Dramatic experiences on the spiritual path 

Question: The ascended masters say that they provide a systematic path whereby someone can gradually raise their consciousness incrementally to higher and higher levels. But I have found that on my own journey this way of moving along the path has not been the case and it has been for the most part a series of existential crises, shocking experiences and disastrous situations. Why is it that some of us pay a very high price for spiritual growth while others live and grow without the same extremes and the drama of having their lives turned upside down many times?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels.  This answer was given during the 2023 American webinar.

Well, there is a previous answer that is somewhat similar. And where I describe that many of the people who are open to the teachings we give in this dispensation or open to ascended master teachings in general, it is because it is in your Divine Plan that this can be your last lifetime on earth. And therefore, you have chosen to put yourself in circumstances where you experience more dramatic events that are more difficult for you to ignore. This is not incompatible with our statement that there is a systematic path you can follow. We have not necessarily said that the systematic path is an entirely smooth, gradual process. We have talked about various situations on the path, various turning points on the path where you can have more dramatic experiences.

But what I will say is that the dramatic experiences, especially the ones that are upsetting, that turns your life upside down so to speak, it is a product of the unresolved psychology. This is not said to blame you in any way. As I said you most likely have determined that you want to go through this in this lifetime, you want to go through these dramatic experiences in order to make sure that you do not ignore the lessons you need to learn. However, there are certainly many spiritual people who can see that they have had these dramatic experiences in their lives who could benefit greatly from our teachings on the separate selves, because this sense of this very dramatic experience really comes from a separate self. And it is a matter of how much do you hold on to that separate self, how much do you resist seeing the self and making the change of overcoming the self- seeing the illusion, letting it die. How much do you resist seeing what you need to see in order to let go of that self.

There are people who have had the same lesson many times in the same lifetime, because they have not seen what they wanted to see. But they are so determined that they want to see it that they keep subconsciously attracting themselves to these kind of situations in order to, so to speak, force themselves to consciously see what they saw before they came into embodiment and put into their Divine Plans.

So, if you have had a very dramatic or difficult life, step back, use our teachings and consider what is the lesson I wanted to force myself to learn that I have not yet learned. What is it I have not seen? What is it that these dramatic experiences are meant to show me? An existential crisis is not a crisis of the Conscious You, it is a crisis of a separate self, but it comes because the Conscious You is so identified with the separate self that it cannot step outside of it and look at the crisis from a neutral perspective whereby it will not be seen as a crisis.

There is a way to avoid this. Now you can say, as some people have done: “Well, I made faster progress because I went through all these crises.” And yes, maybe you did and maybe you did not, but it does not really matter. What matters is that you say: “Ok, my life has been what it was up until this point, but now I am here and now I am willing to step back, be more conscious, use the tools that the ascended masters have given me, ask for help, ask for direction and come to see what I have not seen. It does not really matter how I got to this point. What matters is that I move forward from this point.” As this messenger had a period where he would say to himself every time he experienced any kind of difficulty: ”From this point forward.” That is what really matters, but of course in order to move forward from this point you might have to see or you will have to see what you have not seen before. This is what you need to focus on. This is what you need to open your mind to. And for many people, especially if you have gone through more than one crisis in your life, you can have a separate self that strongly resists this breakthrough and so you might need to step back and see why this is. What am I resisting? What is it that I do not want to see or rather that a separate self in my subconscious mind does not want me, the Conscious You to see? What is it? What have I not seen? And then be willing to ask us for help, but also be willing to ask other people that might have known you go through these crises, because if the guru be an ant, heed him or her anyway.

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