How can a person really find Jesus?

TOPICS: You can find Jesus within – using the teachings and tools on Jesus’ website to find him –

Question: If a person feels that they really believe in Jesus and can’t understand why God doesn’t talk to them, what would you tell them so that they could really find Jesus?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

I would tell them to study the teachings on my website, so that they could come to understand the correct relationship between themselves and God. They would then realize that the only reason they feel separated from God and separated from me is that they have descended into a dualistic state of consciousness. They would realize that they have the option or walking a systematic path that will lead them back to the state of grace in which they have a direct connection to their Christ selves and through that connection a direct interaction with me and God.

I would especially recommend that they read the book The Christ Is Born in You and apply the tools I give in that book. That book was written specifically to help people heal their relationship with me and God, so that they can experience the oneness that is God’s gift to all life. Truly, no one can lose that gift, but people can temporarily close the door, so they do not realize that they have received the greatest gift of all, namely the gift of oneness with God.

I would also tell them to study my teachings on God’s unconditional love, so that they could realize that no matter who they are, what they believe or what mistakes they might have made, God still loves them with an unconditional love. And God is ever-ready to welcome them home whenever they raise their consciousness to the level that will enable them to accept and receive God’s love for their lifestreams.


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