Holy Fire in the Orthodox Church

TOPICS: Jesus does not produce the Holy Fire – seeking a visible sign is trying to serve God and mammon – people produce it through their collective consciousness – The Arian controversy and the formation of the Orthodox Church – go beyond needing a sign –

Question: Every year, during the celebration of the feast of Easter, according to the calendar of the eastern Orthodox Church, in a tradition that goes back to the first centuries, the Orthodox Patriarch of the church of Jerusalem enters the tomb of Jesus in the church of the resurrection. After he prays, a miraculous light appears in the tomb and lights a candle in the hand of the Patriarch. Then, he gives this light to the people (the faithful) who are waiting in the court of the church, outside the tomb.

  Now, the question is this: Is this light real, coming from you? How can we understand this event which happens every year only in the Orthodox Service and according to the calendar of the Orthodox Church?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels: (August 2, 2010)

The “Holy Fire,” as it is commonly called, is not a phenomenon that is coming from me, produced by me or sponsored by me. Why would I give such a visible sign when I said:

An evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given to it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas. (Matthew, 12:39)

In this context, the expression “adulterous” does not refer to extra-marital affairs but to those who are adulterous in a spiritual sense, because while claiming to serve God, they also want a visible sign. Thus, they seek to serve both God and “mammon,” another coded expression for the things of this world. They want God or Spirit to conform to their expectations.

This, of course, is the fallen consciousness, which is always seeking to make Spirit conform to its graven images. And precisely because the universe is a mirror, it will indeed seem – at least for a time – as if Spirit is willing to conform. Yet in reality, it is only the Ma-ter Light and not Spirit that is conforming. Thus, what people see as a miraculous sign from the Spirit world is only themselves becoming self-fulfilling prophecies by projecting mental images upon the Ma-ter light.

This is how the fallen consciousness becomes a closed circle, a spiritual catch-22, from which it can be difficult for people to escape. The visible signs, of course, making it even more difficult, which is why both I and other masters are reluctant to give them, especially in the modern age.

In other words, while the actual lighting of the candles in the hand of the patriarch is produced by material means, much of the phenomena witnessed by the congregation in the church is produced by psychic means. If you bring together people in a certain place at regular intervals, they can indeed produce various phenomena through their combined mental powers. In fact, all of the unbalances on planet earth are produced through the collective consciousness of the people who have embodied here for a very long time.

If you take an honest look at how the eastern Orthodox Church was formed, you will see that it started with the Arian Controversy, that initiated the split between the Catholic Church and the eastern Orthodox Church. If you study the methods used by both sides, you will see that neither could have been a true representative of Christ, because both were so obviously caught in the dualistic mindset. Thus, this pivotal conflict marked the point where Christianity was definitively and – so far – irreversibly taken over by the dualistic mindset.

My point being that I do not sponsor the eastern Orthodox Church any more than I sponsor the Catholic Church. Thus, I have no desire to give a visible sign to make this church seem like the only true church of Christ.

Also, given that we have now entered the Aquarian age, it has become even more important that people move out of the mindset that wants or requires visible signs. It is now essential for people to go beyond outer signs and sharpen their inner discernment, so that their spirituality is based on inner knowing—as opposed to outer “signs,” in which I include intellectual interpretations of scriptures or even ascended master teachings.

In the Aquarian age, the only form of spirituality that will endure is the one that is based on people acquiring what I called the “key of knowledge,” which of course, is a symbol for the Christ consciousness that my entire website is meant to help people attain.


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