The separation of church and state

TOPICS: A balanced approach is needed – the true intent of the Founding Fathers – a church must not exert power over the civilian government – the most basic human right – the power elite versus the population – no power on earth can take away rights – a nation under God – universal spirituality – overcoming extremism – a warning to America – the 911 attacks – 

Question: Can you please address the issue of the separation of church and state? 

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Recent events have put a new focus on the American Constitution, especially the issue of the separation between church and state. As with any other issue on planet earth, there is a polarization of the debate. Two opposing factions are emerging, and each of them claims to have the only truth.

Currently, none of the opposing factions have the truth, let alone the only truth. I desire to attempt to bring a balanced perspective into the debate in the hope that it might enlighten those who are willing to look beyond the polarized viewpoints, the black and white positions, and take a balanced approach to the issue.

If you read the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution with an open mind, there can be no doubt that the Founding Fathers intended to create a nation with a clear separation between church and state. Yet I must tell you that hardly anyone in the United States’ government, legal establishment and media seems to have a correct understanding of the Founding Fathers’ original intent behind the separation of church and state.

The essential issue here is that while the Founding Fathers did indeed intend a separation between church and state, they did not intend a separation between the state and all religion, or rather spirituality.

Why did the Founding Fathers see a clear need to write the separation of church and state into the Constitution? Because they were painfully aware of what had been going on in Europe for centuries. They were determined to do everything possible to prevent the United States from repeating the misuse of power seen so clearly in the history of the European continent.

One of the great problems in Europe had been the emergence of the Catholic Church as a totalitarian power attempting to control every aspect of life in Catholic nations. Even in some Protestant nations there was a clear tendency for a particular church to exert far too much power over the civil government. I am not saying this to single out the Catholic Church or any other church. I am simply pointing out that throughout history there has been a tendency for religious people to become rigid and dogmatic, wanting to silence or remove all other religions than their own. Over the course of history, this has often caused religious authorities to attempt to use civil governments to outlaw what they saw as competing religions.

The Founding Fathers clearly saw that the most basic human right is each person’s right to have a direct, personal relationship with God, a relationship which no authority on earth has the right to distort or manipulate. The freedom to worship truly is the most basic of all human freedoms.

Consider carefully the words from the Declaration of Independence,
“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights.”

The Founding Fathers had learned the lesson that throughout the history of the human race a small elite has attempted to control and manipulate the general population. This power elite will use any means available to it, including the civil government and the religious authorities of the time. The main goal of the Founding Fathers was to write a Constitution that would make it as difficult as possible for a small elite to dominate the population of the United States.

To counteract the tendency towards elitism, the Founding Fathers clearly saw that the Constitution had to recognize the existence of an authority that is above and beyond any human, or earthly, authority. If you do not recognize that there is a power beyond any human power, then you cannot prevent elitism and power struggles from undermining the freedom of the people.

To establish a truly free nation, it must be recognized that every human being has rights that no earthly leader or institution is allowed to take away. In other words, neither a civil government, a dictator, a king or even a religious leader has the authority to take away the rights that God gave to his people.

The Founding Fathers had learned the lesson from history, which clearly demonstrates that once you allow any human institution to claim that it has ultimate power, it is inevitable that there will be the misuse of power. Unfortunately, it seems as if most modern Americans, protected by their Constitution, have forgotten the lesson of history that was so clear to the Founding Fathers. Most modern Americans have forgotten that their freedom, and even the survival of their nation, rests upon the concept of rights that are given by a higher authority, namely God. If people had not forgotten this lesson, how could we possibly have a situation in which the government, the media and the courts are sincerely debating and considering that all mention of religion should be taken out of all aspects of the United States’ government?

The Founding Fathers wanted a separation of church and state because they did not want to see the emergence of one dominant church which would do in the United States what the Catholic Church had done in Europe. However, the Founding Fathers never wanted to create a state in which the recital of prayers in public schools was banned by the Supreme Court, a court charged with defending the Constitution.

The Founding Fathers simply could not imagine that the very institution which they created for the purpose of defending the Constitution would eventually become so degraded and perverted that it actually attacked and undermined the very principle upon which the Constitution rests, namely that this nation is a nation under God. The Founding Fathers could not imagine that Americans could forget that only by accepting the authority of God as being above and beyond any earthly authority can this nation survive.

When you look at the fact that the Founding Fathers wrote the separation of church and state into the Constitution, you clearly see that although they were highly spiritual people, they did not take a sectarian approach to religion. In other words, they did not believe that their particular church was the only true church. If they had been caught in the trap represented by the sectarian approach to religion, they would not have written the separation of church and state into the Constitution. They would have worked to ensure that their church would become the dominant church in the new republic.

When you read the Constitution, you see that the Founding Fathers were highly religious, or rather spiritual, people. However, their approach to spirituality was precisely the universal, non-sectarian, balanced approach that I am advocating throughout this website. The Founding Fathers believed in, and lived, the exact same universal spirituality that I preached 2,000 years ago and which has been preached by every true spiritual leader who has ever graced the surface of this war-torn planet.

My point here is that the only way to resolve the debate around the separation of church and state is that a critical mass of people must begin to embrace and live this universal spirituality. Only if this happens can we hope to prevent the unbalanced viewpoints from derailing the debate.

Today, the debate is dominated by two opposing factions. One is the religious right, namely Christian churches espousing a literal or fundamentalist interpretation of the scriptures. The goal of this movement is to force the United States to conform to its literal or fundamentalist interpretation of the Christian religion.

The other faction is dominated by people who believe in the religion of scientific materialism. These people believe that there is no God and that there never was any God. Therefore, their goal is to take everything related to God and spirituality out of every aspect of the American government and, if possible, the American way of life.

I must tell you frankly that both of these opposing factions are out of touch with the original intent of the Founding Fathers of this nation. The Founding Fathers did not want to create a nation dominated by one particular church. They wanted all people to have the freedom to worship without having their relationship to God dictated by an earthly authority. Likewise, the Founding Fathers did not want to create a nation in which all mention of God or spirituality was banned from any governmental institution.

The Founding Fathers had a universal approach to spirituality and their hope and dream was that most Americans would espouse that universal approach. So far this dream has not been fulfilled, but it is never too late. It is still possible that a critical mass of Americans can begin to see beyond the extremist positions represented by both sides of the issue. It is still possible that a critical mass of Americans could embrace the middle way of the Christ consciousness.

My goal for this website is to make people aware of this middle way which offers a viable alternative, in fact the only viable alternative, to the eternal human power struggle.

Yes, I am indeed Jesus Christ and I know that some people will say that I want everyone to become a Christian. Yet if you will honestly study my website, LINK you will see that this is not my intention. I want everyone to embrace and attain a higher state of consciousness which is above and beyond the relativity and duality of the dualistic mind. This is the message that I preached 2,000 years ago, and this is the message that I preach again today. May those who have ears hear my words and save their nation and their Constitution from becoming yet another victim in the power struggle that has been fought on this planet since the first human being fell into a lower state of consciousness.

I love this nation and so do many of my colleagues of the ascended masters. This nation is truly meant to be a nation under God. There are those in this nation, and they are found on both sides of the issue, who believe that the American people have a right to do whatever they want with this nation according to their current beliefs.

As I explain throughout this website, God has given human beings free will. Therefore, the American people do indeed have a right to do as they please with their nation.

Yet I cannot fail to warn you of what will happen if America continues to move in the present direction. It is a simple fact that America was sponsored by certain ascended masters who gave much light to the founding and the growth of this nation. It is precisely this spiritual sponsorship that has enabled the United States of America to become a prosperous and powerful nation. Yet currently America has entered a downward spiral of misusing its power and abandoning the original intent behind the founding of this nation. If this downward trend continues, the sponsorship of the ascended masters can indeed be withdrawn from this nation. Were this to happen, the United States would go through a phase very similar to the collapse of the Roman Empire.

Many Americans currently believe that it is their own ingenuity and hard work which has built this nation. I am not discounting the ingenuity and hard work of the American people. Yet what has truly built this nation is the Light of God flowing through the American people. As I said, it is not my own self but the Father within me who is doing the work.

If the spiritual light was withdrawn, the American people would go through a rude awakening and discover that no amount of ingenuity and hard work can ensure the survival of their nation. Only the sponsorship and the protection of the ascended masters can ensure the survival of America.

In that respect, let me mention briefly that the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 were a clear indication that the American people have created a rent in the spiritual protection of this nation. These terrorist attacks, as terrible as they seem to most Americans, were only a faint echo of things that could come upon this nation if it lost its spiritual sponsorship.

I am not saying this to in any way sound like a doomsday prophet. I am saying it to point out that there is a lot at stake in the Constitutional debate concerning the separation of church and state. If America does not resolve this issue by embracing a universal approach to spirituality, the downward trend cannot be reversed. The key to reversing the downward trend is the return of the spiritual principles behind not only the Constitution but the very creation of this nation.

We of the ascended masters are watching this debate, and we are almost holding our breath because we know how much is at stake. This is not just another debate about some academic issue. This is THE debate about the most essential issue facing this nation. Will the American people continue to allow God in their government, or will they say to God, “We no longer need you?”


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