Music in the golden age 

Question:  I have noticed that many people need music to surround them all the time. For example, people like to listen to the radio in their workplace and cars. It is also constantly playing music in shopping centers and other shops etc. I like to listen to music myself, too, but since I started with the teachings of the ascended masters I sense that almost 99% of that music is lowering my vibration, and has a loop effect to get me caught in a closed circle. What is the psychological need for this to be surrounded by music and radio? For me it is very hard to find any uplifting or non-looping effect music, and it is difficult to be there where that kind of music plays. Can Saint Germain comment on this? Will there be more silence in the golden age?

Kim: I want to refer to the answer given yesterday by Mother Mary about music because it addresses this, why people have this need to always have noise, and also talks about music and that much music is not raising your vibration. This is actually what the person is sensing. But Saint Germain will still give some teachings and also comments on this.

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

In the golden age, music of course will be changed dramatically. It will be recognized, at least as we move further into the golden age, that music, as Mother Mary said, moves energy and that you have energy bodies, your emotional, mental and identity bodies, but that even the physical body is an energy body. Therefore music can have a profound influence on these four energy bodies and it can be a constructive influence or destructive influence.

There will come a point where you will have technology that can display the aura on a screen and you can directly see the effect of various types of music, so naturally this will be used to see what effect music has. There will come a point where you will have tools that can show that certain forms of music are so destructive that they can actually lead to physical diseases, and other forms of music are so destructive that they can lead to mental diseases such as depression.

Much of the music you have today, as many people have correctly intuited, lowers your energy, forces the energies down and it is clear if you made a scientific inquiry into this that you could see a connection between the prevalence, the spreading, of this kind of music and the increase in especially depression, but even other mental illnesses and disturbances.

If you look at some of the more destructive music that is out there today and if you could look at the auras of the people who are listening to this for most of their waking hours, you will see how there is a certain accumulation of dark energy in their auras that will pull their minds into feeling hopeless, disempowered and therefore leads to depression. This will all be clear in the golden age.

This will of course lead to the development of new types of music that have the purpose of furthering people’s raising of consciousness, furthering their spiritual development, and it is clear that this will be a major field in the golden age. Of course there will also in the golden age be more and more people who reach this point that Mother Mary talked about where they do not need any outer noise. They do not need even any music because they can use spiritual tools to tune in to their own higher selves, to the ascended masters and therefore have a mystical experience and they will want to have complete silence around them in order to have that mystical experience.

There will also be technology developed, as you now have a noise cancelling headphones, you can have technology that will cancel out all sound in a particular room so that without wearing headphones you can be in a room where there is no sound to disturb your meditation and visualization.


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