How to speak to Christians

TOPICS: Christians divided by dualistic mind – people with closed minds reject Jesus himself – speak your truth to the best of your ability – be non-attached to reactions – 

Question: What I found is that there are contradicting Bible verses. You can find sets of Bible Verse to support both sides of opposing Teachings. This is why the Christian world is divided. I have done the best I can to point out the Truth that the Bible is Not the complete word of God. But the Christians still are blind to see the Truth as it is.

Plus they have changed the words of the Bible many times through new Editions of the Bible. This also creates world confusion as to what the verses of the Bible are.

I AM moving forward and overcoming my fears. I feel like I’m at the point on the Path like when Jesus was challenging the religious Leaders of his day. Has it not been said “Truth is its own defense”
What is Jesus word to me about this situation and what is my best defense. I am seeking out what the truth is about things. I must find the answer to my Questions before I can move forward on my path in life.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

You are correct that there are certain verses in the Bible that seem to contradict each other, especially when they are interpreted with the relative, human consciousness. Yet the Christian world is not divided because of such inconsistencies in the Bible. The Christian world is divided because people are trapped in the lower state of consciousness, which I call the dualistic mind, and therefore people look at everything through a filter that makes the world seem relative. When people are trapped in this state of consciousness, they do not see the reality of God. They see only a mental image which they have created in their own minds. Because different people create different images, you will inevitably have divisions and conflicts.

As I explained elsewhere, the Bible is not the pure word of God. Yet even if it was the pure word of God, it would still cause conflict among people. There simply is no way to express the truth of God in this world in such a way that human beings cannot misunderstand and misinterpret it, and thereby turn it into a relative truth that confirms what they want to believe.

So I have to tell you that there is nothing I can say which can help you convince those who are blinded by their own relative interpretations of truth. I can tell you that even if I personally appear to them in a vision, as I have indeed done to many people over these past 2,000 years, a substantial portion of these people will reject me or even call my apparition for the work of the Devil.

So many people are so trapped in their own relative state of consciousness, and they simply are not willing to hear or see the truth of God. There is nothing I can do to change that fact, and consequently there is nothing you can do to change it. What you can do is to speak the truth with the conviction of your heart, and then be non-attached to the reaction of other people. Simply speak the truth to the best of your ability. Speak the truth that you currently understand, and then continue to increase your ability to know truth.

I am not asking you to go out and convert other people, for truly it is not possible to convert those who will not open their minds and hearts to a higher truth than what they currently see. I am only asking you to strive to understand and embody Christ truth and then to express that truth with no expectations or no concern for people’s reactions. This is what you saw me do 2,000 years ago, and that is all that can be done. Only the Holy Spirit can convert people. Yet even the Holy Spirit cannot convert people against their free will.

I commend you for striving to overcome your fear. Simply state the truth and do not be concerned about the reactions of others. When you state the truth without having expectations of how other people should respond, then you will feel a new sense of freedom. And then the truth truly will be its own defense, and it will defend you against all negative reactions from others. I can also assure you that when you state the truth in my name, I am at your side. I am the truth, and therefore I am wherever the truth is expressed. Go inside your heart, and you will feel my Presence with you.


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