Healing by the Holy Spirit or lower spirits

TOPICS: Jesus works with some evangelical healers, but not all – turning the dial of the mind – beings in lower levels can produce phenomena – not everything done in Jesus’ name is of the light – blind leaders – discernment is key – open mind and heart – Holy Spirit does not respect man-made doctrines or institutions – many evangelical Christians open themselves to lower spirits – give up fundamentalist approach – real healing versus false healing – shift in consciousness needed for healing – why illness comes back after healing – 

Question: Can Jesus tell me if these healings that are shown on evangelistic T.V. shows are healings that are done by you? Are they real?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

I cannot give you a general answer to this question. The fact is that both myself and other members of the ascended masters will work with any individual who attains a certain level of Christ consciousness. Therefore, we do work with certain evangelistic preachers and healers but we do not work with all of them. Even when we do work with a person, we do not necessarily work with that person all of the time.

In several places on this website I have compared the human mind to the dial on a radio receiver. As you can turn the dial on the radio and tune in to different stations, you can also turn the dial of the mind and tune in to different levels of reality. Some of these levels are in the spiritual realm and when you do tune in to these levels, you will become an instrument for the ascended masters and can serve as such in various capacities. However, it is also possible to tune the mind to lower levels that are not of the spiritual world. In these levels you have lower beings, and when you open your consciousness to these levels you can become an instrument for such beings. I have explained this in some detail elsewhere.

The problem that fools many people is that the beings in the lower realms are quite capable of producing various phenomena, such as speaking in tongues or healing. This is a fact that is not generally known or recognized by evangelistic Christians. Many of these Christians believe that anything they do at their church services, anything they do in my name, is of the light. They believe that any time there is a manifestation of some phenomenon, it must be a manifestation of a genuine and spiritual reality. This is not necessarily the case.

There are a number of evangelistic churches that use various techniques, including rock music, for putting their congregations into an altered state of consciousness. As I have said, the human mind is much like a radio receiver that can tune in to different stations. It is, therefore, not all that difficult to turn the dial of the mind and produce and altered state of consciousness. The question is whether the person tunes the mind to the spiritual realm or to a lower realm.

If the person does not have a certain measure of Christ discernment, that person will find it very difficult to evaluate whether he or she is tuning in to the spiritual realm or a lower realm. This difficulty is greatly increased if the person believes that any altered state of consciousness must be of the light. This kind of blind acceptance is quite dangerous and quite likely to produce experiences and phenomena that are not of the light. There are certain evangelistic preachers who are the blind leaders of blind congregations.

Let me share with you my main concern about evangelistic Christianity. There are many evangelistic churches that claim to be working with the Holy Spirit. They claim to experience various states of consciousness and various visible phenomena that are manifestations of the Holy Spirit. The most important truth you can understand about the Holy Spirit is the statement, “The Holy Spirit bloweth where it listeth.”

The truth behind this statement is that the Holy Spirit does not respect human beliefs and opinions when those beliefs and opinions are out of alignment with the reality and the truth of God. You now see that there are two conditions that must be fulfilled before a person can have a genuine contact with the Holy Spirit. The person must have some understanding of truth so that the person can discern between the Holy Spirit and lower spirits. With that I mean an understanding of genuine truth and not a man-made interpretation. The person must also have an open mind and heart so that he or she is willing to flow with the spirit. If you have firm and fixated beliefs about God, and if you seek to force the Holy Spirit into your mental box, then you are not likely to work with the real Holy Spirit.

When you transfer this to evangelistic Christianity, you will see that many of these people claim to be working with the Holy Spirit, yet at the same time they take a very rigid, literal or fundamentalist approach to Christianity. They believe the Bible is the literal word of God, which as I stated elsewhere is not necessarily the case. They also believe that the Bible should be interpreted literally, which I have also commented on elsewhere. So what I am saying here is that many people in the evangelistic movement have created such narrow boxes in their minds that there literally is no room for the Holy Spirit to enter.

Many of these people believe they are working with the Holy Spirit and can point to all kinds of phenomena as proof of this. The problem is that because of the narrow mental boxes that these people have built around their minds, they are not open to the true discernment that comes only from the Christ mind. Therefore, these people do not have genuine discernment and simply cannot tell the difference between the Holy Spirit and a lower spirit. As a result, many of the phenomena, including healings, that such people proclaim are not produced by the Holy Spirit but by lower spirits masquerading as the Holy Spirit.

This gives me great concern. The reason being that there are many people in the evangelistic movement who are truly well-meaning spiritual people and are seeking God. Unfortunately, this movement, and its fundamentalist mindset, causes these people to be trapped in a very small and rigid mental box. Because of the restrictions imposed by that mental box, they cannot contact the Holy Spirit. In their consuming desire to experience the spirit, they open themselves to lower spirits. These people are literally taking heaven by force because they want the Spirit but they do not want to go through the process of surrendering all their preconceived opinions and beliefs. This surrender to Christ truth, as opposed to a man-made “truth,” is necessary in order to receive the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. If you will not let the Holy Spirit blow where it listeth, you cannot be fully empowered by the Spirit.

That being said, let me make it clear that there are many people in the evangelistic movement who do have a certain measure of Christhood and discernment. These people do work with the Holy Spirit and can produce genuine phenomena, including healings. There are also some people who have the ability to tune in to the Holy Spirit on a temporary basis, yet they have not developed true discernment. So for these people it is a hit and miss. They sometimes work with the Holy Spirit and sometimes with lower spirits.

I can assure you that there is a great potential in the evangelistic movement. However, for that potential to be realized, and for the movement to become a genuine instrument for the Holy Spirit and the ascended masters, a critical mass of people must be willing to give up the outer approach to religion, the fundamentalist approach to religion. They must work hard on attaining the Christ discernment that allows them to tune out lower spirits and tune in to the genuine Holy Spirit.

Were this to happen, you would see a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and you would see the ascended masters working with many people in the evangelistic movement. As it is now, the movement expresses about 5% of its actual potential for being an instrument of the Holy Spirit. From that you might surmise that 95% of the healings and phenomena claimed by the evangelistic movement are not genuine and do not come from the Holy Spirit. I would like to see those numbers reversed, but that would require a change of consciousness, a change of heart, among the members and leaders of the evangelistic movement. Will that happen? I cannot answer that question.

Concerning whether the healings are real, let me say that real healing requires two things. First of all, there must be intercession of the genuine Holy Spirit and not a lower spirit. It is possible that a lower spirit can remove physical symptoms from a person. Yet according to my standard this is not a real healing. The second ingredient in healing is that the person must rise to a higher level of consciousness. When I performed healings 2,000 years ago, you can see from the scriptures that it was the person’s faith that was the determining factor in the healing. You will see that several people were healed precisely because they had great faith.

As explained elsewhere, spiritual cycles have moved on. Today it is not enough to have faith in an outer power. What is needed today is an understanding that all conditions in your life are reflections of conditions in your consciousness. In other words, a physical disease originates from a condition in your consciousness. This condition can be traced to a false belief about yourself and God. To truly experience a healing of the physical symptom, the physical disease, you must go deep into your subconscious mind and resolve the false belief.

This is another reason the evangelistic movement runs into problems. In order to truly resolve your false belief about God, you have to look beyond most of the mental boxes that are floating around in the world today, including the mental boxes produced by evangelistic or fundamentalist Christianity. If you are not willing to look beyond those boxes, you cannot be truly healed and you are not likely to open yourself to the Holy Spirit. Many people open themselves to lower spirits who have no problem creating a physical healing without the resolution in consciousness. The reason being that lower spirits want to keep people trapped in their limited beliefs.

The lack of inner resolution explains why you often see that people will be healed during a church service but that their illness will come back shortly afterwards. If you do not go into the psychology and resolve the false belief that causes the illness, the healing will not be permanent. This is a fact that is generally overlooked by Christians, and the reason is that they are not willing to look beyond their mental boxes.

Let me also say that many people take on physical disease as a way to hold the balance for world conditions. Such a disease will not necessarily be healed, even if the person has a genuine connection to the Holy Spirit and has resolved all false beliefs. The explanation is that the lifestream elected to carry a certain amount of negative energy for the world (as I carried the sins of the world), and therefore the disease will not be healed through the Holy Spirit. It can be healed through spiritual techniques, such as invoking the violet flame as described elsewhere. When a disease is caused by the fact that the lifestream has volunteered to carry a certain burden of misqualified energy for the world, the only way to heal the disease is to transform the misqualified energy back into its original purity.


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