Is Jesus frustrated?

TOPICS: Jesus’ divine individuality is passionate and compassionate – an ascended master has feelings, but not self-centered – it is not easy for Jesus to see how we continually reject what he offers us –

Question: Does Jesus experience frustration?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Yes I do, although the feelings of an ascended being are not exactly the same as the feelings of and unascended being. Contrary to the idol that has been built by human beings, I was not without personality and individuality, as I explain elsewhere. If you read the scriptures with an open mind, you will see that I often expressed strong emotions, including frustration. The scriptures record several instances where I was frustrated with my disciples. I upbraided the cities. I challenged the religious authorities, and I was quite distraught in the garden of Gethsemane. My divine individuality is very passionate and compassionate, and as a result of that I experienced strong emotions while I was on earth.

Today, I still experience strong emotions, although as an ascended being my emotions are not self-centered. When you ascend, you overcome the selfishness and self-centeredness that is so characteristic of most people on earth. You will see that most people experience frustration when life doesn’t treat them the way they think they should be treated. In other words, they are frustrated when life doesn’t turn out the way they want it to go. They are frustrated when they can’t get their way. They feel that they have somehow been deprived of something that was their God-given right. It is all about them. For me, it is also all about them.

As an ascended being, I continuously experience situations where things do not go the way I would prefer to see them go. However, this is not in relation to my personal situation; it is in relation to what I would like to see happen to my unascended brothers and sisters.

I would like to see all of you qualify for eternal life, yet you continue to bind yourselves to a mortal sense of identity.

I would like to see all of you experience the abundant life on earth, yet you continue to limit yourselves through dualistic beliefs.

I would like to see all of you be free from your dualistic minds and human limitations, yet you continue to hang on to these imperfect conditions for dear life.

I would like to see all of you get to know my true teachings, as I give them on my website, yet the vast majority of Christians dare not look beyond the doctrines of the orthodox churches.

I would like to see all of you overcome all fear in your approach to religion, yet so many of you are afraid to look beyond the fear-based doctrines of a false church that has no part with me.

I would like to have all of you see me as an example to follow and walk the path to personal Christhood, yet most of you continue to deny the Christ within you.

It is not easy for an ascended being to know what could have been and still have to see all of the suffering, the limitations and the pain that is the daily reality for so many people on earth.

It is not easy to look at people repeat the same mistake over and over again—the same mistakes they have already repeated in many lifetimes.

It is not easy to see people continue to create consequences that lead to suffering, and then turn around and blame God for the fact that they reap what they have sown.

It is not easy to continually reach out a hand and offer people the key of knowledge, only to have people ignore it or deny their own potential.

It is not easy to watch people look everywhere outside themselves for salvation, despite the fact that I told them 2,000 years ago that the kingdom of God is within them.

Yet despite my strong desire to see all of you rise out of suffering, it is not a frustration that is centered on myself. It is a frustration that is centered on you.

How long oh Lord will they continue to waffle in their self-created Hell on earth?

How long before they will dare to believe my words, follow in my footsteps and do the works that I did, so that we can bring God’s kingdom to earth as that kingdom is already manifest above?

How long before they will dare to follow my true teachings instead of following the false teachings of the false pastors that preach in my name?

I can assure you that many of your ascended brothers and sisters experience a sense of frustration over the fact that there is still so much suffering on earth. If you would like to relieve all of us of that frustration, then walk the path of personal Christhood, so that you can be here below all that you are above. Work with your ascended brothers and sisters, so that we together can bring God’s kingdom to earth and end human suffering.


Copyright © 2004 by Kim Michaels