Do the ascended masters have only one messenger?

TOPICS: Different ways to be a messenger – unconscious messengers – messengers who do not state their source – conscious and open messengers – pure motives are essential – a spiritual mantle – Jesus attempted to establish tradition of progressive revelation – esoteric knowledge not taught in public – no perfect messengers – masters want to reach many different groups of people – all who attain some Christhood can serve as messengers – millions of people needed to bring forth new ideas – new cycle – outpouring of the spirit – certain dangers – the need for centralized power – divide and conquer – the universal path beyond all expressions – the universal brotherhood of light –

Question: Do the ascended masters have only messenger at a time, and will these teachings replace those of other messengers?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

These are very important questions, and the short answer to both of them is “no.” To expand this answer, let us clarify the meaning of the term “messenger.”

The simplest definition of a messenger is a person who receives a message from a source outside him/herself and then delivers that message to someone else. However, in this context we are talking about a person who acts as a messenger between the ascended masters and people who are not yet able to contact us directly. Therefore, we are talking about a person who is able to raise his or her consciousness to the level of the Christ consciousness (at least on a temporary basis) and therefore receive an idea, an image or a worded message directly from us. The messenger then shares this “message” with people who are not yet able to raise their consciousness to that level. The person might deliver this message in many different ways (for example, the composer Handel acted as a messenger, when he brought forth “The Messiah”).

There are different ways to be a messenger, and there are levels of messengership. Some people are unconscious messengers, and they receive ideas or messages in the form of intuitive insights. These people might not know where the insights come from, and in some cases they claim the ideas as their own.

At a higher level of messengership, people know that the intuitive insights come from a higher source. They might see this source as their higher selves or as spiritual beings from a higher octave or dimension. However, this does not mean that such messengers need to state the source of the messages. We have many messengers who serve faithfully without ever disclosing the source, and this is perfectly in order.

At a still higher level of messengership, you have people whose mission makes it necessary to openly declare that they are serving in the capacity of messengers for the ascended masters (often using a different term than “messenger”). We have had a number of such messengers throughout history, going back to Abraham (and beyond). We have had such messengers in almost every religious tradition and some messengers even served outside a formal religion.

By studying the lives of such people, you will see that they have often been exposed to persecution from the forces of this world. You might notice that my life was a perfect example of this persecution. This is one reason why many conscious messengers do not announce their messengership to the world.

Even when people do declare that they are messengers for us, there are many levels of messengership. You must understand that being a messenger is not something you can do with the lower consciousness of the dualistic mind. There are people in the world who claim to be messengers, yet who are not messengers for the ascended masters. These people have impure motives for wanting to be messengers, and therefore, they often seek to take heaven (and messengership) by force. Consequently, they can end up being a channel for lower or psychic forces.

To be a true messenger, you need to raise your consciousness and manifest a certain level of personal Christhood. Therefore, anyone who manifests a certain level of Christhood can and will (if willing) serve as a messenger in some capacity. However, this does not mean that we want all such people to declare themselves as messengers, because we do not want them to be exposed to the persecution of the world.

Before we encourage a person to declare that he or she is a messenger, we always try to protect that person from the onslaught of the forces of this world. Part of this protection is that we give the messenger a certain transfer of light, a certain anointment, a certain spiritual mantle. The mantle serves to protect the messenger, and it facilitates the transfer of light through the messenger. Without such a mantle, it would be very dangerous for a person to openly declare that he or she is a messenger.

Even when a person receives a mantle as messenger, there are different types of mantles and different levels of mantles. As a messenger grows in experience and proves “faithful over a few things,” his or her mantle will be expanded.

Throughout history, we have had a number of messengers. The number of messengers has increased greatly over the last century because of a special dispensation. During my mission on earth, I attempted to create a tradition of progressive revelation through the Holy Spirit. You will see this in the early days of Christianity, when my disciples preached by the Holy Spirit. If that tradition had been kept alive, there would have been a widespread and well-established tradition whereby we could speak through many different people in many different capacities. However, for reasons explained elsewhere on this site, this original vision did not come to pass.

As we neared the end of the Piscean Age, it became obvious to the ascended masters that a new approach was needed. Up until that point, there was certain knowledge, certain esoteric teachings, that had never been released to the general public. Such knowledge was only taught in secret to those who were ready for a higher understanding of the law. You will see this in the fact that I taught the multitudes in parables and expounded all things to my disciples. Even during the Dark Ages and the Inquisition, this esoteric knowledge was taught through secret societies and brotherhoods.

In the late 1800’s, we of the ascended masters decided to lift the restriction on teaching esoteric knowledge to the general public. Therefore, a new dispensation was given whereby this knowledge would now be made available in printed form, so that anyone with an open mind could find such teachings.

As a result of this new dispensation, the past century has seen a number of people and organizations who acted in the capacity of true messengers for the ascended masters. Obviously, the past century has also seen an increase in false messengers, who claim to represent us, yet their teachings do not originate from us.

I am currently working with a number of messengers on this planet. Some are unconscious, some are conscious and some are declared messengers. When I survey past and present messengers, I must tell you that in some I see a need to feel that they are the only messenger or even the only messenger who has ever served on planet earth. In some cases, we allow a person to have this desire, because we can still use that person as a messenger.

The simple fact is that you do not have to be humanly perfect to serve as a messenger for the ascended masters. If you want a perfect messenger, you need to ascend to heaven. Of course, when you ascend to heaven, you no longer need a messenger. Therefore, the dream of a perfect messenger springs from the human consciousness, and I suggest that all sincere seekers abandon that dream. It simply will not serve you on your spiritual path.

Why do we always seek to work with as many messengers as possible? One reason is that we are constantly trying to reach every human being on earth. This simply cannot be done through one religion or one messenger. People will only listen to a messenger if they can identify with that messenger. Therefore, to reach many different groups of people, we need many different messengers. Another reason is that we of the ascended masters know how difficult it is to be a messenger, and we also know the unpredictability of the human psyche. If you think we are serious about saving the world (and we are), do you really think we would put all of our eggs in one basket?

We of the ascended masters always seek to work with people at their present level of consciousness. Then, we seek to raise them to the next level. This is true for all messengers, no matter their level of service or their spiritual mantle. You should always assume that as long as a person is in physical embodiment on planet earth, that person still has something to learn. Why should you make this assumption? Because even here in heaven all of us still have something to learn about God.

The final point I want to make is that to attain the correct perspective on messengers, you need to walk the path of personal Christhood. When you walk that path, you gradually begin to establish contact with your higher self, your Christ Self. The Christ Self is the mediator between human beings and God. Therefore, through your Christ Self you have a direct line of contact to the ascended masters (your spiritual teachers).

Obviously, when a person establishes that line of contact, we of the ascended masters can use that person as a messenger in some capacity. Therefore, I want everyone to see that they have the potential to be messengers at some level. This does not mean that I want everyone to openly declare that they are messengers. I do not need hundreds of people who write books in my name. However, I do need millions of people who are willing to use their expertise in a specific field to bring forth ideas from the ascended masters. I need millions of people who are willing to simply live and speak such ideas in their daily lives.

When you talk about messengership, it is important to understand that planet earth is going through a very intense period of spiritual transformation. Many spiritually interested people are aware that the earth is moving out of the Age of Pisces and into the Age of Aquarius. The Age of Aquarius is the age of the Holy Spirit. It is an age like the one described in the Old Testament prophecy of Joel:

28  And it shall come to pass afterward, I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions:
29 And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my spirit.

Therefore, we are quickly moving into an age where there will be many messengers, serving at various capacities. I hope you can see that when such an outpouring of Spirit takes place, there are always potential dangers. The biggest danger is that those who receive a portion of the Holy Spirit will begin to claim it as their own or claim that they are the only ones who have received the true spirit and that all others have received the false spirit. Even in the early days of Christianity, this happened amongst my followers, and it was one of the reasons why they eventually lost the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Therefore, I hope that many people will begin to understand that in this new age you should not hold on to the belief that there can be only one true messenger, one true church or one true teaching. I have explained this further in my answer to the question of whether there is only one true church.

During the Age of Pisces, my vision was the establishment of a loosely-knit network of people striving for personal Christhood as well as preaching and demonstrating that Christhood. I did not envision the emergence of one totalitarian church that squashed all others. However, this was the danger of the Age of Pisces. It was an age in which humankind had to transcend the need for centralized power and control. During this age, you saw a number of attempts to establish such centralized power and control. You have also seen most of them fail, and one perfect example is world communism.

Obviously, the big centralized churches is another example. Even now, such churches are losing members and they will continue to lose members as long as they attempt to hold on to centralized power, centralized control and the idea that they are the only true church. I can assure you that in the new age of Aquarius, most people will no longer buy into the idea that there has to be only one true church. Likewise, most people will not accept the idea that there has to be only one or one true messenger.

I know that an increasing number of people are able to recognize that we of the ascended masters do send messengers to earth. I sincerely hope that all of these people will let go of the idea that there has to be only one messenger. I hope that the many different messengers that I am currently working with, and the followers of the messengers we have sent over the past century, will be able to transcend all differences. I hope they will come together and recognize that they are all part of the same movement.

I hope they will recognize that all true messengers have brought forth valid teachings and that we of the ascended masters would prefer not to repeat ourselves too many times. Therefore, one messenger brought forth a particular teaching that you will not find with the same amount of detail elsewhere. If you are a sincere student of the universal path, is it wise to confine your studies to one particular organization?

Where is your loyalty? Is it to one particular person or organization? Or are you loyal to the universal Truth of God, a truth that transcends all outer expressions and divisions?

This does not mean that I want all students to join the same organization. I have no desire to see one centralized church dominate the Age of Aquarius. However, we of the ascended masters have a very strong desire to see people recognize that beyond all religions and all messengers is a universal path, a universal brotherhood and sisterhood.

We desire all sincere spiritual seekers on earth to see themselves as part of that brotherhood and sisterhood. You are simply God’s children on earth, as we of the ascended masters are God’s children in heaven. When you recognize yourself as part of this universal spiritual movement, you no longer have time or attention to fight with your neighbor over who has the better teaching or the better messenger. You simply realize that the overall goal of the ascended masters is to raise the consciousness of every human being on earth. Therefore, all spiritual people should join in this goal and seek to promote that goal through whatever organization or teaching they prefer.

The tactic of the adversary has always been divide and conquer. The Prince of this world has always attempted to divide those who are the representatives of God on earth. There is no more powerful tool for the dark forces than to get spiritual people and spiritual groups to fight amongst themselves and thereby forget the only thing that will bring God’s kingdom to earth, namely a universal sense of brotherhood and sisterhood, a universal sense of belonging to something that is bigger than the dualistic mind, bigger than the human ego and bigger than the forces of this world. That something is the universal brotherhood and sisterhood of light.

We, who are in heaven, clearly see and acknowledge that we are part of that Brotherhood of light, and there is no competition or conflict between us. So many wonderful spiritual people on earth have not yet truly embraced that feeling of universal brotherhood. So many spiritual people recognize the existence of the ascended masters. They recognize that we can speak to human beings through individuals and organizations. Yet, they have not overcome the human sense of separation, conflict and competition, and therefore they believe that the teaching or organization to which they belong is the highest or most important.

I must tell you frankly that this belief springs from the relativity and duality of the dualistic mind which gives people a need to feel better than others. It has no basis in heaven. It has no room in heaven. Therefore, it should have no room in the hearts of those who desire to be part of the universal brotherhood of light and to help bring God’s kingdom to earth.

Let those who have ears, hear my words and heed them. A sense of universal brotherhood and oneness among all spiritual people is the only way to bring God’s kingdom to earth. Where can this universal sense of brotherhood come from? It can come from one place only, namely individual Christhood. As you begin to put on your personal Christhood, you will grow out of the sense of conflict and competition with your fellow man.

If you are still caught in that state of consciousness, then you should recognize that you need to make a sincere effort to put on more of your Christhood. I can assure you that once you let go of the sense of conflict and competition and embrace the universal Brotherhood of Light, you will achieve a peace of mind that is beyond all understanding. Let a word to the wise be sufficient.


Copyright © 2003 by Kim Michaels