Do we have unlimited time to evolve?

TOPICS: God will not violate free will, so a lifestream can stay in evil indefinitely – some beings have deliberately rebelled against growth – the law makes sure they only have a limited time to remain in this sense of self – you cannot return to God through doing evil –

Question: Some teachings say that all is meant to evolve. Therefore, a being cannot stay in evil forever. And since a being is not limited in the amount of time it has to evolve, there is no need for a second death that can erase the soul.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

If you care to step back and take a look at the teaching, you will see that it is contradictory. When you recognize that a lifestream has free will, you realize that it can choose to stay in evil for an indefinite period of time. God does not want a lifestream to stay in evil forever. However, unless God was to violate the Law of Free Will, how could he prevent a lifestream from staying in a limited sense of identity? God cannot force the lifestream to evolve, because doing so would be a violation of the Law of Free Will. God has given lifestreams free will, and no force created by God will violate that free will.

Yet the Law of Free Will also states that you only have a certain amount of time to self-transcend. If you refuse to grow, your opportunity will be lost through your own free-will choosing. This is the only way that God can, without violating their free will, prevent lifestreams from being trapped forever.

As explained elsewhere,  there are intelligent beings who have deliberately chosen to rebel against God’s laws. These beings have chosen to embody a state of consciousness that is the antithesis of God’s law of growth. As Mother Mary explains, the material universe is created out of two complementary forces, namely the expanding and the contracting force. Mother Mary also explains that the beings who chose to rebel against the law of growth have perverted the contracting force and turned it into the force that most people call evil. However, this is not an inevitable part of God’s design. Absolute evil is not the opposite polarity of God good, as I explain elsewhere.

What human beings call evil is a force that is relative. In other words, it is not in opposition to God but only in opposition to the concept of good created through the dualistic mind. I explained this in some detail elsewhere.

The basic belief expressed in the teaching you mention is a belief that is found in some New Age circles and in some eastern religions. The problem with this belief is that if you take it to its logical extreme, it is completely fatalistic. It paints a picture of a universe in which God has created both good and evil, and in which what human beings call good will ultimately triumph over what they call evil.

The consequence of his view is that nothing really matters. This is a complete denial of free will and the importance of self-transcendence through your conscious choices. In reality, this is the very lie that the serpent used to tempt Eve in the Garden of Eden. It is embedded in the saying, “Thou shall not surely die.” In other words, it doesn’t really matter that you violate God’s commands because nothing really bad can happen. God has created a world in which good and evil are simply complementary, so you can do whatever you want, and in the end everything will turn out just fine. This is a very subtle lie that is very persuasive, but it is nevertheless completely wrong. It is truly the way that seems right unto a human, but the ends thereof are the ways of death.

The reality of life is that God has given lifestreams free will. By using that free will correctly, a lifestream can keep self-transcending until it actually becomes an individual Creator, which has the same powers as the God who created this universe. However, the only way to ascend to that level is to constantly choose to let go of any limited sense of identity that causes you to see yourself as being separated from or less than the fullness of God.

The lie promoted by Lucifer, Satan and all other lifestreams who deliberately rebelled against God, is that you can still return home to God by doing evil. They portray evil as the opposite polarity of God-good, meaning that even if you choose to rebel against God’s laws, you will still ultimately arrive at the same place. This is not true, and one important reason is, as explained by Mother Mary, that in order to reach this state of Godhood, you must be willing to be the servant of all. When you rebel against God’s law, you are doing the opposite of serving all life.

It is true that if you rebel against the laws of God, you will ultimately return to God. The energies that make up your separate self will be returned to their original state through the ritual of the second death. Do you see the fundamental difference? Yes, you will inevitably return to your starting point. The only question is whether you will return to your starting point as more than you were when you were created. Only by becoming more than you were created to be, can you fulfill the law of growth. The essence of evil is the refusal to self-transcend and become more. This is a denial of love, which is the basic force that caused God to create the universe, as explained in the following discourse.


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