The purpose of music

Question: What is the purpose of music? How does it relate to the fifth ray and its attributes?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

We have given other teachings about music, so here I will just give a very short teaching that gives you a certain perspective. The purpose of music is to move energy. Music can move energy in an upwards direction or in a downwards direction. In other words, it can raise the vibration of the energy, which can pull your mind upwards as you listen to the music, or it can lower the vibration of the energy, which can pull your mind downwards. Much music in the world, even what has become popular music, is designed specifically under the guidance of the fallen beings to draw the energies down and therefore draw people down.

Some music draws the energy down into the base chakra, creates chaos in the base chakra and causes many people to be pulled into extreme forms of behavior, such as sexual behavior or other forms of wild partying or whatever you call it. Some music, of course, lifts you up so that when you listen to it, you are having an uplifting experience.

However, when you come to the higher levels of the spiritual path, music will have less and less of an impact on you. You can listen to some of the syncopated music, and your energies will not be pulled down. You can listen to what many people call uplifting music, and your energies will not be pulled up. You do not need music to pull your energies up because you can go within your heart, tune in to your I AM Presence or the ascended masters and listen, either to what is coming from us or simply listen to stillness.

You realize that the world is very noisy. It is a very noisy place. Music, therefore, can be for some people a refuge to withdraw from the noise of the world by focusing on another type of noise. But when you reach a certain level of neutrality in your mind, where you are not pulled into identification with the world, then silence can be much more enjoyable and peaceful to you than any kind of sound, including the most uplifting music. Basically, there comes a point where you transcend the need for music.


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