How many people will be saved?

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Question: I would like to ask based on your own understanding and knowledge, what is your estimated percentage of people who will be saved? I am not asking for exact numbers, just your estimation, we are not intending to add something from the Bible. It’s just mere estimation. Let us assume that 100 percent is the total percentage of people that have lived, just give your closest estimation. Hope you would give me answer based on your own idea and estimation.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

I would first say that according to the concept of salvation promoted by most Christian churches, not a single person will be saved.

It would not be accurate to base such an estimate on the total number of people that have ever lived on this planet. The reason being that reincarnation is a reality, as I explain in great detail elsewhere. Therefore, the number of people that have lived in a physical body is much bigger than the number of lifestreams that are actually embodying on planet earth.

I am not in any way concerned about saving physical bodies. By the way, this should show you that the Christians who believe in a resurrection of every physical body that has ever lived are out of alignment with the reality of God. My concern is for the salvation of lifestreams. Therefore, I can give you an estimate of how many lifestreams, not how many people, will be saved.

I have been appointed by God to serve as the Savior for all of humankind, whether people be Christians or not Christians is of no consequence to me. I am assigned the task of attempting to save every lifestream that ever embodied on planet earth. As part of my assignment, I must uphold the highest and most holy vision for every lifestream. I must told the immaculate concept for every lifestream, as my beloved mother held the immaculate concept for me. Therefore, I hold the vision that every lifestream will manifest Christhood, which is the key to Salvation.

Yet I must also be a practical realist, and the fact of the matter is that the lifestream only has a certain time to work out its salvation. If it rebels against God’s purpose, the lifestream will eventually be erased in the ritual of the second death, as I explain elsewhere. I have therefore seen a number of lifestreams go to the second death, and this is something that happens on an ongoing basis.

Now for an estimate. You must understand that it is impossible to give an accurate estimate because the salvation of a lifestream depends on choices made by the lifestream. As I explain throughout this website, everything on this planet is subject to the free will of human beings. So if a lifestream is to be saved, that lifestream must decide that it is willing to do what it takes to qualify for salvation, and that means manifesting Christ consciousness. As unpredictable as human beings are, it is virtually impossible to predict how many of them will awaken and make that choice. However, I would like to give you two estimates.

The first estimate is an estimate of how many lifestreams will ultimately ascend, meaning beyond the ones who will ascend in this particular spiritual cycle. This estimate is based on my highest vision, namely that millions of people will awaken and recognize the inner reality of the true teachings that I gave 2,000 years ago. The reality is that every human being has the potential to manifest Christ consciousness. Therefore, I was an example to follow instead of an idol to be worshiped. Thus, in the very long time-scale of the raising of this sphere, I will estimate that over 80 percent of the lifestreams that are currently embodying on planet earth will be saved. In the best case scenario, that estimate can go to 90 percent.

Now for the second estimate. This estimate is based on the fact that in every spiritual cycle, only a certain number of lifestreams are meant to ascend. Thus, there are a certain number of lifestreams that were meant to ascend during the Age of Pisces. Those who have not done so can still do so in this lifetime, but they do not have forever to qualify.

If a large-scale spiritual awakening does not happen within the next two decades, if people do not realize the truth of my inner teachings and pursue their Christhood, then I will estimate that less than 20 percent of the lifestreams who can ascend during Pisces will actually ascend in or right after  this lifetime. This does not mean that those who do not ascend will all go to the second death. But it does mean that they will either have to reembody on earth for a long time or that they will go to other planets, even other level of the material universe before they can ascend.

Needless to say, when a lifestream ascends, it creates an upward pull on all people on earth, and this is a major factor in determining when the golden age will be manifest and how golden it will become. Thus, there are millions of lifestream who have made it part of their divine plans to manifest Christhood and/or ascend in order to help manifest Saint Germain’s Golden Age. And for these lifestreams it is extremely important that they quickly awaken to the reality of my inner teachings and make a determined effort to manifest their Christhood as quickly as possible.


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