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TOPICS: Idolatry prevents people from seeing that Jesus had individuality – he is considered a non-person by many – you do not lose individuality by putting on Christhood – Jesus had a distinct personality – there is only one truth, but it can be expressed in many different ways – truth must be individualized in order to be expressed – more than one true religion – you must look beyond the outer teaching – some rejected Jesus’ teachings because of his personality – the world is an unending opportunity to learn and grow – Jesus is a very direct master – Jesus is not touchy-feely – Jesus accepts no excuses – only Christhood will satisfy our inner longing –

Question: What kind of person was/is Jesus?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

How come so many Christians have never seriously considered what kind of person I was? Why don’t they consider what kind of personality and individuality I expressed during my mission?

One obvious reason is that they consider me to be the son of God. Because of the intense cult of idolatry built around me, people find it difficult to imagine that I had individuality and personality. Yet, I was born of a woman, and I grew up as any other child. Why would I not have been born with a certain individuality, and why would I not have developed a distinct personality during my formative years?

What I am trying to make you see here is that most people consider me to be almost a non-person. They think that the son of God would not have personality and individuality. This simply is not the case.

It is unwise to use the dualistic mind to reason backwards. The reason being that as long as the lifestream is caught in the dualistic mind, the lifestream will project human qualities onto God. Therefore, the lifestream will develop a false image of God. Yet, there is nothing wrong with reasoning that the son of God has individuality.

The reason why I am bringing up this point is that every lifestream was originally created with a distinct individuality. The lifestream has a very deep inner desire to preserve and develop that individuality. This inner desire is the driving force behind what people call the survival instinct. Your spiritual survival instinct is a desire to preserve your true individuality so that it is not destroyed by any outside influence.

Because of this survival instinct, no human being will want to put on Christhood if they believe that putting on Christhood means that you have to lose your individuality. Therefore, it is important for me to make you understand that you do not lose your individuality by putting on your Christhood.

By putting on the new human of your Christhood, you will have to put off the old human of the dualistic mind and your pseudo identity. Therefore, in one sense you might lose some of the characteristics that you currently consider to be part of your personality. For a lifestream who is very identified with the dualistic mind, this might seem like a loss. However, as soon as the lifestream begins to shift its sense of identity towards the Christ consciousness, that sense of loss will quickly disappear.

Imagine that you are walking down the street and meet a man who is dressed in expensive clothing. The man asks if you have a penny, and you show him a coin. The man now tells you that if you will give him the penny, he will give you a million dollars in return. Would you lose anything in that bargain?

Yes, you would indeed lose the penny, but would it be a true loss? When I walked the earth, I was like the man who offered everyone the million dollar value of the Christ consciousness in return for their pocket change of the human personality. It truly was the deal of a lifetime, yet I am sorry to say that most people rejected my offer.

So many people preferred to hold on to the pseudo personality of the dualistic mind instead of embracing the true personality that was given to them by God. Please do not hold on to a few pennies and thereby lose the kingdom of God.

You will not lose your true individuality by putting on your Christhood. Instead, you will find your God-given personality, and you will be free from the prison house of the false individuality that is constantly tormenting your lifestream.

NOTE: The rest of this answer is avbailable in the book: The Mystical Teachings of Jesus.


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