In a committed relationship, sex can advance spiritual union

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Question: Can making love without orgasm help us learn to sublimate sexual energy?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

It can, but only if you do it for the specific purpose of sublimating sexual energy and learning to overcome any codependence upon or addiction to the physical aspects of sex.

As I explain elsewhere (Link 1, Link 2), there is nothing inherently sinful in the sexual union between a man and a woman who are in a committed relationship. However, the true spiritual purpose of this sexual union should be to create a stronger spiritual union and bond between the partners. What unfortunately happens to many couples is that this spiritual union becomes lost in an attempt to satisfy the sensual or physical aspect of sex.

As I explain throughout this website, humankind has fallen into a lower state of consciousness. People have become entrapped by the dualistic mind and to one aspect of the dualistic mind, the carnal or body mind, there is no such thing as enough. That is why physical sex can become an addiction that makes people feel like they never have enough sex.

If you want to attain maximum spiritual growth, you simply must break this physical and emotional addiction. Take note of what I am saying here, because there is a subtle but important distinction. I am not saying that you cannot attain maximum spiritual growth by being at committed couple having sexual union. I am saying that you cannot attain maximum spiritual growth if your sexual relationship is based on physical pleasure or a physical addiction.

A guideline could be how you feel after your sexual union. If you feel unfulfilled, then obviously something is missing and this should be a sign that you are too focused on the physical aspect of sex. The goal should be to feel completely fulfilled because you have attained a state of inner peace.

If practiced correctly, sexual union can be a preparation that makes it easier for a lifestream to experience union with something outside itself. The essence of the dualistic mind is that the lifestream feels separated from its spiritual source, and this sense of separation can make the lifestream feel separated from everyone else as well. As the lifestream begins to climb the path that leads back to union with its source, it naturally goes through several stages. As one of these stages, it can be very helpful for a lifestream to attain a true spiritual union with another human being. For most people this means a partner of the opposite sex, but it can also be a spiritual teacher, a family member or friend with whom there is no sexual relationship.

Such a close relationship lifts the lifestream out of its sense of isolation and also makes the lifestream less self-centered and selfish. Union with a partner of the opposite sex can be a preparation for union with the lifestream’s spiritual self, namely the mystical union that many mystics have described through the ages.

That is why spiritual teachings or religions have stressed the importance of a sanctified relationship between a man and a woman. When I say sanctified, I mean a relationship where both partners have made a commitment before God, a commitment to attain true spiritual union. Obviously, you can see that this is not the same as going in front of a priest and getting married in and outer sense. Many married couples have not made a secret pact with their God, they have not made a true spiritual commitment to each other.

However, when couples do make such a sacred commitment, they can make great spiritual progress through their relationship, including their sexual relationship. However, please do not misunderstand my remarks to mean that it is necessary to be in a relationship to make spiritual progress. It is quite possible to make spiritual progress by being single. The spiritual path is individual to each person. It is therefore important not to make outer judgments about how other people should follow their path. The important thing is that you develop inner attunement with your Christ self and then follow the path that will lead your lifestream home by the swiftest possible route.


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