Jesus died to show victory over death

TOPICS: Jesus came to show us the way out of duality – he did so by not conforming to our mental boxes – Jesus also came to challenge death itself – Jesus had to be killed in order to demonstrate victory over death – the Christ consciousness will never conform to any form –

Question: What was the purpose of letting them kill you? Why didn’t you do something to avoid being killed?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

In the answer to another question, I explained two of the main purposes behind the crucifixion, namely to demonstrate the spiritual path to Christhood and to bring about the judgment of those who killed me. Those purposes also explain why I allowed people to kill me. I did this to demonstrate that in order to manifest Christhood, you have to be willing to go all the way. You have to be willing to lose your life (if necessary) for the sake of attaining Christhood.

In reality, the fact that I lost my physical life is meant to be a symbol which demonstrates that you have to be willing to lose your mortal sense of life, your mortal sense of identity, in order to manifest Christhood. In other words, for you to attain a new sense of identity as a Christed being, your old sense of identity as a mortal human being simply has to die.

Let me give you further teachings on the purpose for letting people kill me. It is quite true that I could have called in legions of angels to rescue me from the crucifixion. Yet I did not do so because it would have been against the very purpose of my coming.

One of the recurring themes on this website is that human beings have descended into a lower state of consciousness. They are trapped in this dualistic state of mind and they see everything through the filter of relative good and evil. The purpose for my coming was to show people that there is a way out of this mental box. It is possible to escape the lower state of consciousness and attain Christ consciousness.

In this context, the essence of the Christ consciousness is that is is above and beyond any and all of the mental boxes, the idols, that people have created in the dualistic state of mind. The carnal mind causes people to create an image of reality, and then they seek to force reality to fit into that image. I came to demonstrate that a person who has attained Christhood cannot be confined to the mental boxes created by the dualistic mind.

When you read the scriptures, you can see that I constantly challenged people’s conception of me and my mission. I challenged the scribes, the Pharisees, the Sadducees and the lawyers. I challenged the temple priests and the money changers. I challenged my own disciples and rebuked them for having too narrow a conception of me and my mission. I challenged my mother and my brothers and sisters when they came to restrain me and confine me to their mental image. I even challenged the law, which the Jews considered the ultimate authority. I said that I was above the law, and I made statements that caused people to accuse me of blasphemy by equating myself with God. So whenever I encountered people who put a mental image upon me, I always challenged that image. I attempted to destroy all of people’s mental boxes concerning what a human being can do or should be.

The image created by the carnal mind sets some very firm restrictions for what a human being can do. I challenged those mental restrictions by walking on water, raising the dead, healing the sick, multiplying the loaves and fishes and performing other acts that people considered miracles. What I really attempted to show was that when you are trapped in the dualistic mind, you truly are bound by certain limitations and restrictions. Yet it is possible to rise above those limitations by attaining the Christ consciousness.

When you do attain the Christ consciousness, you are not bound by the lower, mortal, human or material laws. Instead, you can now act based on a higher, spiritual or divine law, and this will allow you to perform actions that are considered impossible from the human level.

So you might say that my entire mission was an attempt to break down people’s mental barriers and limitations. What is the ultimate barrier, the ultimate limitation that people see for their lives? It is, of course, death itself. The death of the physical body is by so many people seen as the final limitation, the final boundary beyond which they cannot go. I had to let them kill me so that I could demonstrate that a Christed being can conquer even death. When you attain Christ consciousness, you are no longer bound by death, and you will live on beyond the death of the physical body. (Even before you attain Christ consciousness, your lifestream lives on after the body dies, but it is not free to ascend to the spiritual realm.)

The reality of life on earth is that human beings have lost all remembrance of their spiritual source. People have forgotten that they are actually spiritual beings who only temporarily embody these limited, material, mortal bodies. Yet in everything ever created by God, the Christ consciousness lies dormant within, so every human being has the potential to achieve Christ consciousness by awakening from the sleep, the spiritual sleep, in which people are trapped.

Everything was created from God’s own consciousness. The first element of creation was the universal Christ consciousness. The universal Christ consciousness is built into everything that exists. One might say that the Christ consciousness is the potential to know that you came from God and that you were created by God. The universal Christ consciousness was the first begotten Son of the Father, it was the first-born. The Christ consciousness is behind every form, but it can never be confined to any form.

God created you as his son or daughter, and you are meant to be a co-creator with God. God gave you free will, and most human beings have used that free will to descend into the lower state of consciousness in which they have forgotten their spiritual origin. That is why God sends them teachers to remind them of who they really are. So the purpose of my mission was to remind people that they are more than mortal human beings. I came to demonstrate this fact, and I did so by challenging people’s mental boxes.

The reality of the situation is that because people have free will, they can do whatever they want with the Christ consciousness. In other words, they can encage it in a warped or distorted form, as you see all over this planet. Yet they can never confine the Christ consciousness to that limited form. The Christ consciousness will always be more than the form. The Christ consciousness will never fit into people’s mental boxes. That is what I came to demonstrate.

When you are a Christed being, people can do with you whatever they want. They can nail you to a cross and kill your physical body. Yet no matter what people do to you, you will rise above it all and conquer all of their actions that spring from a limited state of consciousness. You will even conquer that final limitation, namely death itself.

You too have the potential to attain Christ consciousness and conquer all of the mental limitations that have been programmed into your conscious and subconscious minds. You even have the potential to conquer death itself. I came as an example. My website has only one purpose, namely to help you follow in my footsteps.


Copyright © 2003 by Kim Michaels