Most people need healing before they can manifest personal Christhood

TOPICS: Psychological wounds must be healed on the path to Christhood – a fragment of your lifestream can be stuck somewhere in the past – you need inner experience in order to bring back fragment – be in safe environment under guidance of professional – use spiritual tools – avoid deep hypnosis – most seekers should use therapy –

Question: Many people who have participated in various psychotherapies, like holotropic breathwork and gestalt therapy, report an increase of inner joy and self-confidence, and a clearing of the negative effects of traumatic experiences. These therapies invoke inner experiences, so I was wondering, can this bring people closer to their Christ consciousness?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

The short answer is yes. As I explained in the discourse on spiritual development, there are many lifestreams on earth who have been deeply wounded and need healing before they can manifest personal Christhood. Obviously, until a lifestream attains mastery, it can still have wounds that make it highly beneficial to use various techniques for psychological or lifestream healing.

As explained in my answer to the question on Schizophrenia, the effect of trauma can be that the lifestream fragments or divides. It is this lack of wholeness that is the main hindrance to the manifestation of Christ consciousness. Therefore, by pursuing appropriate techniques for healing such wounds, a person can truly make major strides towards manifesting Christ consciousness.

Because everything revolves around the free-will choices of the Conscious You, the fragmentation or division of the lifestream starts with a decision. This decision is often based on fear, the fear of going through a traumatic situation. The Conscious You therefore decides that it does not want to experience the trauma, and it withdraws from the situation. As modern science has revealed, everything in this universe is intimately connected, and this includes time. It is therefore quite possible that a lifestream can divide and that a fragment of the lifestream can become stuck somewhere in time.

To bring that fragment back, the Conscious You needs to have an inner experience that ties it back to the original decision that caused the fragmentation of the lifestream. This does not necessarily mean that the Conscious You needs to go back and re-experience the exact situation that caused the trauma. It is quite possible that the Conscious You can have an inner experience that contains some of the main ingredients and therefore enables the Conscious You to make the decision that opens up for the return of a fragment.

Obviously, if the fragmentation occurred as a result of trauma, the Conscious You would be afraid to re-experience the situation. Therefore, the Conscious You needs to be in a safe environment in which it can overcome this fear. It might help the Conscious You to be under the guidance of a trained professional and to experience a situation that seems less threatening than the situation that caused the trauma. That is why a lifestream can often receive healing by working on a problem that occurred during childhood in its present lifetime. This problem can become a symbol for or a tie to the original trauma that occurred in a past life. For example, by outplaying a situation from the present lifetime through gestalt therapy, the Conscious You can tie in to old records and open up for the return of a fragment that was lost in a past lifetime.

As I explained in the answer to another question, it is highly prudent to use spiritual tools to enhance the effect of various kinds of therapy. When the lifestream fragments, there will be a void in the crystalline structure of the 4-fold vehicle, and it is likely to be invaded by imperfect energies or lower beings. The proper calls to Archangel Michael can clear out such entities, and a proper use of the Violet Flame or Mother Mary’s rosaries can transform the negative energy that fills the void in the 4-fold vehicle. This can greatly speed up the healing process. Yet in the end a spiritual technique cannot in itself guarantee the return of lifestream fragments. This can only happen as the result of a conscious decision.

Over the past few decades, many viable forms of therapy have been developed and more will be released by the ascended masters in coming decades. However, not all forms of therapy are safe or appropriate. I strongly recommend that you never allow yourself to be put into deep hypnosis, with which I mean a session where you have no conscious memory of what happens, where you cannot break off the session at any time or in which a therapist puts suggestive thoughts into your mind. I also recommend that you call for the spiritual protection of both yourself and the therapist before a session. There are many tragic examples in which a therapist has transferred thoughts or feelings from his or her own subconscious mind to the subconscious mind of the client. Obviously, this will not help your spiritual growth.

With proper precautions I highly recommend that any serious spiritual seeker considers using various forms of therapy. It is a sad fact that many people have been brought up to believe that you have to be insane before you go into any kind of therapy. This is a highly unproductive attitude, and it could be compared to saying that you don’t need to start taking vitamins until you get sick.

The simple fact is that you live on a planet with a lot of negative conditions, and it is almost impossible to grow up anywhere on earth without being exposed to some kind of trauma. And since virtually everyone on this planet has had many embodiments, just about everyone has a need for healing of the lifestream. So yes, appropriate forms of therapy can be one of the most efficient ways to help bring about your personal Christhood.


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