Why did God allow the crucifixion?

TOPICS: Demonstrating the spiritual path – all people follow the path demonstrated by Jesus – attachment to status quo – most people do not want to change – a person with Christhood makes people uncomfortable – Jesus came for the judgment of fallen beings – fallen beings judge themselves by attacking Christed beings – the crucifixion was not guaranteed – God could not prevent the crucifixion –

Question: What was the purpose or intent of God when he allowed Jesus to go through the crucifixion on the cross.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

My mission on earth, including my crucifixion, had many purposes of which some have never been revealed publicly. To fully explore this topic would require an entire book, which I might give at some future time. However, let me mention the two main purposes behind the crucifixion.

One purpose was to demonstrate a spiritual path that leads to a higher state of consciousness. This is a path that all people have the potential to follow and that every lifestream must follow in order to be saved and enter the kingdom of heaven, which is a state of consciousness, namely the Christ consciousness.

The situation leading up to my crucifixion, as outpictured in the 14 stations of the cross and events before that, illustrates some of the initiations that the lifestream goes through on the spiritual path. This does not mean that every lifestream has to encounter the exact same outer circumstances that I encountered. Obviously, not every lifestream has to be physically crucified in order to attain Christ consciousness. However, every lifestream will go through a similar process. For example, as you begin to attain a higher state of consciousness, you are likely to encounter various types of persecution from the world.

Most people in today’s world have forgotten their spiritual origin. One of the most amazing things about human beings is their ability to adapt, meaning that they have the ability to become comfortable in even the most atrocious situations. This causes people to become attached to status quo. When you look at the current suffering and misery found on planet earth, it is utterly amazing to me that any human being can feel comfortable about the current conditions found on this planet. Yet, so many people have managed to get themselves into a state of consciousness in which they are not truly willing to do what it takes to create change. They are especially not willing to change themselves, their beliefs and approach to life, in order to create this change.

Because most people have descended into a state of consciousness in which they feel comfortable in uncomfortable circumstances, they have accepted certain subtle lies. These beliefs make people feel that there are certain things on earth that simply cannot be changed. Most people feel that it simply isn’t possible for a human being to rise beyond the state of consciousness in which they feel comfortable. So when one person rises to a higher state of consciousness and begins to express his or her individual Christhood, it will make the people around that person feel uncomfortable. A Christed being is a threat to the comfortability of the people who are denying their own spiritual potential. Some of these people will want to silence the voice that beckons them to come up higher.

Today, you are not likely to be nailed to a wooden cross for manifesting your Christhood. However, you might be crucified by your peers or even by the mass media. This has happened to many people who took a stand and spoke out against status quo. Just look at how often such people are literally crucified by the media, by those in positions of power who do not want to lose their privileges or by the people who do not want to go beyond their comfort zone.

In summary, an important part of the crucifixion was to demonstrate the path and to give lifestreams the opportunity, through my example, to choose to come up higher or remain where they are comfortable.

Another very important aspect of the crucifixion is captured in my statement, “For judgment I am come.” As I have explained elsewhere, a lifestream does not have an unlimited time to decide that it wants to come back to God. There comes a point when the lifestream must choose whether it wants to serve God or continue to serve the lower forces that rebel against God’s law.

When a critical mass of human beings descended into a lower state of consciousness, it became possible for certain lifestreams to embody on this planet that were not originally meant to embody here. These lifestreams had long ago rebelled against God’s law and while the earth was still pure, such lifestreams were not allowed to embody on this planet. Yet when the consciousness of humankind was lowered, these lifestreams were given an opportunity to embody here. Some of these lifestreams made wise use of this opportunity and turned to the light. Others became even more rebellious and attempted to control the rest of the population. Their goal is to make it seem like the earth is a planet that is separated from God.

Such rebellious lifestreams have, in fact, created, or caused other lifestreams to create, the vast majority of the atrocities that you see throughout history. When such a rebellious lifestream was first allowed to come to earth, it was given a certain time span. However, if such a lifestream commits certain atrocities, that time span can be shortened. In other words, through its own actions the lifestream will judge itself, and it will be removed to another level of God’s creation.

One of the actions that can judge a rebellious lifestream is that it kills or otherwise violates innocent lifestreams. Another atrocity is to kill or violate a lifestream who has attained either full Christhood or a high level of Christhood. When I came to earth, I came partly to act as the instrument for the judgment of certain rebellious lifestreams. Through their interaction with me, they were given an opportunity to choose to turn around and serve the Christ or to rebel against that Christ and therefore lose their opportunity to remain on earth.

Some lifestreams did indeed turn around and confessed the Christ. Others refused to do so and they attempted to kill me because they believed that by killing my physical body they would escape the judgment. Little did they know that the act of killing the embodied Christ brought about that judgment. Although these lifestreams lived out that one physical lifetime, they were nevertheless taken from this earth. This does not mean that all rebellious lifestreams were taken from the earth 2,000 years ago. There are still many such lifestreams left and as an increasing number of human beings begin to embody Christ consciousness, these remaining rebellious lifestreams will face the judgment. This judgment will be delivered by the many Christed beings instead of just one. Therefore, it will be far more difficult for rebellious lifestreams to kill or silence the Christed ones.

I realize that for many people this is a difficult topic. If you are new to the idea of the judgment, please do not overreact. Take some time to contemplate these ideas. Use the technique for inner attunement, and if you will seek with an open mind and heart, you will gradually come to a greater understanding of these ideas.

As a final note, let me say that God did not actually allow me to be crucified in the sense that God wanted me to be crucified. As I have attempted to explain throughout this website, the ultimate law for the material universe is the Law of Free Will. God gave people free will, and in so doing God gave up the ability to predict exactly how human beings are going to react. Therefore, neither God, nor any member of the ascended masters, could predict exactly how my embodiment as Jesus would turn out.

Obviously, it was possible to make some predictions based on the past behavior of human beings. It was known that people do not like to be disturbed in their comfortability. It was known that certain lifestreams were not likely to turn around and face the light. Therefore, there was a likelihood that they would attempt to silence the living Christ.

Yet it was not possible to predict exactly how events would turn out. Who could predict that the mob would choose Barabbas over me? Who could predict exactly how Pontius Pilate would exercise his authority? Who could predict exactly how the temple priest would respond to this situation? For that matter, who could predict exactly how my own disciples would respond. If some of them had risen to the full stature of their Christhood, things could have turned out differently. Obviously, I could have changed the situation in various ways.

What I am saying here is that although God did allow me to incarnate on this planet, knowing full well the propensities of human beings, the traditional Christian perspective is not entirely correct. Because God has created the Law of Free Will, God actually could not prevent people from crucifying me without violating or suspending that law. So God could not easily have prevented the crucifixion once I had started my mission. Therefore, God did not passively stand by and allow people to crucify me. God did not want me to be crucified. God would have preferred to see my mission turn out differently and to see the people of Israel accept me as their spiritual king rather than their worldly king. Therefore, God did not allow me to be crucified; God allowed his Law of Free Will to stand, and thereby God allowed human beings to make their choices.


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