Dealing with feelings from the past

Question: I did the Archangel Michael’s rosary. It brought up feelings that were very sad about a certain issue. Is this normal and what do we do when this comes up? It is like going around the same mountain yet again. What can we expect or what is the effect of rosaries? Do they clear and bring up darkness at the same time? 

Much love, Nancy

Answer from Jesus:

As I said in another answer to a similar question, Archangel Michael’s rosary is a very direct action, and it can have the effect of bringing up feelings from your past that you have not fully processed. This is a normal part of the process of using spiritual techniques, and it can also happen with other rosaries and invocations.

The first thing you need to do is to avoid being pulled into the memories or feelings. Ideally, you should be able to simply let them pass over the screen of your mind without feeling emotionally attached or engaged. You can then give one of Mother Mary’s rosaries and make a specific call for the feelings, energies and memories to be consumed and transformed. Depending on the intensity of the feelings, it can take some time to process them.

This is what I said as part of the other answer:

“Be aware that Archangel Michael’s Rosary invokes a type of spiritual light called the Blue flame. It is very powerful for protection, and it is very uncomfortable for dark forces. Yet it can also have the effect of flushing out imperfect energies in your energy field. Therefore, I recommend that you combine Michael’s Rosary with Mother Mary’s rosaries. Her rosaries invoke the Violet Flame, which is designed to transmute toxic energy. By combining the rosaries, you will have a more smooth ride”.

In some cases you will not be able to remain non-attached to the emotions. This shows you that there is something you have not yet let go of in the situation or your experience of it. Mother Mary’s rosaries can greatly help you process such beliefs until you uncover the decision or belief that caused you to create the toxic feelings in the first place. Yet you can speed up this process by using various tools for psychological healing, as explained elsewhere.

The bottom line is that as long as you have an unresolved belief, an emotional scar or a fragmented soul, you will not be able to let go of the negative feelings. A spiritual technique can help you overcome the intensity of the negative energy but cannot remove the original decision that started the problem. You can do that only by replacing that decision with a more enlightened decision. And to replace the original decision, you need to uncover the beliefs that caused you to make that decision and then replace them with more mature beliefs. This must be done consciously, although not necessarily with full awareness of the circumstances surrounding the original trauma.

So when you find that feelings keep coming back, it is a sign that there is something you have not fully processed. You can therefore speed up your spiritual growth by making a conscious effort to process the old wounds. Would you rather continue to carry those feelings for the rest of your life, or would you rather make a concentrated effort and remove them permanently.


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