Eating the forbidden fruit

TOPICS: Eating the forbidden fruit is not procreation – original sin was separation from God through duality consciousness – the fall densified matter, including our physical bodies – separation of twin flames –

Question: Was “eating the forbidden fruit” synonymous with the decision to procreate, thereby entrapping ourselves in matter and splitting ourselves from our twin lifestreams—at least in our perception?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Eating the forbidden fruit had nothing to do with procreation. This is a fallacy that has crept into several religions, including Christianity.

Procreation, physical sex, was not the original sin. The original sin was the separation from God and the Lifestream’s decision to turn away from God.

Sin is simply a symbol of the dualistic state of consciousness. By eating the forbidden fruit, people fell into this lower state of consciousness and this has had innumerable effects on people’s personal lives and on society, even on the planet itself. One effect of the descent into a lower state of consciousness is the densification of people’s physical bodies.

I am aware that many people, including many Christians, will be unable to accept this idea. Yet modern since has shown a profound link between people’s consciousness and the most subtle level of physical matter, namely that of elementary particles. Science will eventually discover that consciousness can influence physical matter itself, and therefore many of the current conditions found on this planet are simply the reflections of conditions in the collective consciousness of humankind.

Before the fall, lifestreams did not multiply through physical procreation. They brought forth children through the power of the mind. After lifestreams fell into a lower state of consciousness, their bodies became denser and they no longer had the spiritual and mental powers to procreate with the mind. Therefore, physical procreation became a necessity for the survival of the race. In other words, physical procreation, including physical sex, is a product of the density of humankind’s consciousness. It was not included in God’s original design for this planet.

As the consciousness of humankind is raised, it will, at some future time, once again become possible for lifestreams to procreate through the power of the mind.

The separation of twin lifestreams is not a product of procreation but a product of the descent into a lower state of consciousness. When you do not have a clear connection to your spiritual self, you simply do not have the ability to recognize your twin lifestream. Therefore, it is almost impossible for people to avoid being separated from their twin lifestreams.


Copyright © 2003 by Kim Michaels