Can dialectical materialism or socialism ever bring social justice?

TOPICS: People have been fed lies by their society – find the living truth inside yourself – going beyond the ego’s need for security – the dream of an infallible belief system – rejecting all spirituality – from one extreme to the other – dialectical materialism is another man-made belief system that claims to be infallible – thesis versus antithesis leads to synthesis – false thesis and antithesis has created human power struggle – orthodox Christianity is a thesis and materialism is the antithesis – false synthesis that only creates more problems – second law of thermodynamics – an upward spiral – Jesus was not a social but a spiritual revolutionary – social justice can be brought only through spiritual means –

Question: I have two masters and grew up in the US regime exposed to glorification of idealism and superstition.  I read one “spiritual” book after the other for my 40 plus years, always trying to become “enlightened”. They always seemed like a bunch of lies and irrational gibberish to me. I came across some books on scientific, dialectical, and historical materialism. I felt like the doors of reality and truth had finally blown open. I am angry at the lies of the idealistic, religious, and other fascist filth that were taught to me. I know truth when I read it. What a breath of fresh air and what a final explanation of why the Charlatan’s lies never did anything but cause cognitive dissonance! Scientific, historical, and dialectical materialism explain society (Nazi Heisenberg’s idealistic refutation of “Jewish read communist” science gibberish included). Jesus was a social revolutionary = a communist if he lived at all.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

I can fully understand why you and many other people feel they have been fed lies by their society, including by orthodox Christianity. Everything said on my website and this website is an attempt to help people see beyond the lies and incomplete truths they have been given by society and by orthodox Christianity. I agree that orthodox Christianity has caused a lot of what you call cognitive dissonance in terms of making it very difficult for people, Christians and non-Christians alike, to discover the real truth about life.

So I can fully understand that many people have abandoned orthodox Christianity, and I can understand why some people feel angry over being given a set of incorrect doctrines. Yet I must say that anger is an emotion that limits your personal growth, and therefore it is not the highest possible choice you could make after realizing that your upbringing exposed you to many incorrect ideas. The highest possible choice is to decide that you will not let other people’s beliefs limit your spiritual growth, and therefore you will rise above any and all of the incorrect ideas you were exposed to from without. You will find the Living Truth, which can only be found inside yourself.

To begin this process, it will be helpful to realize that the people who gave you the erroneous ideas did so because they simply did not know better. I realize that many of those who have abandoned religion will dispute this statement. And I realize that many Christians are hypocritical about their religious beliefs and practices. Yet if you go deep within the psyche of these people, you will see that they simply have a need for a belief system that offers them security in an insecure world. Therefore, they have adopted an outer belief system which claims to give them infallible answers, and to maintain the illusion that their belief system is complete and infallible, they must ignore the inherent contradictions in their beliefs. Some people simply have not reached a level of maturity that allows them to let go of this need for security, as I explain elsewhere.

What is the alternative? It is to rise above the human need for security by accepting the fact that no belief system found in this world can give you a complete and infallible description of truth. Truth is simply too big to be contained in – and confined by – any belief system that could ever be formulated by the human mind. Therefore, if you really want truth, you must transcend the need for outer security and reach for a higher state of consciousness. This entire website is dedicated to helping people manifest that higher state of consciousness. I call it Christ consciousness, but you are free to use another name, if you wish to distance yourself from Christianity.

If you would make the effort to step back from your personal situation and your personal feelings, I think you might see that most human beings on this planet have a tendency to look for an infallible belief system—and you are presently no exception. If you look at your situation objectively, you might see that you have followed a classical pattern. While you grew up, you were exposed to a certain belief system that claims to have infallible answers. After having followed that belief system to the best of your ability, you eventually came to the conclusion that the belief system did not have infallible answers to your questions about life. You concluded that when Christians claim that orthodox Christianity has final answers, they are not correct. You also concluded that their unwillingness to look at the many unanswered questions and contradictions found in orthodox Christianity show a certain amount of what you see as hypocrisy but which I see as lack of maturity.

While your conclusions are basically correct, you use these conclusions to reject Christianity entirely. Thereby, you end up rejecting all religion and all spirituality, and I see this as throwing the baby (of your recognition of truth) out with the dirty bath water of organized religion. While I can understand that many people have done so, I also see that these people have not become happier by rejecting religion and most of them have not come closer to recognizing truth.

Instead, many people fall into the classical pattern of jumping from one extreme to the other. You reject a belief system which claims that its doctrines about God are infallible, so you look for a belief system that completely denies the existence of God. You find scientific and dialectical materialism, which denies the infallibility of religion. What you overlook is that materialism is simply another man-made belief system which claims to have infallible answers. In making this claim, materialism creates a box around your mind and defines limits to where you can look for truth. This is exactly the same pattern followed by orthodox Christianity. Christianity says you cannot look for truth outside official doctrines, and materialism says you cannot look for truth outside the material universe.

Regardless of which system you accept, you will limit where you are willing to look for truth. As one who has not only found but become one with truth, I can assure you that as long as you set up limits in your mind that restrict your search for truth, you will not find truth. You can find truth only by looking beyond ALL belief systems, mental boxes, images and idols created by the human mind!

My point is that regardless of the claims made by some materialist philosophers, materialism has also developed into a restrictive belief system that claims to have infallible answers. Once you have made that claim, you will be forced to restrict where you and your followers look for truth. You must do this in order to maintain the illusion of infallibility. As a typical example, the tone of your letter clearly reveals that you have fallen prey to the illusion that your belief system is infallible. You seem very assured that materialism is the only right belief system and that it has final answers to your questions about life. You seem very sure that materialism has proven that religion is completely unreal and has no valid answers whatsoever.

I hope you might be able to see that there is a higher way. Your reaction is a classical pattern that you can find throughout human history. Dialectical and historical materialism contain several correct observations and ideas. One correct observation is that history is driven by two forces, namely a thesis which is in opposition to an antithesis. The tension between these two opposing forces produces a synthesis that supposedly leads to progress in society.

The problem, a problem that is generally overlooked, is that the tension between thesis and antithesis will not necessarily produce progress. It may in fact produce a conflict that can actually cause society to go backward. For example, the tension between the capitalist system and the communist system led to a confrontation that could have ended in an all-out nuclear war. If such a war had indeed taken place, the result would not have been a synthesis creating progress, but an anti-synthesis that would have forced society backward.

The problem is simple. As long as the two opposing forces – the thesis and the antithesis – are both defined by the human mind, there can be no true progress. The human, or dualistic, mind is, as I describe throughout this website, dominated by relative opposites, such as good and evil. Such relative opposites will always oppose each other, and therefore they cancel each other out. This inevitably leads to a power struggle in which one force must win by destroying the other force. This has created the ongoing, and seemingly never-ending, human power struggle in which opposing factions fight for dominance.

The alternative is a creative process based on a set of true polarities. As Mother Mary explains in her discourse, the entire universe is the result of a creative tension between the expanding force and the contracting force. This is also outpictured in the Taoist symbol of the Tai-Chi. These two forces are not opposites, and therefore they are not mutually exclusive. Upon meeting, they do not cancel each other out but form a true synthesis that combines the best aspects of the two forces and produces true progress.

As a classical example of a man-made conflict, consider the war between orthodox Christianity and materialism. As I explain throughout this website, orthodox Christianity is a man-made belief system – contrary to the claims made by certain blind Christian leaders – and it is based on the dualistic mind’s tendency to define an infallible image of truth instead of looking for the real truth behind all man-made idols. Orthodox Christianity, therefore, became a thesis, and after centuries of dominance, its suppression of the truth created an antithesis in the form of scientific materialism. Yet materialism appeared as an opposition to orthodox Christianity, and it is simply another man-made belief system that denies the Living Truth.

So for centuries, the western world has been a battleground between these two forces, as explained in the book I Am a Thinking Christian. The problem is that no true progress can come from this conflict because the two belief systems are mutually exclusive. One must win by eradicating the other, yet regardless of who wins, we still have the problem that society is dominated by a belief system that suppresses truth.

If you read between the lines of Mother Mary’s magnificent discourse, you will see that all problems on this planet started when Lucifer and a number of other beings rebelled against God. In rebelling against God, these beings fell into a lower state of consciousness, and the very core of this state of mind is that they see themselves as separated from and in opposition to God. So separateness and opposition are the key elements, and that is why the human consciousness can never resolve conflict. There will never be “peace on earth, goodwill toward men” as long as this state of consciousness is allowed to dominate society. Instead, society will be in a downward spiral where one conflict leads to an even worse conflict and all attempts to solve a problem only create more problems. People will simply go on defining opposing factions until they either destroy themselves or get tired of this never-ending conflict.

As Mother Mary explains, when you rebel against the basic principles of creation, you become subject to the second law of thermodynamics. Anything you do becomes a thesis that creates its own antithesis. The resulting synthesis is even further removed from the basic principles of creation. Therefore, it becomes a new thesis that creates another antithesis and an even worse conflict. This is what you have seen in human society since the Fall of Man, and it is a process that can go on for a very long time, unless a critical mass of people wake up, realize what is happening and decide to rise above the state of consciousness that creates nothing but conflict.

The only reason humankind has progressed mightily over the past several millennia is that an increasing number of people are beginning to look beyond the dualistic mind and embrace a state of consciousness that is above duality. This has created an upward spiral that brings society and individuals closer to truth. If a thesis is based entirely on separation and duality, it will produce an antithesis that is based entirely on duality and the resulting synthesis will be dualistic. Yet if the thesis contains some element of a higher truth, it will produce an antithesis that also has truth in it, and the synthesis will contain a higher truth than both. The synthesis then creates a new antithesis with a higher truth and the next synthesis has even more truth.

As an example, consider the conflict between science and religion. Instead of having one side win and eradicate the other belief system, the best possible outcome is that a critical mass of people transcend the dualistic doctrines promoted by both sides. By rising above duality, people can see the obvious flaws and contradictions in orthodox Christianity without going to the extreme of rejecting all spirituality—thereby rejecting their own spiritual nature. They can acknowledge the correct findings of science without using them to destroy religion. This can then gradually lead to a combination of the best ideas from the fields of science and religion, which can help humankind develop a new religion that recognizes the reality of the spiritual side of life and describes this reality by using the extremely useful conceptual language developed by science.

My point here is that as long as you remain stuck in the dualistic state of mind, your life will be dominated by the conflict between two opposing and mutually exclusive belief systems, and you will never fully resolve this conflict. You will always feel like you have two masters that work against each other. As I said 2,000 years ago, you cannot serve two masters, so if you swear allegiance to a man-made master – no matter whether it is orthodox religion or materialism – you cannot at the same time rise above duality.

The only real alternative to the ongoing human power struggle is to rise above duality and find the unifying perspective of the Christ mind. This mind sees that truth can never be confined to any belief system in this world, and therefore it doesn’t fall into the trap of defining a belief system as complete and infallible. It recognizes that any belief system is simply one way to describe reality, and it is always a product of the current level of consciousness found on this planet.

If you use a belief system correctly, it will help you gain a deeper understanding of reality, and you can then grasp a more sophisticated truth than before. Therefore, no belief system, be it religious, political or scientific, will ever be complete and infallible. For a person with some measure of Christ consciousness, a belief system is a stepping stone to a higher understanding. For a person trapped in the human consciousness, a belief system is the source of outer security, yet because nothing in this world can provide permanent security, it becomes necessary to define an infallible doctrine. This inevitably limits your ability to find a higher understanding.

In order to embrace the non-dualistic perspective of the Christ mind, you have to let go of the need for outer security. You have to find the inner security that can only be found when your approach to life is based on the rock of the Christ consciousness instead of the shifting sands of the human consciousness. This entire website is dedicated to helping people find that inner security.

Finally, let me say that I was never a social revolutionary but a spiritual revolutionary. I always realized the essential truth that if you seek first the kingdom of God – meaning the Christ consciousness – all else – including social justice – will be added unto you.

There is simply no political system – be it capitalist, socialist or communist – that can guarantee social justice, and the reason is simple. Social injustice springs from the dualistic state of consciousness that causes people to see themselves as separated from and in opposition to their brothers and sisters. The only solution is the Christ consciousness which causes people to see themselves as one with their spiritual source, meaning that all other people also sprang from that source. Thereby, people will begin to see the reality behind my statement that inasmuch as you have done it unto the least of these my brethren, you have done it unto me.

When people see themselves as one with God, they let God act through them, and therefore there is no need for any man-made systems to control life. You can then let God be in command instead of allowing a human elite to control the general population through whatever system – be it religious, political or economic – that they have defined as infallible.

Only when people see beyond the dualistic view of separation and opposition, will they see the reality that all life sprang from the same source. Therefore, if they hurt another, they are actually hurting themselves. And only that sense of spiritual oneness will bring true social justice to a society. Social justice simply cannot be forced by any system because the elite defining and upholding the system will always see themselves as above the general population, and right there you have duality built into the system. Duality is the eternal enemy of justice and equality!

Social injustice is caused by unenlightened selfishness. The only way to achieve social justice is to help people achieve enlightened selfishness based on the oneness of all life.

As for the claim that I was a communist, how could I possibly support a belief system that is based on a denial of the existence of God and an attempt to elevate the state – and thereby the elite controlling the state – to having the same absolute power as God?

I constantly affirmed my oneness with God. When the communists do the same, I might take another look at their philosophy.



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