Dinosaurs at the time of Noah?

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Question: In the time of Noah, did dinosaurs already exist? When did they start to exist?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

At the time of Noah, the dinosaurs had long been extinct. If not, Noah would have brought some on the Ark, and feeding a Tyrannosaurus Rex would have been quite a challenge.

You must understand that the timeline given in the Bible is not meant to be taken literally. In fact, as I explained elsewhere, many of the things in the Bible are not meant to be interpreted literally. It is, therefore, sad that many people have become attached to a literal interpretation of the scriptures. This was never the intention of God or the ascended masters.

As I explained elsewhere, there is a progression in the religious life of this planet. Genesis was given to people who were trapped in a very low state of consciousness compared to the state of consciousness that most people have today. Therefore, it was given in a language and explained through ideas and metaphors that these people could understand.

The teaching that God created the world in seven days was never meant to be interpreted as seven 24-hour periods. It should be interpreted as seven spiritual cycles or ages, and each of these ages lasted millions of years.

Therefore, for a person who is willing to free his mind from this need, this beast, of wanting to interpret the Bible literally, there is no conflict between the biblical account of creation and the age of the earth as calculated by scientists. The scientific account of the existence of dinosaurs and the timeframe in which they emerged and became extinct is relatively accurate.

However, scientists will gradually develop more accurate methods for determining the age of fossils, and some of these will demonstrate that the current method of carbon dating is not as accurate as scientists believe. Nevertheless, scientists have developed a fairly accurate timeframe for the evolution of the earth, and according to that timeframe dinosaurs disappeared millions of years before the time of Noah.

By the way, the flood did not occur as recently as most Christians believe. The biblical account of the flood has its origin in a much older event, and it was not a global event.

NOTE: After this answer was given, Lord Maitreya has released a book in which he gives a deeper explanation of the history of the earth.


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