or not alternate realities exist. For example, right now, I work as a Loss Prevention Officer, but in another reality, I could be the President. Are they real or not? If alternate realities do exist, which one of me is real? In each alternate reality, do I have a lifestream or would that be another lifestream living an existence as myself?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

It all depends on how you define alternative realities. If you define them as seen in some science-fiction movies or books, then the answer is that they do not exist. Even the theory advanced by some quantum physicists is not correct. In other words, it is not correct that when you have a situation with 10 options, that situation will create ten alternative realities with you – or some form of you – existing in each one.

Just imagine how many people there are on earth, how many choices they make daily and how many alternative realities would be created in just one day. Everything in the material universe is finite. A lifestream is created with a finite consciousness and attention. If alternative realities existed, each reality would have to contain a part of your consciousness and attention, meaning that your lifestream would quickly lose so much substance that you would lose all sense of identity and individuality.

As quantum physics explains, before a scientist makes an observation, a subatomic particle exists in the realm of probability. There might be a large number of probabilities, but when the scientist makes an observation, one of the probabilities is actualized as what the scientist perceives as a subatomic particle. At that point, all of the other probabilities simply disappear (the quantum waveform collapses) as the world moves on another step. There is still a realm of probability, but it no longer contains the exact same probabilities that existed before the observation was made. Instead, it contains a new set based on the changes created by the observation.

It is much the same with everyday situations in which you make choices. In a given situation, you might have 10 available options. Yet when you make a choice, one of those options becomes a manifest reality, and the others are no longer available. You have now created a new situation with new options.

You can understand this when you consider the importance of free will. You are here to learn, and you learn by making choices and reaping the consequences of those choices. One of the consequences is that if you make choices that are out of harmony with the laws of God, you limit your future options. If all of your choices simply created alternative realities, a choice would not eliminate future options, and how could the lifestream learn from that?

The simple fact is, that there is only one of you, meaning that there is only one self-conscious being who has the particular sense of identity that you have right now. There is much more to you than what you experience in your conscious awareness, yet that more does not exist in the kind of alternative reality portrayed by science-fiction movies.

It does, however, exist in another realm, as I explain elsewhere. Your Conscious You is an extension of your I AM Presence, and your I AM Presence resides in the spiritual realm. Your I AM Presence is also you, although you probably see yourself as different from or separated from your I AM Presence at the moment. Nevertheless, a larger part of you does exist in the spiritual realm at the same time that your Conscious You inhabits your physical body.

It is possible that your I AM Presence can have a number of Conscious Yous in embodiment on earth at the same time. Other Conscious Yous might be in embodiment in other locations in the material universe. So from that perspective, one might say that there are other parts of the greater you that exist in alternative realities. Yet those other parts are separate lifestreams, and they have a separate sense of identity. So they are not directly affected by the choices you make in this world.

The basic truth is that there is only one of you, meaning there is only one being who has your particular sense of identity. You can expand that sense of identity and unite with a greater part of your being, and this will greatly change how you see yourself. Yet in the here and now, you really are who you think you are—you are who you see yourself as being.



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