Is a Course in Miracles from the ascended masters?

TOPICS: Contains many true teachings – any teaching given through the consciousness of the messenger – need to go beyond the course – not correct to say the world is not real – people co-create the world – the world is not meant to disappear, but to become the kingdom of God – follow your inner direction –

Question: Several years ago, I became interested in reading and studying A Course in Miracles and then, very suddenly lost interest and decided not to pursue that teaching. Later on, I was told by a student of the ascended masters that this teaching was only about 90% accurate (or truthful). Does this popular course, in fact, contain true teachings of the ascended masters? 

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

A Course in Miracles does indeed contain true ideas, as do many other religious and spiritual teachings. Many people, especially in the New Age movement, have used the course to develop a deeper understanding of the spiritual path and of my true, inner teachings. On their fruits you shall know them, and the Course in Miracles has helped many people.

You are correct that the course is not 100 % accurate, but I can tell you that no spiritual teaching found in the material world is 100 % accurate.

A spiritual teaching is always given through the consciousness of a person in embodiment. It is therefore inevitable that the spiritual teaching will be affected by the consciousness of the person acting as a messenger. In some cases, as explained elsewhere, the personal agenda of the messenger can color the spiritual teaching or even distort the message. However, even if a person has no agenda, the contents of the person’s consciousness will affect the spiritual teaching.

For example, when I speak through Kim I must use words and concepts that are in his vocabulary and consciousness. It would be very difficult for me to give a meaningful discourse through him about a topic that he knows nothing about. In other words, the more the messenger understands about a topic, the more profound and meaningful the spiritual teaching that can be brought forth through that messenger. And the more the messenger is free of any personal agenda, the more pure the spiritual teaching that can be brought forth through that messenger.

The messenger who brought forth the Course in Miracles was not a spiritually interested person. Her belief system was based on scientific materialism. This was not necessarily a disadvantage because it made the Course more appealing to people in that state of mind. Yet because the messenger did not have an outer knowledge or a deep inner understanding of spiritual concepts, there was a limit to what could be brought forth through her. I am not saying this to in any way criticize the messenger, because she truly deserves credit for bringing forth the Course and for being willing to set aside her skepticism and still bring forth this material. I am simply stating an obvious fact.

The purpose of any spiritual teaching is to bring about a transformation of consciousness. If the messenger for the Course in Miracles had fully embraced this transformation in consciousness, the Course would have been more profound and more pure. Therefore, it is important that students of the Course realize the need to go beyond the Course—as many have indeed done.

What I am saying here is that some of the ideas in the Course are not entirely accurate or complete. There are some missing pieces that can cause confusion amongst inexperienced students. Furthermore, it is important to realize that the Course is not complete in and of itself. It is but one example of progressive revelation, and students of the Course can benefit from studying other sources.

As one example of an inaccurate idea, the Course states that the material world is not real. It was not created by God because God is beyond time and space. Thus, according to the Course, the world is a product of perception, of the ego’s belief in separation from God. While there is truth in the idea that the world is greatly influenced by people’s perception, it is not correct to say that the world was created exclusively by the ego’s perception. Planet earth was created by seven spiritual beings, whom the Bible call Elohim. They created a perfectly balanced planet, and their basic matrix has not been fundamentally altered. However, after human beings fell into a lower state of consciousness, people did, through the creative powers of the mind, create an imperfect overlay that has to a large degree covered the original matrix of Elohim.

This overlay is ultimately unreal because it is not in accordance with the laws of God and therefore not sustainable. However, for the time being it is real in the sense that it is created from misqualified energy. This energy would not simply disappear even if all people suddenly attained Christ consciousness. The present imperfect conditions were created over time through a misqualification of energy, and it will take time and effort to change the vibration of the energy back to its original purity.

In other words, while it is essential that people escape the sense of separation that springs from the ego, this will not make the physical world disappear. And it will not, in itself, return the earth to its original state of purity. The material world was created by God as an extension of its Being. It is meant to become an extension of God’s kingdom, but this can happen only when the individualizations of God – such as human beings – become fully conscious of their intended role as co-creators with God. In other words, the purpose of spiritual growth is not to make the world disappear but to elevate the world (by raising its vibration) to become a worthy mansion in my Father’s house.

Concerning the second part of your question, the true purpose of a spiritual teaching is to help you establish contact with your inner teacher, your Christ self. Once you establish that contact, you should allow your Christ self to direct you to other spiritual teachings that will help you move on. As long as you follow your inner directions, you will make maximum progress. It is only when you allow yourself to become attached to a particular outer teaching that your progress slows down or even comes to a halt.

You describe how you first became interested in the Course and then lost interest. The essential question here is whether your initial interest came from within or was the result of an outer influence and whether you lost interest as a result of an inner direction or outer influence? As I said, always strive to follow your inner impulses.

Let me also say that it is quite difficult to put a firm number on the purity or truthfulness of a spiritual teaching. It will very much depend on the criteria you use for evaluating the teaching. Nevertheless, an inexperienced student would do better by studying a teaching that is highly accurate and pure. The reason being that the student has not yet developed the discernment to tell the difference between a true idea and an idea that is distorted or erroneous. Therefore, the more pure the teaching the better for the student.

However, as the student matures and begins to develop inner attunement, the question of the purity of a spiritual teaching becomes less important. The student has now developed a certain inner discernment and can therefore study a teaching and divide the word of truth, thereby taking the true, useful ideas while ignoring all inaccurate ideas.


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